Qassam lands in factory with hazardous materials
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 18.06.07, 23:58
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1. OK Barak
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.19.07)
Show what you're good for, other than nothing.
2. yeah, send millions of humanitarian aid to the barbarians
3. #1 He's still getting his atta boy from Peretz!!!!
jan ,   usa   (06.19.07)
4. I hear Hizbullah has rearmed, pointed question.
freedom ,   canada   (06.19.07)
Why is the UN even in Lebanon, for window dressing. And your hero says Israel has not been so safe in the north for 40 years. Kind of sad.
MIKE ,   USA   (06.19.07)
6. way to go
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.07)
keep supplying Gaza with electricity so the kassam factories can keep putting out rockets! Keep supplying water and sending them food! Gee why didn't the USA supply Germany with water and electric during WWll? Why didn't the US send food to the Nazis back then after all the germans were starving! I wonder why the US didn't send food to the Fuehrer bunker the way we sent food to arafag in the Mukata
7. :This is my concern
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.19.07)
This is my concern: I watched all the nonsense during the Arafat, Bush, Barak Camp David negotiations., which almost gave Arafat a blueprint to destroy Israel. Maybe Divine intervention told Arafat to demand the right of return, killing the entire talks. WHAT WAS ON BARAK'S MIND? To his credit, Israel was willing to anything for peace..even commit national suicide. But that was political. Barak IS a good military man. Let us not condemn him prematurely. Many good, fine, bright, Israeli generals have resigned over Lebanon. That fiasco was strapped with politics, as we all know. The US wanted a quick victory, but then had Olmert back off with the cease fire (UN)..thanks to Condi and Livni. It's all about politics, even now, with Hamas. and the release of funds. 1b will eventually wind up with Hamas. Israel already has been blamed for fuel and food shortages. The "occupation" is still the main culprit according to PALs PR. If Israel withdraws to 67 lines, there will be love between Arab and Jew, breaking bread, enjoying each other's culture. I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
8. Israel Flubbed It Big Time: Have They Learned Anything?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.19.07)
To Freedom: UNIFIL is powerless to do anything concrete, per the UN imposed cease fire last summer. The LDF is mired down with Al Qaeda linked Palestinians in Tripoli and elsewhere. So, while the cease fire resulted in an end to hostilities, it gave Hezbollah breathing room, and the Israeli policy shattered. But, if Israel learned something, those 152 people would not have died in vain. Pro-Arabs claim cluster bombs were used illegally by Israel, yet, never mention the 4,200 rockets fired into Israel, (a serious war crime in itself). In the next round, Israel will have to use bunker busters, smart bombs, and maybe carpet bombing...otherwise, it will be a repeat..and Hezbollah boasts 20,000 rockets (that's 100 day into Israel for 200 days). Hamas can be expected to join the fray., and Syria might lob a few Scuds. Israel had the chance to take out Hezbollah and flubbed it royally.
9. what was holding them from launching rockets at additional
tagets? Fatah?
10. Send Hamas gasoline so theKassam crew can get to launch site
Alan ,   SA   (06.19.07)
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