UN's Ban faults rights council over Israel
Published: 21.06.07, 04:07
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1. Phew
I like coffee ,   New York, New York   (06.21.07)
This guy looks like he could be a breath of fresh air after that moron Annan.
2. This guy could teach Kofi a thing or two!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (06.21.07)
3. Thanks Mr. Moon for mooning the Anti Semitic council
Cila ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.07)
You're a true mensch, thanks again!
4. So where is the action, deterrent, punishment, Mr.Moon?
john ,   nz   (06.21.07)
Disappointment is not good enough . I expect much more than just an expression of opinion. Sack whoever sitting @ the top of that so-called Human Right Council. He/She must be receiving $$$ from Iran. Dig into his/her Swiss Account.
5. not a surprise
this biased and rediculous human rights counsil is full of arab delegates and politicians. no wonder the obsession with israel's "crimes" against humanity. suggestion for closer scrutiny by human rights watchdog: gaza and hamas. iran...just passed the sentence of stoning a couple to death in a public square who committed adultry. that means burrying the man and woman till the head and then stoning them with rocks until they die of their wounds. nice ha???? how is that topic for the human rights watchdog????? north korea china darfur need i continue?
6. Good start Mr Moon. Thanx
mother of four ,   Israel   (06.21.07)
7. #3 - He Can't Fire Them.
David ,   Israel   (06.21.07)
8. Um-Shmum
Israel   (06.21.07)
9. John #4
As a Kiwi, and your country has a large Asian polulation, you should understand that everything that gentlemen from any Central or northern Asian country do is understated. That does not mean that the meaning and intent at dissatisfaction is absent. It also does not imply that he is now going to sit on his hands and do nothing.
10. And Now: The Hague
Peter ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.07)
The Council has done right. I seriousely hope that the international comunity will now take the Israeli leaders to court. The ICC is calling...
11. Wow
Josie ,   Israel   (06.21.07)
Finally a voice of this reason in this derelict organization!
12. The farse.The theatre.
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (06.21.07)
"UN secretary-general expresses disappointment at human rights watchdog's decision to single out Israel." "A UN statement said, "The Secretary-General is disappointed at the council's " "Alejandro Wolff, deputy US permanent representative at the United Nations, accused the council of "a pathological obsession with Israel" Yes,right,they are to be believed! My mother says in Romanian:"una calda,una reche!".Wise words! It means:"one hot,one cold!" ,and that's how one controls people:Never completely hot;never completely cold!One goes "seasoning",slowly ,slowly... How the "enterprise"works towards Israel: They(especially and primarily the USA),don't allow Israel to make a trully and effective resolution towards its problem with pals-an really and definitive militar solution-,but they alow Israel "to defend itself". So they allow Israel to make some "selective attacks" ,in order to prevent human bombs in its territory;they allow Israel to make check points to control human bombs entering ;they allow Israel to build a wall,again ,in order to control human bombs in its territorries,but they NEVER alow a true solution. Meanwhile,the "enterprise", through its Mediatic organizations,called International News Agencies(like Reuters and/or maybe others)control the images seen all over the world(probably only their photografers are able and have permission to get images),and the images sent are ,as we saw yesterday,palis in underwears "being humilieted" by Israel;or bleeding poor pals "attacked" by Israel;or dead pals;or humilieted pals in the check points;or humiliated pals trying to jump the wall.... After these images are seen,all europeaus-even jews from finland,sweden,etc-,americans,south americans and others start being "SHOCKED" with those" Israelis monsters" and start increansinly hating "those monsters". This is a kind of insidious progrom.The masses are being enraged by theses images,preparing the way for another "final solution"(G'od forbid!) So...the hipocrisy and wickedness on UN,US and cia. is something monstruously incredible! PS:What is our fault in these all? Answer:our own leaders,instead of acting properly and honestly ,by bolding more and more its own positions and points of view in the behalf of Jews,in the protection of Jews,instead of that,they accept to be corrupted by the "interprise",looking for their own personal interests ,in an incredible irresponsable manner. And because those fews' acts ,all of us HEAVILY pay!
13. Good Job Ban Ki Moon! A Voice of Reason!
nell ,   switzerland   (06.21.07)
14. Human Wrongs Council !!
did   (06.21.07)
Good attitude Mr Bank-emun (the bank of faith) but now you will have to to take this one step further and act against this Human Wrongs Council. Their infamous way of doing business is indicative of neo anti-Semitism "nicely draped" in you know whose fundamentalist green. Of course, it is directed against Israel who, according to them, are the quintessence of all troubles that have happened and (surely) will happen in the entire world. Interesting to have a look at the "investors" of this hoaxy bunch. Something tells me it smells all the rats in the world. And, yes, good points John of NZ !
15. #10 Peter, you are a hypocrite. go back to europe with Burg.
16. Shame on you Kofi, Tutu...etc....
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.21.07)
17.  #10 is not an Israeli(at least not a Jew)
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (06.21.07)
but he is an example of what I was talking about in my prior talkback:he is an example of the enragement of the masses against Israel(Jews).
18. No, Ban Ki-moon wants change it to Councile OWNs human right
19. This is redicilous
Muhammad El- Quassar ,   Cairo, Egypt   (06.21.07)
Why not target Israel? It is the biggest human rights denier in the world, at the moment. There are crimes everywhere, sure, but no crime contiunes for almost 60 years and stans as the foundation of an entire country. If the UN had any power it would have abolished this Terrorist, Zionist state deacades ago!
20. human rights HA!!!
izzy d   (06.21.07)
i always wondered why there is such an obsession with human rights which does not signify any level of satisfaction or happiness of the people.
21. 19-Tell us what would ArabDictators do if there was no Isral
Alan ,   SA   (06.21.07)
Who would they blame for the fact their people earn $500 a year and Israelis earn $18000 a year Who to blame for their poverty and misery .Of course it is Israel . Many Children Stories have a wicked Uncle or Stepmother or some wicked Relative to frighten Children-that is why you LOVE to Hate Israel .What is worse you are told that is Allahs wish .Did someone ask Allah ? When will Arab States grow up from Children Scary Stories .???
22. Mr Moon please come to Britain to help us Jews
Alan ,   SA   (06.21.07)
23. #19, well we can't all measure up to Egypt
Danny   (06.21.07)
I mean it isn't like we have the same rigour of intellectual debate in Israel that occurs in Egypt. and newspapers like YNet are forced underground with bloggers being arrested for criticising the government.... I mean look at the author of this piece, what kind of alias is "Reuters", is he too scared of what might happen to him if his name leaks out? If only he had lived in Sadam's Iraq - now THAT was a haven of free speech.
24. # 19 Hamas is calling !
Jerome   (06.21.07)
Hey Muhammad, Arab kill Arab and the jews are quilty ! Arab gas kurds (Saddam) and that was for arab masses o.k. Isn`t it? Arab sunni kill arab shiit and that fine too ? You should learn from Isarel what it means to have a strieving and living democracy and not a so called from father to son regime like so often seen in ARABIA- could you explain to us your super modern system in Egypt!! Hope the native from Egypt who are not arab- see the christian folks- will not be opressed any more by arab muslem invaders...
25. #19 Nonsense!
TC   (06.21.07)
The alleged crimes of Israel pale in comparison to the crimes committed across Africa and Asia, particularly in the Middle East. Indeed, given the extreme antagonism that exists against Israel, her concern for human rights and restraint are unsurpassed. The desire to eliminate Israel that is evinced by Mr El-Quassar has ignited the genocidal wars against her. The Arab states gambled and lost - fortunately, because contrary to Mr El-Quassar, Israel has far more right to exist and protect itself than any of the brutal regimes surrounding her.
26. Mr Ban has lots more common sense than the well-greased
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (06.21.07)
kofi anan. If it were the later, the weasel would have joined the blood-thirsty mob that is commandeering the old and new HRC.
27. The UN Is An Islamic Cesspool
Not Jewish ,   USA   (06.21.07)
The UN is a shadow of the noble org that it once was. The UNHRC is an Islamic tool passing endless resolutions and condemnations against the Jewish state. I have no faith in the Islamic jihadist UN. This cesspool should be moved to Saudi Arabia and the free world needs a new org. with a big sign over the door that says "Friends Only". We should cut this Islamic cancer out of the USA, it is paralized by Muslim goals.
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