Olmert: I'll urge release of 250 Fatah prisoners
Ronny Sofer
Published: 25.06.07, 20:08
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1. Not enough!
Ummah   (06.25.07)
2. Olmert: When you will be releasing these terrorists, present
Miriam ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.07)
each one with a bullet-proof vest and a gun as a "goodwill gesture" and "warn" them not to use it against Israel.
3. Stop smuggling weapons, WE WILL PRESENT THEM TO YOU KINDLY
Miriam ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.07)
' “The smuggling of weapons (into Gaza) must be stopped,” the Israeli PM said.'
4. Olmert's comparison about missing ....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.25.07)
their "boys" and us missing ours makes me want to throw up. This man is a complete idiot.
5. Where is rest of article that discusses Pals concessions?
Cynic ,   USA   (06.25.07)
6. playing with FIRE will get you BURNED
david ,   usa   (06.25.07)
7. Release of prisoners
RAY ,   USA   (06.25.07)
Olmert the generous who never demand that the other side first prove it's improved "good will".. To OLMERT only Israel has to time and time again give good will gestures to the PA. ISRAEL IS A "LOSER" will this Prime Minister .
8. All Here? Nothing More? Just a Chat?
nell ,   switzerland   (06.25.07)
9. Gilad Is Also Without Blood On His Hands, Who Releases Him?
nell ,   switzerland   (06.25.07)
10. "just following orders"
Y ,   Israel   (06.25.07)
This is the first of several orders being carried out by Olmert after receiving instructions in Washington from Bush and Rice.
..............DACON9   (06.25.07)
12. Olmert idiocies
Frank ,   Canada   (06.25.07)
Olmert is such an idiot that he wants to strengthen Israel ennemies. Strengthening ennemies does not bring peace nor security. If Olmert is a real patriot, he must resign or commit suicide.
13. This is an excellent money saving strategy
This way the 250 released prisoners can personally carry the military equipment--including armored vehicles and bulletproof vests--that Olmert plans to transfer to fatah back with them. That way Israel won't have to incur the transportation costs to deliver it. Great idea! Just be sure to tell them not to turn around until the take at least 50 paces after they cross the border.
14. What a great gesture!
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.25.07)
15. Dear mr. Olmert
mimi ,   n.y.   (06.25.07)
thank you oh righteousone for releaseing these brave terrorists to turn around and try to kill us once more,your insite and great multi culturism ceases to amaze us.peace now,a two state solution,Igot a dollar for you,you sweet dhimmi. and oh yah your so concerned about "there boys",WELL WHAT ABOUT THE CITIZENS OF SERDOT,and what about the soldiers that those head cutters have long
16. Should Parades Be the Focus While Rome Burns?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA. USA   (06.25.07)
This is the bottom line: Israel is caught between a rock and a hard place, between the Med. and the Jordan River, surrounded by enemies. However, some enemies are worse than others (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, etc.). So what to do? Should Israel do nothing..and keep the status quo with all it's impiications? Should Israel risk a bit, for some kind of peace (at least from the W. Bk), and give the PALs it's funds, some arms for it's defense, and 250 convicted Arab felons (no homicides)? Should Israel play hard ball and offend the US, UN (more), EU, and the entire world? Is there too much focus on the PALs and not enough on Iran? Can Israel go it alone? Is Olmert pandering to Bush? Is it okay? Lots of issues, lots of questions..and no simple answers. Should Israel's controversial parades take the limelight? Has Israel become too secular? Does Israel still equate to Zionism? Should it? Does it matter?
17. No prisoner release until Shalit returns alive!
Mike Shepherd ,   Texas   (06.25.07)
Gotta be some kind of a nut to release criminals as a good will gesture, when we are all still waiting to see the "Uniformed Soldiers of the IDF" released as per the agreements ending Lebanon War #2. Since when do the terrorized have to show good will to the terrorists? It's their turn, has been their turn, and we will still be waiting for them to take their turn next year, and the next..........
18. It's high time to bury and forget the concept of the PA!
Uzi ,   Haifa   (06.25.07)
This concept was conceived in sin, the PA could never be viable, it was stillborn and now it's decomposing. There has never been a distinct nation of the Western Palestine Arabs who are an artificial sub-set of the Greater Palestine Arabs. The only viable nation state of all Greater Palestine Arabs is the Kingdom of Jordan. Israel and Jordan should agree on the border between them in Judea and Samaria and maybe cede Gaza to Egypt.
19. another gesture?!
ronit   (06.25.07)
how many more terrorists will olmert free as a gesture?! it's ridiculous. we show them "good" gestures and they give us death and kassams. our prime minister is a nincompoop
20. And Zionists with blood on their hands?
Dovy ,   Toronto   (06.25.07)
There are PLENTY of those!!
21. this little poodle is licking their boots
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (06.25.07)
thiscriminally insane traitorous,incompotent little poodle,who pretends to be prime minister,has crawled on all fours,to sharm el sheiq,and now he is licking the boots of mubarak and abbas. and agreed to release 250 murdering terrorist swines,while our three soldiers kidnapped last year are still rotting in jail. just wondering how many men women and children will be killed and blown up in the future, by these 250 released terrorists? citizens of israel have you gone mad?is israel one big insane asylum? why are you going to the slaughter like sheep? why dont you rise up by the millions and say ENOUGH,and send this insane traitorous government packing
22. Al-Qaeda w. Hamas, US w. Fatah?
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.07)
After Iran, Al-Qaeda is trying to patronize Hamas. IA move that will undoubtedly cause US try to patronize Fatah. The following complication being that the Palestinians will not call Haniyyeh a traitor while Abu Mazen will surely be judged as one.
23. Dave L (16), according to Feiglin and "religious," YES
sk ,   USA   (06.25.07)
parades should the focus. Feiglin said that last year's parade in Jerusalem was more important than Iran's nukes. The clown suited ones seem to agree. I guess I'd say that since Israel's leaders and passionate minorities do not care about the welfare of the Jewish state, and since its stupid citizens can't see through this garbage by deciding on a massive refusal to work or to pay taxes until ilmert and land-for-peace his history, there's no reason for gays not to parade and get a part of this pie, while it's still edible. Incidentally, I don't remember the last time you objected to any other political gathering, e.g., by the Haredim.
24. All Merde is a laughingstock
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.26.07)
How much more damage can this idiot get away with until the people rise up and throw his tuchis out?
26. ilmert is replaying the same tape.
sk ,   USA   (06.25.07)
Prisoner releases for those "with no blood on their hands." No blood yet, that is. Not to worry! They'll be bathed in Jewish blood soon enough! Why do Israelis pay their taxes? Why do they not ALL stay home until this government is replaced? And why don't they demand, in this massive political action, an immediate change in the law allowing for recall of any high public official, including the PM? Why not demand district representation for Knesset AT ONCE. Jefferson would counseled Israels to hang the PM and all members of the Supreme Court (for starters). ("The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.") The specifics here might be slightly dated, but the general idea has merit.
27. olmet's decision
just today, ismail haniyeh agreed with president mubarak to start negotiating with the fatah in west bank. fatah, i assume will agree as well. isn't it interesting that after israel released thise 240 millions in tax revenues and intends to release hundreds of fatah jailed members in israeli jails, all of a sudden fatah and hamas will be talking. my, my, is israel taken for a fool or what? doesn't olmert realize that this conflict was staged by both hamas and fatah with egyptian backing, knowing this situation will be created where israel will be "forced" to support fatah with $$$$$, guns, and israeli military equipment???? doesn't olmert see how ARABS FUNCTION FROM YEARS OF EXPERIENCE???? this coup was staged, i tell you. staged by all arabs to squeeze israel into solving a supposed humanitarian problem in gaza. these factions created ther problem with full knowledge that israel and the usa will indeed fall for this ruse and start pouring in money and military might to help fatah in "resisting" their co-horts, the hamas. throw in a good gesture by hamas to show gilad's video and squeeze more of israel. sohw the abominable "starvation" in gaza, etc.... nice tactics, arabic tactics to force israel's hand. they created this situation together!!!!! and i am not so sure if not with usa/egyptian/jordanian help! and israel fell for it. this falling for it will not bring one iota of peace as much as i would like for these fake negotiations to succeed. all the dollars and israeli miloitary equipment will end in hamas/fatah hands after israel willingly gives them these gifts. israel, do not ever say we didn't tell you so! now will be the time, while you are strangethening fatah, and as a result, hamas that you'll be experiencing the folly and stupidity of your ways and your immature and stupid decisions in this summitt. the israeli public has lost control of its government. the government is killing israelis slowly but surely and no one, no one is rebeling.
28. Shalit vs 9000
James ,   World   (06.26.07)
9000 palestinians are held in Israeli prisons.Release them first.
29. TYPICAL, Israel offers 250 IN HOPES of getting TWO!!!...
Watchman777 ,   USA   (06.26.07)
and Olmert gets undisclosed monetary gratuity and a seat in the fatah government-he's a closet A-Rab ya know-on a first name basis with allah and the rest of the boyz!
30. #1 says it all
eliyahu   (06.26.07)
Israel can go to lengths that are tragic and absurd. And the arabs still say no. Gee, do you think the left wing actually listens to the arabs when the sit down with them.
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