Hizbullah denies was behind Katyusha attack
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 17.06.07, 18:39
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1. kill the head of the snake. Nasrallah.
2. UNdermmaned, UNrealistic, UNhelpful, UNprepared, UNaware . .
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (06.17.07)
UNcomfortable, UNwilling, UNdermined, UNeducated, UNder illusions . . . Yes, Israel was established with UN resolution, however, it would appear that, like in Asia & Eurabia, the fear of jihad has made the UN an irrelevant, impotent organization and the UNdoing of Israel's upper-hand.
3. that was quick
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.17.07)
hizbullah was sure quick to disown that attack. you'd think the "victors" of last year's war wouldn't be so afraid to distance themselves from something that would provoke israel.
4. We didin't fire.our freinds did! A new offshoot of our group
!   (06.17.07)
5. Why?
Brian ,   New York   (06.17.07)
Why would anyone want to fire rockets into Israel? It's not like Israel has ever done anything to hurt anybody ..... Perhaps it was a random attack from Martians who just stepped off of a spaceship.
6. It was a WARNING SHOT
malcolm   (06.17.07)
No two ways about it. Iran is warning Israel that if they go against them in Gaza there will be a two front+ war. Any other interpretation is self delusional.
7. Accountability
Kapara al Haismuk ,   Lebanon   (06.17.07)
Stop trying to hold arabs accountable for their actions and choices! The world holds us to a lower level of accountability than it holds everyone else on the planet, so just because we fire indiscriminate missiles at civilian israeli targets intentionally......don't hold us accountable. It's everyone elses fault.
8. Not HezShatan- only LitaniNorthBankArmy of AllahsLion Cubs
Alan ,   SA   (06.17.07)
9. shadow of things to come
robert morley ,   farmington   (06.18.07)
this is getting so old everyday the terrorist do this and nothing is being done, the only time something is done is when someone is killed, since nobody was killed look for more attacks tomorrow, may god forever bless the state of israel.
10. TESTING 1,2,3
john ,   nz   (06.18.07)
No retaliation? Second one will be coming soon
11. Oxymoron, or oxen-headed morons?
Yaakov Cohn ,   Framingham MA USA   (06.18.07)
"Army officials ...added that while Hizbullah is not likely to have been behind the attack, the Shiite group may have supplied the ...rockets." Supplying rockets to be fired into Israel is not the same as being behind those firings? When these army officials look at us Jewish civilians, do they see the word "STUPID" written across each of our foreheads?
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