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Poland's new Jewish museum to mark community's thousand-year history
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Published: 24.06.07, 17:35
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BaruchBenKalman   (06.24.07)
2. Why? Will they care, or hate us any less?
Yitzhak ,   Shilo, Israel   (06.24.07)
Here's a novel idea, how bout we take all of this money thats been ear marked for yet ANOTHER Jewish museum, and give it to whats left of our Halacaust survivors - whome we have endlessly neglected.
3. to Yitzhak
Justine   (06.24.07)
"Why"? - Because it's our history too, and besides, it will be good for both people to learn more about it. "Will they care"? - Yes, the museum will probably be very popular and knowledge is always good. "Or hate us any less"? - We don't hate you.
4. Masada remains should go to Italian Museum
not to a Jewish Italian Museum. The remains of three persons found in the Masada bath have been found to be Romanians. Sworn soldiers can go to Italy, if they wish.
5. a deal
only one museum in Poland ! But, if you leave back to Poland you will get Many in the Arab countries.
6. Arab hatred will leave them to nowhere
7. Who are the Poles trying to kid?
Eric R.   (06.25.07)
The Poles are amongst the world's most virulent Jew-haters, and nobody should be fooled by this. Most Poles love the Nazis for exterminating the Jews. Hitler is and will always be a hero to them for that. No Jew should have anything to do with this.
8. Very "clever" Eric R.
Stefan ,   Warsaw   (06.25.07)
Wow! You are very "clever" Eric. Amazing how you "know" everything about the Poles and Poland and that we hate Jews so much. I'm Polish myself and I must be exception. Everybody I personally know in Poland must be also different than rest of the Poles because I and my friends don't hate you and Hitler is not a hero to us. Thanks for the warning, I will keep my eyes open for the rest of the Jew hating Poles.
9. Stefan, I'm not clever.
Eric R. ,   USA   (06.26.07)
I just tell the ugly truth about your country. If you wish to deny it, that is your choice. It's so easy for you Poles to "celebrate" Jewish life in Poland when you have nothing but Jewish ghosts. What a bunch of phony people you are.
10. to Eric
Takezo   (06.26.07)
You wrote: "What a bunch of phony people you are. " Eric, it seems you are a racist. It seems you hate polish people because they are polish. If you are Jewish you should know very well how unjust it is to be hated only because you're a Jew. By the way, polish Jews were exterminated by Germans not by Poles. Learn some history. EOT
11. To "clever" Eric R.
Stefan ,   Warsaw   (06.26.07)
So I have learned so far from you that we Poles hate Jews and that we are phony people who deny everything and especially that our country is ugly. Thank you, I did not know that. I also overheard from other "clever" people like you that Poles build and run concentration camps and massively, with a huge enthusiasm, assisted mysterious Nazis (Germans?) in extermination of Polish Jews. Please let me know if that is also true because I'm "not sure about it".
12. #11 STefan and miserable Eric
English guy ,   London   (06.26.07)
Stefan, part of the new Jewish historiography claims that Jewish life in Poland was a long litany of persecution and woe. It is very strange indeed - as we all know that the death camps on Polish territory were set up by the Germans in order to destroy a community which had flourished for centuries. For some reason there is a trend amongst modern Jewry to "hate" Poles more than Germans - both of which of course are ridiculous introverted and xenophobic reactions. I would simply ignore those people who, in the towering heights of their own ignorance and prejudice, hate Poland and Poles. I have been to Poland many, many times, read much Polish history, visited many Jewish sites in Poland - and I have to tell you that people like Eric R are part of the garbage of society. They will hate until the day they day - what is called in Hebrew "sin'at hinam" - a sin in Judaism (groundless hatred). He will stew in his own bile - and you can rest secure in the fact that Eric and his vile bunch of Pole-haters are doomed to shriek their own hatred until the end of their days - to no avail. I would ignore his comments. They are the desperate scribblings of a poor, pathetic and poisonous person.
13. To English guy
Eric R.   (06.26.07)
Given their history of hating and killing Jews, Jews have every right to hate the Poles. They hated us for no reason, but we have good reasons to hate them. You are like most Europeans, you can't hack it when Jews defend themselves or admit we hate those who would kill us. You think that when it is time for a Jew to die, we should just shut up and die. This is why your continent is going to the Islamist dogs.
14. To Takezo
Eric R. ,   USA   (06.26.07)
I hate Poles because they hated us. And thousands of Poles helped the Germans to round up and kill Jews. And in many cases, like Jedwabne and Kielce, they did it without German help.
15. Poles left for Israel; Saudis have come!
16. Rasism
Takezo   (06.26.07)
Eric wrote: "I hate Poles because they hated us. And thousands of Poles helped the Germans to round up and kill Jews." There could be such cases. There are criminals in all nations. I'm sure many Poles helped the Jews. Maybe you should realize that Germans killed also 3 millions of Poles. So how could they help Jews while beeing under such a tremendous trerror? Eric, all I can see is that it is YOU who hate Poles. You are the person who hate whole Polish nation. You are a racist.
17. #13
English guy ,   London, UK   (06.26.07)
You use the same logic as those anti-semites who says the Jews killed Jesus. What happened in Poland was three generations ago. It was done by Germans - and of course there was some POlish anti-semitism. However, that was THEN. 60 years later, if you could stop choking on your own bile, you would see that Jews in Poland are a non-issue. To hold the whole current generation responsible in the way that you do, simply shows that you are a person with a tendency towards racism, xenophobia and mass hatred. As for your sentence "Jews have every right to hate the Poles"... baseless nonsense and simply and expression of your own genetic racism. The very mirror image of the anti-semitism which you claim to despise. Poor you.
18. To Eric R.
Stefan ,   Warsaw   (06.26.07)
So I know from you that we Poles hate Jews and we killed you, thanks for the info. Could you also tell me how did we kill you ? You see, I have lived in Poland all my life and I have never killed a Jew, neither any of my friends. I asked my grandma if she killed any Jew and she did not either. She said that her pre war Jewish best friend was killed by the Gestapo in 1941 but she never killed any Jew herself. Strange ..... Anyway I will keep asking around, there "must be" somebody who killed a Jew in my neighborhood.
19. To Eric R.
Stefan ,   Warsaw   (06.27.07)
Eric, I was desperately researching all available historical material to find at least one Polish Nazi organization or at least one name of Polish Nazi collaborator who assisted Germans with extermination of Polish Jews and I could not find any. There was few anti-Semitic incidents like Jedwabne or Kielce but that was all I could find. What happened to all this Polish murderess who killed millions of Jews and why there is no record of it ? I could easily find thousands of names of Polish people who saved Jews from the Nazis but not even one name from the "long" list of killers. Can you help me out ? There must be millions of those terrible Poles still hiding somewhere in Warsaw.
20. Eric and others
charles ,   petach tikva   (07.01.07)
In the Encyclopedia of Jewish life before and during the Holocaust , edited by Yad Vashem , i have read the chapter concerning Warsaw . What did i see regarding antisemitism from WWI untill end of war ? read After WWI 30 % of students at the faculty of medecine were Jews , later that number was restricted . The years preceding WWII were marked by increasing antisemitism . Government policy was consciously aimed at undermining the economic position of the Jews , while occasional violence erupted in the street . No mention at all of murder nor collaboration to murder by the Poles . This for Warsaw . Can you accuse Yad Vashem from being pro Polish ? Not of course . Can you condemn todays Poles for eventual crimes comitted by their ancestors ? No . Everyone will condemn actual antisemitic facts . I can't imagine that the inhabitants of Oswiecim did'n know what happened in the nearby camp , did'nt they smell anything ?
21. To Eric.
To Eric. ,   Los Angeles   (07.04.07)
Eric, really you are amazing. >> Given their history of hating and killing Jews, Jews have every right to hate the Poles. >> They hated us for no reason, but we have good reasons to hate them. Oh, is that so? Jews found their 'promised land' in Poland almost a millenium ago. They were expelled from EVERY country in Europe. Every single one. Poland, on the other hand was like the US these days: open to any ethnic group and religion, where ANYBODY had right to belive in and practice whatever s/he wanted. Jews lived there, in Poland, in peace as a community inside a community (most of them did not speak Polish). I guess that was because of that animal Polish antisemitism, right? Yet, as a 'thank you' to their host they: 1914, Jews are planning to create their own country, would-be called Judeopolonia, under jurisdiction of Germany. Never happened, thank GOD, so antiPolish propaganda took another turn. 1939, Soviet invasion. Jews join Soviets taking active part in creating 'deportation lists' (people who were scheduled to be transported to Siberia - many for certain death), denouncing Polish neighbours as well as killing them - vide Jewish Red Militia. These are only two facts why Poles could have (heck, should've!!) like NOT Jewish neighbours. What is your good reason to HATE Poles? >> I hate Poles because they hated us. And thousands of Poles helped the Germans to round up and kill Jews. >> And in many cases, like Jedwabne and Kielce, they did it without German help. Wrong, you poor, ignorant, uneducated rasist. Poles never helped Germans rounding up Jews - this is an opposite action of that performed by Judenrat - here, Jews were chasing and rounding up Jews. Those Poles who took advantage of denoucing or even killing a Jew, or collaborating with Germans were nothing more but mere thugs, criminals. Vast majority of them found death from hands of Polish Underground Army. How many Jewish collaborators were killed by their fellow Jews? Jedwabne: there were German shells found in the ground, suggesting that Poles were not so willing perpetraitors. Remember, that was eastern Poland, not a year after Jews were collaborating with Soviet regime in extermination of Polish nation. Kielce: AntiJewish excesses were Soviet provocation, organized to turn Western's eyes away from falsified referendum in Poland as well as 'unpleasant' debate over Soviet murders in Katyn (were they murdered Polish inteligentsia and army officers). Actions, to establish the truth about that 'pogrom' were blocked from the very start. Eric, really, one of two: a) you're igmorace is genuine, and then I am sorry for you, b) you are on paid list of Ms. Livni and then you are nothing more but a mere propagandist, purposely lying pig. PS. Oh, BTW, Eric, you are pathetic in your hatred toward Poles. Chances are, if not them, you would never exist. ~me.
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