Legacy of failure
Joshua L. Gleis
Published: 24.06.07, 08:45
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1. Ok, maybe you have a point.
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (06.24.07)
The previous leader's mistakes certainly lead to the current situation. However, Olmert is continuing in the tradition of failure and incompetence that the ones who went before established. There is no excuse for that.
2. Mr. Gleis hits the nail on the head!
no more mud flinging ,   Secure Israel NOW!   (06.24.07)
100%! A huge problem we have is a lack of clarity. We're all too close to the big picture. Gleis helps us to step back and put the picture into focus. Now, let’s start looking forward and acting in a focused manner – to start sorting out the mess made by Messers Barak, Sharon, Olmert, Peretz, etc. There is nothing like facing ahead to see where you are going . . .
..............DACON9   (06.24.07)
4. Thank you for the context, but that does not excuse Olmert
Howard K ,   USA   (06.24.07)
He has had plenty of time to do at least one thing right, but he has failed completely at his job. He hasn't protected the Sderot victims, or upgraded citizens shelters, or done anything to increase Israel's security. What he has done is to allow himself to be led by the American government. He has betrayed his responsibilty as leader of Israel. The country can't afford to continue to have a PM in training making wrong decisions that will affect Israeli lives for centuries to come. New elections are needed. Now.
5.  Insurgencies
RCA ,   USA   (06.24.07)
Believe it or not, the British have a long history of successfuly dealing with, and defeating insurgencies around the world, even though they have their troubles at present with Islam. Now if you could go to them..............? Maybe some deals can be made that would keep both of your sides happy. If you don't ask , you don't get.
6. I agree Olmert is just one in a recent line of idiots...
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (06.24.07)
7. Olmert has NO imagination or winning strategy.
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv   (06.24.07)
Policies not due to previous governments but due to lack of vision and willingness to face reality. HE is the PM now and can make changes just like other leaders did.
8. Olmert Deserves Blame.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.24.07)
Whatever his predesssors did, whatever faults or failed policies they pursued, Olmert is judged today on HIS performance - his gov't. is the most abysmal failure in the history of this country. The trio of Olmert, Peretz, & Livni failed. And he continues, compounding failure upon failure, his sleazy political maneuvering notwithstanding. No amount of spin, no excuses, can absolve him of responsibility. The buck stops with Olmert.
9. VOTE ...OLMERT ...OUT !
moshe shen ,   k.motzkin   (06.24.07)
Of course Olmert is not responsible for the last 6 years of misjudgement and mistakes of the IDF and previous governments. Olmert IS responsible: for NOT recognizing these problems... for NOT preparing a strategy to crush Hiz...for waiting 1 month while Israel burned...perhaps for past deeds that are "under investigation". From the sanctity of Harvard, Gleis can find reason to blame "previous adminsistrations" ...even if true; Israelis, under fire, have the need to avoid future distaster AND defeat all enemies. OLMERT OUT ! moshe, Israel
10. Yes, the past is the past but what about the future?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.24.07)
Sure, most of the "failures" in this country can be blamed on Ben Gurion for giving us a political and electoral system which is a total failure and has led to coalition after collation of indecisiveness and incessant committees. The problem with Olmert is that he is so engrossed in the various investigations and enquiries that he cannot perform effectively as Prime Minister. The right thing to do would be to resign, deal with his "problems" and then, return to political life. If he doesn't do this he is sending Kadima to the trash can and killing the dream of Ariel Sharon and many of us who thought that Kadimah would bring some sort of sanity to this country.
11. i think
hana ,   jerusalem   (06.24.07)
israil strategy is a short stratigy it is summer stratigy ,100 day stratigy .untill disarming hamass or it is an impty stratigy ,no partners ,not to syria negotiation ,no to hamass negotiation ,strengthen abbas .. and so on .. this short ,empty stratigy make the enemy stratigy from hamass and hizballa it is the stratigy to fail israil stratigy .. and i do not know when these stratigies will be changed
12. people get what 'they' deserve
m   (06.25.07)
" Because of the transgression of a land many are its successive princes, but by a discerning man having knowledge of right the prince will remain long.'
DSM ,   USA   (06.25.07)
Israel will never have the support of the international community unless it is to commit national suicide. Forget about promises made my other administrations and be prepared to defend yourselves even if it means taking the initiative.
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