Netanyahu: Deploy Jordanian troops in West Bank
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.06.07, 23:50
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1. For Shame - meeting with a madman
Sheena Tivni ,   Montreal PQ   (06.22.07)
Its disgusting to see U.S. candidates fawn over this madman. How low can we go?
2. NO!
erez yisrael   (06.22.07)
3. Now Netanyahu Is Making Sense.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.22.07)
I was disappointed hearing Netanyahu describe Abbas as a moderate, the same BS we keep getting shoved down our throats every day - but this idea makes more sense. Absolutely, get the Jordanians involved. Forget Abbas & the almost defunct Fatah. They're going to lose anyway. If we want to avoid a Hamas victory in the West Bank, an arrangement with Jordan is the right way to go. I'd rather see a territorial compromise with Jordan than a failed terrorist state. How to persuade the Jordanian regime is the real question as this poses risks for them even if it is in their interest. Jordan is in a hard situation with Iraq on one side - they certainly don't need another destabilizing terror state on the other, especially with their already large Palestinian population. But a deal can be made. Good thinking, Mr Netanyahu.
4. Jordan out of Judea and Samaria - Pals to Jordan
Jake T ,   Alaska   (06.22.07)
5. "Madman"
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (06.22.07)
I would like to take issue with #1 from Montreal who refers to Netanyahu as a madman. I think he is about the most sensable and pragmatic man in Israel. He is very highly respected in the U.S. I do not want to hear what Sheena in Montreal would like to say about President Bush. Just don't say it.
6. Jordan can and ┬┐MUST? support the effort...
oscar ,   buenos aires   (06.22.07)
Why?. Tell me just one reason. If this is the best Netatanyahu' strategy, Israel is lost.
7. More Nonsense From Bibi
Erik   (06.22.07)
This failure of a prime minister is back at it. Now he fantasizes that the Hashemites will protect Israel's interests. What a damn fool!!
8. #1 why is he a madman?
Amy ,   off rt 40   (06.22.07)
My question is serious. I'd like to know why you think so.
9. Stop delegating our security to foreigners!
Josh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.22.07)
Better, Instead of bringing Jordan into Judea and Samaria, send the Arabs from there into Jordan. Netanyahu, if you're going to keep heading in the same direction as the left and center, we don't need you. Step down and give us a chance for real right wing leadership for once! It's the decent thing to do.
10. Not Jordanian Troops, but UN Troops Instead.
Fred Farkelsteinman ,   NY, NY USA   (06.22.07)
This mess was created by the UN, so the UN should be the ones to correct the errors made in 1948 by creating the two states along the 1949 Armatice lines as outlined in the Arab Plan. Only the UN has the authority to create a homeland for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza just as it did in 1948 when it carved Israel out of Arab lands. Clearly the Israelis and Palestinians have been unwilling or unable to do it on their own, so it is time for the UN to step in.
11. Netanyahu and Barak
ben ,   singapore   (06.22.07)
Both of you tell me when you two going to secure the return of the Captive Israeli Soldiers. Gentlemen tell me. where are they now kept. Please bring back that blessed boy Gilat Shalit. Barak and Gabi, you will have to promote these soldiers even though they are in captive. Please improve the carrier , compensation and benefit of the Reserve Unit in the IDF . Netanyahu and Barak, DO IT ! ben singapore
12. Israelis should stop trusting other countries with their own
Leo ,   Melbourne   (06.22.07)
security. Especially countries with very hostile population. This is madness.
13. Is It Beyond Repair?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.22.07)
I would however, be careful about bringing Egypt and has to be done very cautiously., and only with US cooperaton and aid, (perhaps a US brigade or two). I frankly don't trust either Arab countries. Would Egypt and Jordan turn on US, and Israel? I don't know? What is in their best interests and would they be so forthcoming? That is why this is a defining moment. It can move the area towards more stability, or work in the opposite direction. Like everything else there, nothing is black and white. It's like Iraq, a screwed up, dysfunctional place.
14. Bibi supporters take note
Yisraeli   (06.22.07)
Dont be fooled by Bibi's 'silver tongue'. Have no doubts that Bibi is exactly the same as most of the lefts past PM's only with a slight different slant. Now he proposes to have foreign arab armies on Israels lands. Hes no different to Olmert, no different to Barak, no different to Sharon and his sellout. He is of the same cadre. Make no mistake about it. He doesnt represent true Likud values because he is willing to negotiate away lands of Israel. He has no beliefs in Eretz Yisrael and her history. He negotiated away Hebron when he said he would cancel the Oslo agreement, he only enhanced on it. He would negotiate Judea and Samaria away and accept a Palestinian state on Jewish land. Because he doesnt come from a firm "faith based" leadership. And this is where Likud at the moment is a farce. This is why when you vote the 'right' you get the 'left'. Only by removing Bibi in the upcoming primaries and replacing him with a true 'faith based' leader like Moshe Feiglin will Likud come into its own. If you research Manhigut Yehudits website you will learn Moshe Feiglin is against religious parties and 'kfiyah datit'. But he is all for returning to Jewish values and making the state a Jewish state. You are warned about Bibi, he would make a great foreign minister but never as the one who leads and takes the helm.
15. Natanyahu has made a smart move
zionist forever   (06.22.07)
Natenyahu has put so called moderate Abbas, and the governments from Egypt and Jordan who talk alot about peace but have so far done nothing eccept tell Israel to make concesions top strenghen the palestian moderates and hand over territory. Also lets see if the palestians cry occupation if its arab troops keeping law and order rather than the IDF .. is there such thing as arab occupation. Will Egypt and Jordan keep going on about occupation if their troops are responsible for security. Also lets have Egypt put on the spot they were given contropl of the Philadelphi Ruote because they promised to stop the smugling but there are more weapons coming in from Egypt than there are shipments being stopped by the Egyptians. Natenyahu has made a smart move here put the ball in the arabs court he hasnt sat around waiting for the arabs to dream up all the plans which get imposed on Israel for once its an Israeli politician taking the intiative and putting the arabs on the spot see how serious they are about peace do they want to just talk or act.
16. What a Blockhead !
Dr. Leon ,   Tzfat, Israel   (06.22.07)
The best idea this blockhead can come up with is to go back to 1948 !
17. out of the frying pan into the fire
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.07)
Bibi couldn't hold it in, he had to show us his new perfidy> First he surrendered Hebron to B.J. Bill Jefferson Clinton and abandonded Pollard instead of getting him in return and now he wants to surrender the west bank to the dwarf king of Jordan?
18. Bibi and Barak
Doron   (06.22.07)
two dolts with 'big' (stupid) ideas. they make me scared. is there nobody with smart ideas? how is bringing the jordanian army into the west bank a 'good' idea. what stupidity. what if the idf needs to go back into jenin? will they ask permission from the jordanians? every time these idiots open their mouths it is more and more disappointing.
19. must watch, must forward
Isragirl   (06.22.07)
20. No. send Palestinians to Jordan!
21. Why would Jordan do a better job than Egypt?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.22.07)
Admittedly the ruling class in Jordan is more friendly to Israel, but with nearly 70% of Jordanians identifying as Palestinians and the level of Islamic fundamentalists much higher it seems beyond wishful thinking to think that they would promote anything beneficial to Israelis security. Doesn't an IDF solider with friends and family in Tel Aviv care more than a Jordanian solider about bomb belts getting past a checkpoint?
22. to 20
21 ,   any where   (06.22.07)
first to bibi .... it is an israili problem jordanian doo not want to be in palastin even it is a palastinian problem .. and palastinian do not want to be in jordan even it is a jordanian problem .. so as it is an israili problem solve it as evry one and evry force in its place
23. 1 Olmert, the democrats in the USA, libs
freedom ,   canada   (06.22.07)
in our great country of Canada. The only madmen not man are in Iran. The leaders of the crazy revolution.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.22.07)
No Mr bibi why do yo forget what the situation was before 1967. The jordanians were a danger to us and still are. It seems that a lot of israelis have amnesia and do not remember even esterday. Maybey people like bibi can start to use some restraint, before flapping their gums to every media wananbe.
25. A new solution for BIBI
AlbertoGA ,   Houston, USAff   (06.22.07)
Move all the Pals to the Sinai peninsula. In any case Egypt is doing very poorly with the area. Just read the " HISTORY " of the Palestinians this group where from a Greek island many moons ago... Read it for yourself in an good ENCYCLOPEDIA. Trust me they are not from here. Shalom Alberto
26. Israelis, please read Ysraeli on #14
Judy Y ,   USA   (06.22.07)
27. Moshe Feiglin's statement on Netanyahu's bright idea
Judy Y ,   USA   (06.22.07)
INN: Moshe Feiglin, chairman of the Likud Party's Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction, responded, "It is very sad that Netanyahu is reviving, via the back door, the Oslo illusion that Palestinian terrorists should protect the State of Israel against other Palestinian terrorists." Instead of standing firm for the Likud's principles, and for those of the nationalist camp, Netanyahu remains a captive to the conceptions of Beilin and Peres," Feiglin said.
28. What is wrong with the "Right"?
Fed Up   (06.22.07)
Lieberman wants foreign troops in Gaza. Netanyahu wants foreign troops in Judea and Samaria. It seems that the IDF will be kept busy expelling Jews from their homes.
29. #10; Fred Farkelf*#$, Pay no ATTN> TO
Doc Holliday ,   MUST READ   (06.23.07)
Fred. He is simply a instigator who take joy in ticking people off. All of his posts are written to elicit hate mail. He has been called out on the boards by somebody that knows him and called out his by his real name. DON"T GET SUCKERED DO NOT RESPOND AND PASS IT ALONG.
30. Netanyahu's BETRAYAL
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.23.07)
In the 1948 Islamic invasion and illegal occupation of the Jewish Holy Land, Jordan destroyed 58 sacred synagogues in Jerusalem - demonstrating intense Islamic hate for Israel's G-D - Master of the Universe. Jordan's army desecrated the 2,500 year old Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives and used Jewish tombstones for pavement and latrines. Cruel global war is fought to subjugate all nations under Islamic sharia law-it is unacceptable to Islamists for Jews to have self-rule in the TINY re-born state of Israel. In Islam, all countries that are not Muslim are regarded as dar al-harb - the House of War - to be conquered for Islam. Huge numbers of Jews fought and died against the Muslim invaders of 1948. Treacherous Netanyahu is eager to invite into Israel the same invaders.
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