BBC journalist captors make fresh death threat
Published: 26.06.07, 19:37
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2. Alan Loves Gaza
Sharon ,   Canada   (06.26.07)
And this is a big shock? Alan Johnston loved being in Gaza and his reporting showed the same thing. He loved the extremists and was a biased journalist. How ironic it is that the same people he thought were just fighting for their "rights" and against "occupation" should be the same who would kill him? Ironic, very ironic......
3. Leftards and moonbats, take note
Chatich   (06.26.07)
This will be the fate of all you "useful idiots," like Johnston. Not that you'll learn though, just keep stabbing your GWB voodoo dolls and go back to sleep...
4. Anti-islam muslims
JPS ,   Efrat   (06.26.07)
Another example of Islamic whakos hijacking their religion, while the rest of the Islamic world remains intimidated into silence, lest their heads be severed as well. Googling the subject quickly shows that the silent majority of Moslem scholars apparently supporting the fatwa that prohibits the killing of prisoners. However, they probably fear that the radicals would chop off their heads too, so they keep silent. A sad indictment of their own religion.
5. Johnston
Lenny ,   USA   (06.26.07)
It's a good thing people from a peaceful religion captured him. They are showing their generosity in letting him live as long as he had. It's obviously everyone else's fault if he is slaughtered and offered as a human sacrifice to their god.
6. Alan Johnston
Abir ,   Chicago, IL USA   (06.26.07)
Amazing that these were the very folk that the BBC in general and Alan in particular were trying to portray as the "poor" Palestinians under Israeli occupation. I do not see anyone from the BBC/British trade unions/British academics, condemning or speaking out against this kidnapping. Au contrair, somehow they strongly believe all this is Israel's fault. Thank goodness the sun has finally set on the British empire......!!
7. Don't worry. Johnson is with friends.
Nothing bad will happen to him. He and his "captors" were after the ransom or the release of jailed Palestinians.
8. UK Muslims are NOT going beserk in protest about poor Alan J
Alan ,   SA   (06.26.07)
9. Hamas are AlanJ& Shalit Jailers. The Dogmush boyz dun nutin!
Alan ,   SA   (06.26.07)
10. Hey Telula, reckon the Brits'll 'get it' yet?
Central Scrutinizer ,   Earth   (06.26.07)
11. " . . . the only Western reporter still based permanently
Sorry ,   dems da facts   (06.26.07)
in the Gaza Strip when he was snatched..." May no harm come to him, my prayers are with him and his family. Now, where T F was he when the brains were being handed out?
12. How stupid these captors are!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.26.07)
The British Secret Service, just like Israel know who the kidnappers are and if anything happens to the Journalist and Noam Shalit, the entire crime family and some Hamas heads who are behind the kidnappings will be "slaughtered" just like pigs. Now, do you feel safer, dear kidnappers?
13. Free the poor man and show the world...
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.26.07)
you're not animals!
14. Bigger Fish To Fry & Care About
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (06.26.07)
Cal me cynical, but I cannot get myself in a dander about this hostage. After all, Johnston was one of those journalists shilling for the terrorists. When one swims with sharks.....
15. So what
Intedi nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (06.26.07)
Seriously who cares? bummer for him. He loved to defend such scum that is now keeping him captive. It's not that i think they should kill him, i'm just not going to lose any sleep over it if they do. He knew very well this is how muslims are, but he still kept praising them on tv.
16. OK, then...buh-bye.
Israel   (06.26.07)
17. Alan Johnston?
Cato theYounger ,   USA   (06.26.07)
Who cares? I don't give a crap for any BBC "reporter." Are you kidding?
18. YES! These are honorable people.
J. Carter ,   Atlanta   (06.26.07)
19. #2
Jane   (06.26.07)
And more ironic yet that we Jews will be blamed if he is killed. Somehow, some way. Well, we know the Arabs and the Brits and the lefty Eurotrash...
20. BBC! Barbara Plett, congratulations!
Steve ,   USA   (06.27.07)
21. hahahahahahah. hamas said two weeks ago:
rachel ,   usa   (06.27.07)
"Alan johnton the journalist of the palestinian people " hahhahahaahahhahahahaha
22. BottomLine::Publicity stunt by BBC and the Islamic captors!
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.27.07)
23. If he's released alive...
Hook ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.27.07)
...guess where he'll head for safety and medical treatment. I hope that Israel stops him at the border, and points the way to Cairo.
24. I only wish...
Lior ,   London, England   (06.27.07)
I only wish that I could feel more for this man... but I just can't. He declared himself overtly pro-Palestinian in coverage for the BBC which tells the Big Lie of its supposed impartiality and not one, not one report on his capture has included mention of Gilad Shalit. The BBC continues its moral and ethical scavenging in its coverage of Johnston's plight only to further its calumnies against Israel, thus revealing the Frankenstein monster it has become. BBC coverage demonstrates one thing and one thing only: that a Jewish life is worth less than a gentile's - and significantly less than a British journalist bigot. And I have to pay a yearly licence fee simply in order to watch other channels - on pain of a fine or imprisonment. If that is not an exercise in moral duress, find me a better example. I do not wish Johnston's death at the hands of torturers and killers but I do wish that whenever he is released, he will never, ever, broadcast his filth and anti-Semitic bile again. Some hope...
25. hamas & johnston
sc ,   j-ru   (06.27.07)
i love how 2 weeks ago he was the "peoples' reporter" and now they're getting ready to kill him. how desperate do this lot get??! and on top of it all, the transparency of their rhetoric... bet the bbc are looooving this now. talk about divine retribution...
26. No-one is giving in to terrorists!!!
27. # 24 I can't feel sorry for him either!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.27.07)
how can I? He has only spewed out unhelpful comments about my country, he has never said anything good and positive. I hope they don't kill him, but I think I'd be indifferent if they did.
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