Netanyahu: Deploy Jordanian troops in West Bank
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.06.07, 23:50
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31. #30 Linda whatever
Persian CAT   (06.23.07)
Your statemet, "In Islam, all countries that are not Muslim are regarded as dar al-harb - the House of War - to be conquered for Islam", is nothing but parroting what the Jehadi fringe put out for Islamophobes like you to grab on and go on with your rants. the "dar-al-harb" nonsense is not an Islamic principle. Jews and Christians live in peace in Iran, Turkey, Georgia, but not in Arab countries. You are welcome to parrot Jihadi rhetoric as much as you want because you sound like one, a Zionsit Jihadi, but please don't paint all Moslems with the same brush.
32. You Just don't get it do you? #1 etc.
Jack ,   USA   (07.12.07)
You people who critize a Man, Netanyahu just don't understand nor comprehend stragecic thinking. Have you ever hear of the Trans Jordan agreement the League of nations, for almost a century now there was a plan and that was scuddled by the Great Powers, but originally they agreesd to a seperation on one side of the Jordan they created the country we know now as Jordan and that alon was to be for the Palestinians and the other side the west side was for all Israel. You who critize this great man are like the defeateset left leaning Democrats over here. Wake up and smell the coffee.
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