Palestinian emergency cabinet sworn in
Ali Waked and AP
Published: 17.06.07, 13:12
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1. Since when does Hamas care about rule-of-law?
Josh   (06.17.07)
2. Arab Terroristst in Suits!
Gidon ,   Israel   (06.17.07)
And the leftwing Israeli government and the rest of the world fall for this coverup. Israel, wake up and smell the coffee. Fatah and Hamas are both the same terrorists against Israel. And if you're not careful, you'll fall right in again.
3. Desperation To Support Failure.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.17.07)
Fatah is a gigantic failure. And all the fools that supported this failure since Oslo have too much invested to let go. They just don't have the brains to cut their losses & admit the bankruptcy of their policies. All the support in the world will not make a success of Fatah. It is just more money down the Palestinian toilet. Our politicians & world leaders don't have the honesty to admit that they don't know what to do - so they cling to the same old failed ideas. They lack the courage & integrity to face reality, much prefering delusion, "spin", platitudes, slogans, & intellectual dishonesty. Anything but reality.
4. Another government?
Susie ,   Israel   (06.17.07)
Let's see how long this one lasts !!! Interesting how they are all decked out in their WESTERN SUITS? Don't they despise Westerners, their clothes, their culture, etc.........
David ,   Central Coast, USA   (06.17.07)
7. i love israil wallahe i love israil
rashid ,   palistinian   (06.17.07)
please let me in, i love israil
8. Help to the ME.???
a civilian ,   outside ME   (06.17.07)
This is what I believe:The one thing that could be helpful in the ME-The Arab League needs to recognize Israel.In the long run this is the biggest obstacle to peace. But the Arab Leaders are not willing.They prefer to gamble with civilian suffering and lost lives in Israel and Palestine. Abbas is a greater man than anyone in the Arab League.
9. #2 Arab terrorists in suits
New York, USA   (06.17.07)
I don't think Al Fatah is the same as Hamas. I think these terrorists in suits are worse for Israel than Hamas because they're smarter than Hamas. They will achieve for their people with "nagotiations" what they will never achieve through terror alone. That makes them a lot more dangerous for Israel than Hamas. Unfortunately most Israelis in government don't want to see or understand this.
10. the second seed
Fadi ,   Lobnan   (06.17.07)
the first seed of israel destruction was in the north ..a resiliant hezballah .. the second seed is planted last week in Gaza .. the wiil of the Palestinian's was not respected ..they elected Hamas ..they saw and lived the corruption of their leaders ..the high salaries and the beach homs in Gaza .. nabil abo rudainah's Salary someone said is around 50K ..Dahlan (the gentlman with no high school degree ) is the same thing .and so on .. the palestinians are not blind ...they saw Israel arming Fatah and Abbas's gentlmen .. the Palestinians saw yesterday how the world is praising their dictaters .... Palestine is turned to just like another arab state ran by dictators will not work because they are not like the rest of the arabs ..they fear nobody . Israel is planning for this since Oslo ..i can see that it will work against their wishes ..big time ..
11. Palestine needs a true citizen security force
Not just a bunch of thugs loyal to Abbas and his cronies. Draft every military-age male and female by rotation a week at a time to keep order. This could be a good way of reducing the unemployment pool.
12. thanks#10for clearing that up for me with your halucinations
jack bauer ,   usa   (06.17.07)
there is something very suspcious happening within this whole situation. Fatah cowards flee gaza? they have a massive amount of men/weapons and they give up? then a quick little shuffle and the rest of the world seems to be back on their side. All of the sudden after being isolated, everyone wants to help them out and give them aid, money, arms,training,etc..... Is it just me or does this all smell fishy? I didnt really forget that the PLO were/are a bunch of thuggish terrorists, so did everyone else? I mean beside the moronic fadi.... so fatah gives hamas their weapons, so we can all rearm fatah....then lo and behold there end up twice as many weapons pointing at who? so fatah runs out of we can all give them some more.....and stop the whole process of isolation all it took was a few executions and bam, the whole world took note and switched into "believe the BS" mode neither fatah or hamas actually care if a few guys get killed and some civilians makes great PR...especially if you can end up blaming Israelis
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