Former prisoner of Zion against Palestinian visitation rights
Aviram Zino
Published: 26.06.07, 12:20
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1. the Olmerts are too coward for such a decision
2. Bravo
Jonathan ,   Jerusalem   (06.26.07)
Well done to Ida Nudel and Nitza Darshan-Leitner. This is the way to go.
3. At last!!! it's what we've said all along!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.26.07)
Olmert won't listen though, he's got no guts to do that. He's stupid. Sorry Edhud.
4. this is the way to go BUT??????
haim ,   mtl canada   (06.26.07)
i am not sure olmerde will take a jewish side for a mn .we must get him out any way we can meaning EVERYTHING no option out .
5. I love her!
Israel   (06.26.07)
6. Maybe drastic restriction of visits and other communication
Uzi ,   Haifa   (06.26.07)
with security prisoners would be more effective than stopping these altogether.
7. Legally, Israel can't withhold Red Cross visits
student ,   Israel   (06.26.07)
But withholding family visits could be a good plan. There are enough families that such a move would put popular pressure on Hamas. It might be an interesting idea to withhold family visits, selectively, based on the organizational affiliation of the prisoner. And even as a strategic decision, many family members are in the same terror organization, so it's prudent and legitimate to prevent meetings between operatives.
8. Dogtag
joan ,   ramat aviv   (06.26.07)
What about including all of our missing soldier with a visit from the Red Cross. Arafat had 1/2 a dogtag from a missing soldier...\ where is the other half and more important where are all our soldiers?
9. Government is too weak to act correctly
Yosef ,   ny, USA   (06.26.07)
10. Ban Who?
EM ,   Ra'anana   (06.26.07)
Does she include the murderer of the Prime Minister of Israel in this ban?
11. visitation rights
VoiceOfReason ,   Here&Now   (06.26.07)
Right on Ida. About time someone said it out loud. Why must we always be the saps that give in. Our MIAs have rights also, lets fight for them.
12. Against the Torah
Aaron ,   NY, USA   (06.26.07)
My understanding is that treating Hamas POW's as they treat Israeli ones would be violating Jewish law: "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD." — Torah Leviticus 19:18 "When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am the LORD your God." — Torah Leviticus 19:33-34
13. Israel should stop the visits, until the Palis reciprocate
Nannette ,   London   (06.26.07)
Stop family and friends visiting the Palestinians in prison - until the Palestinians allow Israelis to visit their relatives and friends in prison. I'm fed up with Israel doing all the giving and getting nothing in return. After he gives away the West Bank and Golan, will he also give Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa? Just so the international community might like him? He's deonstrated to the world what a good dhimmi he is.
14. Here, here! Human rights are reciprocal!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.26.07)
If we can't visit Gilad, Udi and Eldad why should the terrorists be allowed to see their loved ones? Oops, I forgot! Ours are Jewish and Amnesty International, the United Nations Human Rights Commission and our own Be'Tzelem do not regard the butchering, kdinapping and murder of Jews as significant! Amazing what oil can buy, hmmm?
15. 7
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (06.26.07)
Legally, shmegally...legality has nothing to do with this. The Red Cross has violated intenational law again and again and deserves nothing at this point, nor do the Islamofascists, who have NO LEGAL STANDING. Go study some law !
16. #12 who is a "stranger" according to Torah
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.26.07)
A "stranger" or Ger Toshav according to Torah is a gentile who lives in the land of Israel, observes the Noachide commandments, and LIVES IN PEACE with the Jews. The commandment to love the stranger does not apply to belligerents who are set on the destruction of Israel and extermination of Jews. Torah has another method of dealing with them. I suggest you read it to find out.
17. reply to #12
J ,   NJ, US   (06.26.07)
It is against Torah to be kind and merciful to those that seek to kill you. A kind neighbor is one thing, and those that seek to kill the Children of Israel is another. Study Torah and the 613 commandments. Without studying all of Torah, you cannot quote a clipping here or there. G-d commands us to take pre-emptive actions. It is not he that allows these terrorists to maim and kill us, it is the current administration of Israel. Olmert goes against G-d, as Sharon did, and many others preceding them. G-d has given us directives, and until we follow them, we will suffer. Maccabees, revive! Am Yisrael Chai!
18. The day
ben ,   singapore   (06.26.07)
the day the PA TERRORIST retun the blessed boy Shalit, is the day peace will come. I hope Abbas and Haniyeh LISTEN ACTIVELY AND ACT WISELY ! LISTEN to the VOICE OF THE POOR but not to the HORROR OF TERRORISM. ben singapore
19. very well said a smart woman Ida Nudel!
rachel ,   usa   (06.26.07)
20. #12 this is not avenging.There is not mistreatment .
rachel ,   usa   (06.26.07)
It would be up to the hamas to make the right decisions.......Its acting smartly ...don't be a fool .....
21. Good thinking Ida Nudel !
It is the right thing to do with all terrorists intent on destroying Israel. Give them plenty of water and bread, don't mistreat them, but keep them tightly closed up in dark cubicles, isolated from their murderer buddies and mostly disconnected from their world and ESPECIALLY from their families. No Red Cross visits whatsoever unless there are such visits from the same Red Cross to our soldiers both in Lebanon and Gaza. Also, no more information on murderer terrorists unless Arab countries come up with pertinent information on Ron Arad and all other MIA-s. As they say in Hebrew, let's see who is going to wink first ! P.S. # 12, you got it all wrong. The Torah doesn't teach us to let others butcher us !!!!
22. They Remain POW's at Israel's Choice
Fred Farkelsteinman ,   NY, NY USA   (06.26.07)
Israel could have had all its POW's released, but has chosen to leave them as prisoners. The POW's captured by Hezbollah could have been exchanged for civilians that Israel kidnapped and has been holding in its concentration camps for years, but Israel chose to abandon them. Shalit also could be free if Israel would exchange prisoners, but Israel has abandoned him a well. So, it would appear that Jewish lives are not that important to the IDF or Israel's leaders as they have written them off as being expendable.
23. A Regime Which Abandons Its Captives & Its Jewish Citizens
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (06.26.07)
Listen Ida. Of course you are speaking from a moral stance and from a humane one. Were the Israeli regime really concerned for its captive soldiers it would NOT allow Barghouti to get star treatment, and for all its sundry terror inmates to receive ANY creature comforts until its captives received the same. Israel's leaders have a sense of justice ONLY for its enemies. The true zionists can rot in hell for all they care.
24. No conjugal visits for them, dammit!
Avraham   (06.26.07)
25. Denying visitation rights to Hamas & Hezbullah
Jack ,   Los Angeles usa   (06.27.07)
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