3 injured in Qassam attack
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 24.06.07, 11:05
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1. stop“Color Red”, it is the cause not the effect of shocks
2. Rockets from Gaza.
unpainted   (06.24.07)
The criminal militias in Gaza try to create a situation were Abbas,Israel and the quartet believe they have only one option-dialoug with Hamas.It usually works.But the world should remember that they act without any scruple.And the world should pay attention to their goal.
3. This Is Reported Like The Weather.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.24.07)
Imagine the international uproar if 3 Kassams hit London or Paris. If Mexicans shelled San Diego, what would the American reaction be? Can you imagine if Estonia fired Kassams into Russia? But we report it like the weather report - hot & sunny, 3 Kassams today. Internationally, it's ignored completely. Are we crazy? Is our gov't. crazy (rhetorical question, we know they are)? Our gov't. - every one of them - should be ranting & raving in every international forum. We have the means to exert pressure to express our outrage. Hold up dealing with Abbas - no money. The subject of the talks in Sharm should be Kassams - that's all we should talk about, plus of course, Gilad Shalit. Then, we should exert real pressure - no food into Gaza, no electricity, bomb Hamas infrastructure. Being reasonable does not work.
4. Go in and wipe out Hamas
Meir Weinstein ,   toronto, canada   (06.24.07)
5. comment.
John   (06.24.07)
6. To #3
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.24.07)
Terry, if there is no international uproar, it's partly to blame on the Israeli press. Most of the time, it never gets out. Additionally and as you said, even in Israel, it's reported like the weather, except that there is more passion in the weather reports. You can't blame "outsiders" for not jumping up and down for what reads for all the world like "just another day in the life of...." Strictly speaking for myself, I don't know what's more bizarre: the fact that these 2-bit asshats are allowed to lob rockets willy-nilly at civilians with impunity, the way it's reported, or the half-hearted response to it. Worst of all, when I checked on the safety of an acquaintance last summer, the reaction was mind-boggling. "Aw, everything is normal in Tel Aviv. After all, Kyriat Shmona is way north from here." Sderot, it turns out, is "way south of here." When pulling out a map and checking on that way north and south, the distances would get me halfway to Florida in case of KS and not even out of the City of Atlanta in the case of Sderot. I don't know how people over there do it, but it, still and simply, will not compute in my head. Bunches of people get bent out of shape over a dumb gay parade, but let loose with rockets, and it's, "oh, well." There is a serious disconnect somewhere, and it doesn't help Israel internationally. Either y'all don't know how to play the PR game, then look to the asshats, who can turn the accidental deaths of a couple of civilians into indiscriminate mass murder of women and children, or, if you do know the game, then for crying out loud, PLAY IT! We'd feel pretty stupid to get too riled up over something you guys seem to accept as normal and then end up being told to mind our own business. I'm sitting here right now, waiting for what's been done about the latest barrage, although I am not holding my breath.
7. Shabbos in Sderot
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.24.07)
Two of my sons just spent Shabbos in Sderot to lend support to the Nebechdikeh residents of that harrassed community. "What was the feeling there?", I asked them. "That the Government has abandoned them," they told me.
8. Fatah claim resposibility
Itzik ,   Haifa   (06.24.07)
Since fatah claim resposibility, according to Israeli radio, why are we talking wuth Abbas?
9. Rockets
Sam   (06.24.07)
Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. Hamas contends that it is the elected government of Gaza. If they fire rockets, bomb the government buildings, cut off electricity. Shoot anyone carrying a gun. Enough already.
10. citizens of israel,have you gone mad?
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (06.24.07)
citizens of israel,and especially,residents of sderot,have you gone mad,are you crazy?dont you realize,that this criminal traitorous,olmert has abandoned you you are being bombarded daily for the last few months,your city is laid to waste,you are being killed and maimed,and this traitorous criminal incompotent wimp is not lifting a finger to defend you,why are you quiet? ,you should march by the hundreds of thousands up to jerusalem,and demand that this fool resign immediately,and if he refuses do what the citizens of roumania did a few years ago to their dictator,Ceauşescu. dont you realize you are on the verge of losing your country
11. #6 M. Hartley
Marcell ,   Nir-Am   (06.24.07)
My kibbutz is situated between Sderot and the Gaza border, exactly opposite Beit Hanoun, from where many of the kassamim are launched. Many of these kassamim fall short of their target (Sderot and our kibbutz school Sha-ar HaNegev, where more that 1000 children from the surrounding communities grades 1-12 study) and into our kibbutz. The government didn't even bother to send helicopters after this last barrage, there was just no reaction whatsoever. The politicians used to come to our area for photo-ops but even that has stopped, as they fear for their lives should they come here - a situation that we and our children have been living in for 7 years. Olmert is too busy shaking hands with the terrorists who are maiming and killing his own people and handing over millions of dollars to the PA so that they can continue to produce kassamim and Barak, it seems, is still celebrating his come-back . . . . There HAVE been marches and protests by the citizens of Sderot and surrounding communities, and there are many people fighting for us both in the Knesset and on other levels of the political arena and we will not take the law into our own hands (however tempting the idea of building our own kassamim . . .) and we still, naively you might say, look to our leaders to make the right decisions. What other choice, except for outright anarchy, is there? However, if our own government and many of our fellow Israelis in Tel Aviv and surrounds persistently ignore the serious plight of their fellow citizens on the Gaza border, there is not much hope that we will ever receive the protection we need. Of course, there is one thing that will guarantee an instant response: a substantial loss of life . . . unfortunately, that is how things work here in Israel. So we will continue to play Russian Roulette with each kassam . . . . until then.
colin   (06.24.07)
Wonder if Olmert knows he paid to have those qassams that are killing israelis.built under the false pretense that he is giving humanterian aid to the fatah.When will Israel get rid of this brother of the terrorists.olmert must be charged with first degree murder.
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