'Christians must accept Islamic rule'
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 19.06.07, 09:54
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1. No one should be surprised
Hiram ,   tel-aviv   (06.19.07)
Islamist criminals are now showing their real face. This will be a good lesson for those who have elected Hamas to start with. I pity the Palestinian women who already have suffered in the hands of their "owners" ( their husbands ! ) and will now become just like women in Taliban controlled areas. Islam and progress are positively not compatible.....but this was to be expected...The world will judge and the Gazeans will suffer. This is an other example of traditional Islamic tolerance ! what a great achievement ! 360 square Kilometers full of hatred, poverty, sub-education , just like all Islamist countries. I wonder if all the Gazean homosexuals will take refuge in Israel ?
2. Hamastan is born!
Mummy ,   why do we help them?   (06.19.07)
3. "Militiant"?
Isn't it Abbas the "militant" one? And isn't he the one Olmert & Livni want to make peace with?
4. Arab MKs - Are you still advocating a binational state?
5. and so it begins - let the World take heed of Islam.
Yisraeli   (06.19.07)
6. So, no more fun in Gaza then! LOL
Talula ,   Israel   (06.19.07)
7. Abandonment?
Colin ,   Barcelona   (06.19.07)
I am dumbfounded that this has not been reported in Christian countries.The BBC has nothing on this. Has their allegiance tipped so far towards Islamic extremism? Israel must open its borders to allow the Gaza Christians to leave and live with their brothers in the West Bank.
8. Not all women of Christian missionaries cover their head ?
9. What did everyone expect from Islamic extremists?
NL ,   Israel   (06.19.07)
Their charter is very clear on their desire for sharia law. Israel, allow the Christians move to West Bank before they are massacred for their beliefs. ALSO, being that Hamas acknowledged the important and potentially detrimental effect of education, all future funds to Gaza should be transferred contingent on international monitoring of their school systems, to prevent the teaching of incitement and hatred to preschoolers, which is currently going on in the schools.
10. And you pals thought you had it bad before--look out now.
jan ,   usa   (06.19.07)
The deceiver has just taken off his mask, and it looks just like those stupid ayatollahs in iran, or bin laden look alikes, or saudi religious fanatics. To late to vote them out now. You asked for it, and now you've got what you asked for. What's that, they lied to you? Well duhhh.
11. Hamas in Gaza
roxy ,   Israel   (06.19.07)
Looks like the what they wanted, a government so strict that they will be forced to wear the clothes like the Talaban has the people wear. Good luck with law according to the koran!
12. Live under oppression or be attacked
Hippocrites ,   in Gaza   (06.19.07)
The pot calling the kettle black, no? Who occupies Gaza?
13. Gaza going against christianity
poppy   (06.19.07)
Now the world must wake up and see what can happen to their countries if they dont watch out. Fanatic Muslims will do anything to rule by force...Kill ...... Now I want the Lefties is Israel to go and live in Gaza the place and people they love so much... See what they will do to you. All Israeli's must speak with one voice. What if Israel did the same thing to the Muslims in Israel???? What would you say then??? But Israel is a fair country and only want Peace.... ALL ISRAEL SHOULD SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE..... ISRAEL IS THE LAND GOD GAVE US SO PROTECT IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT
14. Where are all the good Samaratins
Tammy   (06.19.07)
Where are all the good Samaratins now???? Why dont they go and feed their friends ? The Israeli lefties should open their eyes and learn from this Is this what they want to happen to Israel????? WAKE UP IDIOTS WAKE UP
Dina   (06.19.07)
16. Another gem from WorldNetDaily!
Michael ,   USA   (06.19.07)
Please note that this story is NOT from Ynet, but is from the infamous World Net Daily, whose Jerusalem correspondent Aaron Klein loves hunting down the most obscure, radical Palestinian "militants" who love the media attention he showers on them when they reveal their ridiculous proclamations. Making this into a "news story" gives the appearance that Gaza is turning into Iran. What a joke...
17. Israeli woman soldiers already cover their heads ?
18. I Would Like An Answer .......
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.19.07)
Where are Israeli Christian Arab leaders? Why don't we hear a word from them? Where is big-mouthed Azmi Bishara - is he too shy to speak out? He's a Christian Arab, isn't he? What about the other Christian Arab MK's? How about the whole collection of Christian clergy in Jerusalem? Are they turning the other cheek or just afraid to speak out? They certainly aren't afraid to speak out against Jews or criticise Israel. Not a word saying how they are NOT persecuted in Israel. How Israel is a free & tolerant society. I really would like an answer .......
19. Hamas was not just teleported from outer space
hermin ,   haifa, israel   (06.19.07)
It is the democratic choice of the Palestinian people to be thrown by 14-th floor no rope bungee , have the knees blew by close range shoots and have the head cracked open from point blank distance. When you have no hope to live for, you search something to die for.
20. the true face of islam ...
gm ,   south africa   (06.19.07)
we 'want' peace and then when we have it, we will stab you in the back and create war OR we will lie to get what we want and then do as we please when we have it. WORLD WAKE UP!! Israel must be allowed to defend herself and exist legitimately on the land given to her by British mandate and the balance which was won in DEFENSIVE wars. There was NEVER a Palestine run by arabs and the 'palestinians' must live in Jordan and Egypt.
21. # 16 you say joke, no one is laughing!
Barney   (06.19.07)
22. # 18 They don't want a Fatwa, understand?
Push over   (06.19.07)
23. # 7
Jason Goldman   (06.19.07)
The Christians have all been but chased out of Bethleham. They are no longer wanted anywhere in the Pali Territories. This is the religion of Peace at work
24. communism
rj ,   engladn   (06.19.07)
islam the true face of modern communism...convert or die attitude....may it be brought down onto its knees...
25. Christians & Hamas
American ,   USA   (06.19.07)
Hamas is in a bad position here. If they go one way they have authority questioned. They go another way and they make martyrs. Difficult straits I guess for Hamas.
26. Do not jump to ocnclusions!!!!!
Jack ,   Gaza   (06.19.07)
the church and Rosary Sisers Schools, where my kids go, was indeed attacked, but to the best of my knowledge this is pure vandalism and theft, common crime so to speak, which has increased int he wake of the chaos-filled coup in Gaza. Mosques, security offices, and supermarketds were also vandalized and stuff stolen. this has been confirmed by local Christian leaders, and Hamas and all local groups have denounced this attach especially. Not that I support Hamas, or Fateh for that matter, but the truth has to be said feelings are mized. We've gotten the rotten apples out, but it seems Hamas, like any other movement, has its own rotten apples, and now we're beginning to pay attention to these. To jump to saying Israel is a tolerant society is a big mistake and lie for Israel is the last country to talk about tolerance. Europnen 'Israel'/Jewry do not even tolerate those Ethiopean immigrants or the indigenous Arab polpulation, so please stop this stupid talk. Cross fingers things improve though. Jack
27. democractically elected lunatics
rpc ,   modiin, israel   (06.19.07)
The majority spoke and the majority brought Hams upon themselves. This humantiarian crisis is not Israel's responsibility.
28. #19 Hermin in Haifa.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.19.07)
Not teleported from outer space - they come from an alternate reality, like another dimension, created in their minds by religious brainwashing. But they will end up in outer space, paradise awaits them.
29. #6, Jack - nonesense!!
Israeli Ethiopean   (06.19.07)
"Europnen 'Israel'/Jewry do not even tolerate those Ethiopean immigrants or the indigenous Arab polpulation, so please stop this stupid talk. " Why not try and practice what you preach? Your statement is complete nonesense! I am an Ethiopean oleh. In Israel I have been educated and nurtured by the country, fully integrated, fully 'tolerated', and actually feel more at home here then anywhere else on Earth. And I work with the Israeli Arabs, they too know that they would live like dogs under another society. They are happy, their fridges are full, and their children are receiving a great education and refinement. Talk the truth, or just shut up!
30. TALIBO-HAMASTAN is born.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.07)
Does the Pope lift his small finger for the 2500 Chrisitans caught in a death trap in Gaza? Of course not. The Pope cares only for those Christians that give to the Church. Taking from the Papauty ? Never herd of. Remember how the Pope did nothing for the Lebanese Christinans that fled the country, nor for the Bethlehem Christians? Europe, weakup, Talibo-Hamastan is born. In England statistically ,the most second common name of newborn male babies today is Muhammed . Does England still think that Talibo-Hamastan will not influence Muslims in England?
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