Gaydamak, Tiv Ta'am deal falls through
Tani Goldstein
Published: 18.06.07, 18:05
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1. Tiv Ta'am
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.18.07)
Thank god !
2. This wasn't serious from the start
EM ,   Ra'anana   (06.18.07)
It was a cynical ploy to ingratiate himself with Jerusalem voters. probably worked.
3. good
don   (06.18.07)
not all Israelis are jews or moslems. the banning of pork would solely exist for the purpose of discriminating against christians
4. #3 here we go again...
Blue Pinky   (06.18.07)
It is not discrimination to buy a company and change it's character. Once it's his, he can do whatever he wants with it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination, on the contrary, that's how capitalism works in a democratic country. And if you now see a new market for non-kosher food, feel free to open your own store. That's how it works in a free market economy. It's not discrimination in the slightest. Now if the governement was doing it, that would be a different story altogether.
5. Phew!
Ails ,   Rehovot, Israel   (06.18.07)
Thank goodnes for that - who the heck did he think he was anyways!! Not only do you have the freedom of them not being kosher, but their opening hours on friday and saturday are fabulous - I don't have time during the week to get to the super! :)
6. Tivvy
Ruth   (06.18.07)
Lots of happy little piggies wallowing around in the mud again. Happy for you all. I'll stay with my large, clean, roomy quality and quiet and honest local Shefa store. A little more crowded thursd evening but still quietly efficient. Maybe Tivvy is crowded Sundays before church, I don't know or mind.
7. Break out the grill & put on the ribs. It's bar-b-que time!
john ,   memphis, tn.   (06.18.07)
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.18.07)
A noticeable amount of people would rather have non-kosher lives because of the denial of the rules and the constitution of B'nai Yisroel. Since this is a democracy they have the right and even obligation to keep this people multi-cultural by eating pork, ham, and other irrational victuals. Those who keep kosher are considered primitive and ignorant by the multi-cultural seekers. Well, perhaps it's best that the deal didn't work out. The owners didn't want a change which shows how many people in this country don't give a hang about past tradition. This is the new Israeli, in denial and betraying what is considered to be the constitution of Am Yisroel.
9. Too Many Pigs
MaMa ,   Israel   (06.18.07)
Sorry this deal fell through.This is not the place for pig or piggy people.
10. #3 How naive (or ignorant) can you be?
Israel   (06.18.07)
Are you at all aware of the nature of most of the clientelle of that store? These are not your typical Israeli Christians - these are Israel-hating, anti-Semetic thieves and liars who stole their way to a supposed free ride on the government shekel pretending to be Jews according to the Law of Return. Non-kosher dietary habits are only a symptom of the problem. Get real.
11. to #8
Don   (06.18.07)
You worry about keeping the mosaic laws, but refuse the son that god himself sent to Israel...I think you have your priorities backwards
12. #8
mark ,   ca   (06.18.07)
Follow Ten Commandments. There is nothing about kosher food;-))
13. Tiv Tam
roxy ,   israel   (06.18.07)
Thank goodness, I am so relieved that it fell through,now I can shop on Sat., and will be able to get shrimp and other non kosher goodies!! Good steaks like sirloin, Roast, Ribs !!!!!!!
14. #1,3,5
yaakovj ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.07)
go get yourselves some pigs jowls and ham hocks, you deserve it!
15. #4, don't argue with me
Don   (06.18.07)
the last thing I care to hear about is a jew telling me, a christian, that forcing kashrut, when god himself sent his son, in this land, to rid the nation of these stupid ideas that were misunderstood, isn't discrimination
16. to #10
Don   (06.19.07)
non kosher dietary laws are part of no problem whatsoever, as god himself, through his son, came to earth and redefined the rules through the second covenant of god, jesus that point, all rules of the previous covenant (save for the ten commandments, which jesus decreed to still be valid) were declared null and void Israel is, first and foremost, a land of Christians, as it was the people of Israel who jehovah sent his son to redeem
17. 2 comments......
YAAKOV ,   JUDEA   (06.19.07)
18. Gaydamak Looks Like Bart Starr
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.19.07)
19. #17
mark ,   ca   (06.19.07)
Agree with you on the 2nd comment.Most of my posts never posted.
20. Bbq time for us jews right here at home
Mat ,   Israel   (06.19.07)
and always connected , through kashrut, to our jewish traditions and festivals and celebrations. So stuff that up your spare rib. Your brain was grilled and spared a long time ago, mate.
21. Tiv Tam
Moriah ,   israel   (06.19.07)
Great news we still have a place to purchase meat where we can tell them what type of fut we want,such as filet,chuck,porterhouse instead of the insane method of orrdering meat by numberof the cut. This is the only country that does it by numbers, and the meat that way is so bad,excess water and just nor good tasting as when you order by the cut. Now for a good porter house steak on the barbecue!!! Yum!
22. Meat by the numbers
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.07)
Actually, it isn't so bad a system - most of Europe uses it. Julia Child even said the best place to get French like cuts of meat in America is at a kosher butcher. It's the processed (in Hebrew, literally worked over meat - basar meubad) that I can't stand. Defrosted meat, processed and refrozen (not exactly the healthest thing, refreezing meat). And if you don't know what happens in the processing, you're better off.
23. Don't mess with my democratic rights
Alex ,   Israel, Bat-Yam   (06.19.07)
To all those who call me piggy. Listen. I'm not religious person. I'm agnostic. But I, personally, respect faith of religious people and their ways of life, kasrut - one of them. Now, I love state of Israel, I'm reservist of IDF, I fought for Israel in last Lebanon war, and I will fight for Israel if needed. I pay taxes. DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO STOP LOVING ISRAEL JUST BECAUSE I DON'T EAT KOSHER??? Think about that. Don't call us piggies. .
24. #23
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.07)
Don't waste your breath friend. I've met alot of fundamentalist Jews who make no bones about being against democracy. They want Halacha (trans: Jewish canon law) and are proud that it isn't democratic. Of course if a European country doesn't allow schita (kosher slaughtering) they scream that such laws are anti-Semitic (between you and me, I think they are).
25. Pelephone is the best
Doron ,   Tel aviv   (09.10.07)
Pelephone is the best Cell phone EVER. This is THE MAN for them and for the Israeli people ENJOY
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