‘Things were better when Israel ruled Gaza’
Aviram Zino
Published: 16.06.07, 00:06
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1. NO!!!
Y ,   N   (06.16.07)
Dear Israel dont be tempted to take over Gaza once again. You left this stinking piece of land years ago. Now forget it.
2. Very unfortunate indeed ...
Hiram ,   tel-aviv   (06.16.07)
....but the situation can only be changed by the Palestinian people only. When they will understand that there is no trust to be given to a government raising the green flag of Islam, things may change. Everyone knows that the situation today is the result of hamas unwillingness to commit to anything besides refusing the existence of Israel and spreading continuous hatred. One has the Hamas that one deserves. It is now time for National revolution in Palestine and secularization . As long as Islamist extremist will be involved there is no hope .
3. Did Samara forget that it was the corrupt fatah
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (06.16.07)
under arafat who created the palestinian economic hardship that lasted till today? arafat and his cronies enriched themselves and diverted funds to support terrorism from billions of aid $. Israel did the "right way" while it governed gaza and WB. You wish for a better life? For starters, choose a government that love life, not death.
4. The last time I looked
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.16.07)
Egypt had control of the southern border. Please tell Samara that we don't care if she leaves. But it won't be through us. She is more than welcome to go IF Egypt allows her into their country. We don't tell the Egyptians who to let enter or who can leave.
5. The Eternal Victim Mentality
Brooke ,   Reality Check   (06.16.07)
No you are all wrong. The situation in Gaza is the direct result of the "palis" voting in murderers. You knew they were terrorists and murderers before you voted them in. You all cheered and passed out candies and martyred your children after every suicide/murder bombing---and 9/11.. You reap what you sow.The time for telling the truth is now over. You cannot blame Israel and you all knew that in your heart of hearts. You allowed the vile hatred and jew death squads to teach your children and model your life. Until you rise up as a people who want peace, humanity and honor Israel---this will be your self made reality. Learn this lesson well and only once. You perpetrated this hell on your children and yourselves and your beloved terrorist regimes. G-d bless Israel.
6. The poor's all Israel's fault
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (06.16.07)
GISHA's comments are lies. there is nothing to prevent Gaza residents from importing or exporting through the Philadelfi corridor to the Sinai. They could easily have made Egypt a trading partner, since they were able to ship massive loads of explosives and weapons through the same route. And as fot eh other moaner, at the beginning of the article. Jewish philantropists paid $15 million for a huge array of greenhouses in perfect working order. the Gazans, who'd voted in Hamas, stripped and looted and destroyed them all. They are the perfect example of "What you sow, so shall you reap".
Black Death   (06.16.07)
Cry me a river. It's Israel's fault cause they (and the world) didn't give you enough money? Please. Why don't you turn on the TV and watch Farfur the Jew-hating mouse? That'll calm the kids down. Pathetic.
8. This chick is smart
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.16.07)
I agree with much of what Samara says.
9. So, the grass is Not greener on the other side?
Jab ,   usa   (06.16.07)
10. "Israel should have left it with economic infrastructures."
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.16.07)
Yo, remember those greenhouses? The ones you burned down?
11. You had to see it coming;
David ,   usaY   (06.16.07)
now you see it's all Isreal's fault.
12. Careful What You Wish for . . .
Adam From DC ,   DC, USA   (06.16.07)
Because You Might Just Get It. You fools! Israel only wants peace and a safe place for the Jewish people. I haven't been to Israel for 25 years, but when I was last there, I got to know many Israelies, Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims; all living in peace. Now look what you've got to contend with -- Just What You Wished For! May God save us all.
13. Should have thought of that before attacking Israel
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.16.07)
Should have thought of that before attacking Israel with suicide bombers and also rockets Gaza can live in Hell and Squaller for all I care
14. and you think it is bad now
alan ,   Bering Sea   (06.16.07)
wait until al qaeda and the Iranian revolutionary gaurd start showing up in larger numbers than now exist in Gaza they are the ones who got this thing going. they are using the Arabs in Gaza like pawns. they could care less whether you live or die as long as they get control of your lives throw off the Islamicists you have nothing to loose but your burkas
15. Gaza is to blame...not Israel or the world- sorry! and ...
Congratulations Gaza ,   Paris, France   (06.16.07)
You just sow what you reap... so be happy dear Gaza!! because: Those "terrorists" or "liberators" (if you prefer?) are the people you elected! So good luck!
16. free shalit and THEN they can go to egypt throw rafiah
carlitos ,   the dark side of the   (06.16.07)
17. Is that smell coffee!??
Rise ,   & Shine   (06.16.07)
18. Question
John ,   Israel   (06.16.07)
What can I do for the people of Gaza? I know there are people there who are simply stuck in the middle of this civil war. I feel I should try to help the people in Gaza even if they hate me. Maybe there is some way I can show the people of Gaza that my thoughts and prayers are with them and I my hope for them is a strong, stable democracy based on peace and human rights. If anyone is Gaza is reading this, please know I hope your people come out of this eager for change and ready to take the steps necessary to prove to the world and yourselves your capable of your own nation
19. Sorry, No Sympathy.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.16.07)
This disaster is self-inflicted. Until the Palestinians take responsibility for their actions & stop blaming us for all their problems, their situation will continue to deteriorate. They support a hateful ideology, be it Hamas or Fatah & this is the consequence. It's real simple, cause & effect, but somehow they haven't been able to figure it out for over 60 years. While we built a successful, modern country from nothing, they created Gaza. Such abysmal failure deserves no sympathy.
20. why haven't the Gazan's rebelled ? Who is 'they'?
redmike ,   tel aviv   (06.16.07)
Do the 'simple' residents make up the majority or do the armed groups ? Who are the Palestinians? The Gazans? in other countries the poor have taken action, like in Russia and France and in many other countries. The Palestinians however always say 'look what "they" are doing to us?'. Who is this 'they' ? Perhaps the vast majority of the population is this 'they' which is why they don' t rebel?
21. #18 John
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.16.07)
I sadly note that you are a lone voice of humanity here. I wish to join you and the sentiments you expressed.
22. "Israel should have left Gaza with an infrastructure"
hmpierson ,   Mount Kisco, NY USA   (06.16.07)
Israel left Gaza with the hothouses in tact. The first thing the Gazans did was to destroy them, and the 35% of the Gazan economy they represented. Their hatred for Israel is stronger than their love for their children. That's why their in the state they are.
23. Nice Zionist bedtime story
Arabian Wolf   (06.16.07)
This made me laugh
24. Things were better? bcause there was no siege !
25. Ladies stock up on Burkas.Gents throw away Shaving Razor.
Alan ,   SA   (06.16.07)
Hamas is coming to a Mosque near you .
26. When people have money they dont turn to violence-excep Iran
Charles ,   Canada   (06.16.07)
27. this is what "Palestine" will look like
Ronit   (06.16.07)
1) “My nephews ask, ‘Why are the Israelis shooting at us?’... : Why would the children find this so weird if supposedly Israeli soldiers intentionally aim at children all the time? This only proves that the Palestinians constantly lie to the media. 2) "left it with economic infrastructures" - It was the Palestinian people who voted in Hamas to government, hence taking the risk of losing aid and funding that they were receiving from countries all over the world. 3) This is what "Palestine" will also look like if founded! Chaos, violence, war, and murder. So much for a democratic, peaceful country... they will destroy themselves before they ever have a chance to destroy Israel.
28. “When people have money, they don’t turn to violence,” she s
clifffrommontreal ,   canada   (06.16.07)
The quote "“When people have money, they don’t turn to violence,” she said." I call your bluff of propaganda and misinformation and show you the green houses that the pallies were GIVEN for free and promptly destroyd, like everything else they touch in life.
29. cause & effect
Jacob ,   Munich   (06.16.07)
Samara, go back in time, Flying on an airplane was like riding on a bus,until the palestinian started to blow up planes.Before you had checkpoints ,pals tried to smuggle weapons and people with ambulance & TV-cars.They used women & children to transport bombs into Israel. Just check who started this mess !!
30. you voted for your end.
Josie ,   Israel   (06.16.07)
The "sheep" finally let its wool off and now you see its true colour. They're wolves! Sad as it may be, but nobody is interested in helping you. They were only USING you as an excuse to attack Israel. It's really only up to you to help yourself.
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