UN says Lebanon-Syria border open to smuggling
Published: 27.06.07, 00:29
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1. Really?
2. Surprise!
Fritz ,   germany   (06.27.07)
3. Sure, we'll gladly cooperate, hahaha
duh ,   syria   (06.27.07)
4. Yeah but
Jayzee ,   World Citizen   (06.27.07)
weren't we just told a couple of weeks ago that UNIFIL had kept Lebanon nice and safe for Israel? Please don't tell me we were misled by the UN. It just can't be.
5. Quit Complainin! Those were the terms of Livni's SURRENDER
Malcolm   (06.27.07)
6. What took those idiots so long to realise
john ,   nz   (06.27.07)
What?? recommend cooperation between neighboring countries? When are they going to realize Israel is surrounded by idiots.
7. and the US was supposed to wait
alan ,   Whitehorse Yukon   (06.27.07)
for the Arab Leauge, which controls most of the UN, to prevent the war in Iraq? The UN needs to go the way of the Leuage of Nations. Its bloated structures are keeping food out of the mouths of hungry children Nationalism not Internationalism will result in peace.
8. Predictable like the sun rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. BottomLine:: Lebanon is porous!!!!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.27.07)
Shameless Kofi would have said contrary!!
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