Terrorists’ plot to attack Modi'in synagogue thwarted
Efrat Weiss
Published: 19.06.07, 19:01
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1. Sure he is Israli American; Not African American
2. They want to kill us and we must help them?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.19.07)
Let their friends the Egyptians help them to get out of Gaza. What goes around comes around. Fatah, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the rest are ALL terrorists with one aim - to destroy Israel. We don't feed the dog that bites the hand that feeds!
3. Shul ?
Guy ,   Israel   (06.19.07)
What is this ?
4. Let's
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.19.07)
Let's sit back and watch as Palman, World Citizen, J Abramoff, and all our friendly anonymous talkbackers discuss how Israel is an apartheid state and the PFLP members should be freed for their heroic deeds.
5. and how many non-American Israeli citizens are there ?
forgett about it, I think you would not answer for security reasons.
6. Good job Shin Bet and IDF!
Tracy W   (06.19.07)
Once again, you have saved Jewish lives.
7. what were they thinking when they hired an illegal arab?
dante ,   uk   (06.19.07)
8. # 3 - Shul?
Reuven ,   Petach Tikvahj   (06.19.07)
"Shul" is Yiddish for synagogue. Do you have a problem with it?
9. how long until a Palestinian construction workers succeeds?
rpc ,   modi'in   (06.19.07)
Whenever I see Palestinian workers building in Modi'in, I think back to that school in Chechnya held hostage by rebels who had hidden weapons in the gymnasium floor. What kind of gems are hiding beneath my floor or the floors of the other city inhabitants? This is just nuts.
10. PFLP = Secular Communist and Allied with Fatah
George   (06.19.07)
I guess these are some of the good, moderate terrorists that Bush and Olmert are going to hammer out a lasting peace agreement with.
11. Just shoot them
Isabella ,   Israel   (06.19.07)
He planned to blow up an empty strucutre? THE HELL HE DID! He didn't have the guts to admit he was waiting for the synagogue to be full before blowing it up.
12. #6 (tracy w.) Thank Hashem that IDF and Shin Bet succeed
Dovid ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.20.07)
Thank Hashem that IDF and Shin Bet succeed. Must have been all that chessed that Modiin has done for the sedrot community.
13. Modiin
Rebecca   (06.20.07)
Why are we using Pals on building sites instead of training our Ethopian unemployed? Thank you IDF and ShinBet.
14. #8 Yes, he probably does
Shula ,   Israel   (06.20.07)
have a problem with that, as he doesn't know what a synagogue is either ha ha. If it was a local pub, that would be different. P.S. Nice guy, a pub is a SHORT version of PUBlic house, just like Shul is a familiar way, for very many people, of saying Bet Knesset. The ones who ALWAYS have a problem with 'Shul' are ALWAYS the ones that don't go near one. It has become a colloquialism like shmendrik, tembel, pupik,alte zachen etc. But you do know those words, don't you.... bye, guy
15. A matter of language
Hiram ,   tel-aviv   (06.20.07)
It is surprising to actually see a Jew asking what a "shul" is ......knowing that at one point in recent history there were more "shuls" than synagogue ! It is very sad to see that Yiiddish is definately fading away .... Oy Gevalt !
16. #12 Dovid - I stand corrected.
Tracy W   (06.20.07)
17. Kablanim must be heavily punished..
No Mo ,   Modiin Israel   (06.20.07)
Any one hiring illegal Palestinians must be heavily fined or possibly jailed for repeat offenses. The Chinese laborers do a great job. If wages were increased unemployed Israelis would also go into this field. The police and city Authorities must crack down on illegal labor
18. Hey, give #3 Guy a break!
Ronnie ,   Israel   (06.20.07)
Don't forget that more than half of Israel's Jewish population is not Ashkenazi, so they do not have a clue about Yiddish words, including the word shul. And even though I'm Ashkenazi, I have my doubts whether my grandchildren are familiar with any Yiddish words. They speak Hebrew, and use the words Beit Knesset. So lighten up, folks!
19. #8 Reuven - I have a big problem with it
Meir Elazar   (06.20.07)
Language is the core of our communications. Hebrew is the medium of most of our Holy Books, prayers, etc. (Aramaic, another Semitic language on the northeast branch of the Semitic language, began its influence with the Babylonian Exile). Hebrew is the Holy Language and Israel has Va'ad Halashon to try to protect the integrity of the language as it adapts to 21st century requirements. There are strict requirements for the level of Hebrew for TV broadcasters. One would hope that YNET, an ENGLISH online newspaper, would strive to use proper English. The correct English word for Bet Keneset is synagogue. The use of Yiddish reflects an Eastern European bias and is prejudicial against Sephardi Jews. Furthermore, Yiddish corrupts the German word Schule, meaning SCHOOL, into Shul which is corrupted into a synagogue. In fact Yiddish corrupts many words the speakers are generally clueless of the origins of such words: Yarmulke, Shikse, etc. The latter word, by the way, is an extremely pejorative term corrupted from Hebrew that SHOULD NEVER BE USED. In conclusion, I would hope that YNET would aspire to the highest journalistic standards and publish Hebrew in proper Hebrew and English in proper English. Foreign words can be used if the context requires them; they are the international standard for a specific term or concept; or their is no other equivalent in English/Hebrew for the specific word or expression. p.s. English is my third language.
20. I need information, please
Donna ,   USA   (06.21.07)
Maybe one of you can help me. I've always wondered what language did the Jews who stayed in Israel during the past 2000 years speak. Did they speak Hebrew in their day-to-day activities? I suppose they had to know some Latin, then Turkish, but which was the Jewish language they retained through all those centuries since Roman times? Thank you.
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