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Methodists 'bordering anti-Semitism'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 27.06.07, 16:37
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1. "My reaction is one of outrage to this biased decision
David ,   Montreal   (06.27.07)
Which borders on antisemitism..." Borders on antisemitism--Wrong--it is antisemitism plain and simple.
2. Methodists
Raymond ,   South Africa   (06.27.07)
Strange that these hypocritical Methodists are not divesting from USA, given the American occupation of Iraq & the killings of Iraqi civilians. Its just plain old anti-semitism--things dont change much.
3. Boders on my eye!
James Biga ,   Colorado Springs, US   (06.27.07)
This is anti-semitism. Not surprising it comes from a congregation that attempted to put homosexuals in ministering services back in the late Seventies. I guess this makes them progreessive. Anything against the word of G-d appears to be acceptable in the methodist realm.
4. Ah, the good Christians
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.27.07)
What do you mean, "bordering on anti-Semitism???" It IS anti-Semitism! Maybe someone should ask the good Methodists how many Pali refugees they'd be willing to take into their homes in the name of Christian charity. On the other hand, don't feel bad. It was a New England State judge, who gave a pedophile who had abused a child for years, all of 60 days in jail. It seems that occasionally the cold weather up there freeze people's brains.
5. Many religious institutions have been deliberately
Ed ,   USA   (06.27.07)
infiltrated by Left-wing and other interest groups. And that goes for some professions with social influence, such as school teaching. Churches are no different. CAIR, for example, makes it a point to have Christian Arabs join mainstream churches and press their agenda on the congregation. And this plays on the covert anti-Semitism of the congregation. Being pro-Palestinian is a politically-correct way to hit at the Jews and Israel.
6. When Christians call Israel an Occupier...
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (06.27.07)
simply ask them where the scriptures they are reading come from ?- then ask - why am I an occupier?
7. New England is a hotbed of Leftist Jew Hate
Malcolm   (06.27.07)
8. that's the methodists for you
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.27.07)
instead of standing against the ills of society, they are society's sheepy slaves.
9. antisemitism
anonymous ,   Israel   (06.27.07)
Israel should forget the west and concentrate on the nations of the east. Antisemitism is foreign to them. The nations of the west should take anger management courses.
10. Methodists Anti-semitism
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (06.27.07)
I left the Methodist Church over ten years ago because of their liberal, thoughtless, replacement theory arrogant mentality----I could go on and on. In Connecticut there was not a liberal cause they did not champion. They have not changed one iota. Keep holding their feet to the fire Mr. Fox, they do not listen to their parishioners and then wonder why their numbers or declining.
11. Methodist Church
Mark McLane ,   Columbia, SC U.S.A.   (06.27.07)
I am a Methodist Church member. I can tell you that if the United Methodist Church adopts this practice I will leave the church. I am 100% on the side of Israel. I fear for the Jewish pepole and will stand beside them even if it means war with Iran, Syria and the like. My prayers are for Israel.
12. When Islam is marching across the globe
Frank ,   USA   (06.27.07)
recruiting or forcefully submitting more members under its realm it is very intelligent for a Christian denomination to divert the energy toward a tiny Israel and reinforce its anti-Semitic nature..
13. land Israel
Jackie ,   ElReno   (06.27.07)
That land that land and even more belaongs to Israel. than only live on one tenth of what God gave them.And this amti-Semitism has blocked their understanding of the bible. And they for got what theLORD said about Israel Gen ch 12 v 1- 3 .
14. Glad that the Methodists have joined the international
lakshmi   (06.27.07)
community's divestment campaign against the apartheid state of Israel.This worked against the former apartheid state of South Africa.
15. George Bush is a methodist
16. Hiilary is a Methodist!
avi ,   ny   (06.27.07)
17. Outrageous?
Schvach   (06.27.07)
Not at all - it's representative of Christianity's long standing continuous war against Jews and Judaism. I wonder if there's a sense of competition between the Methodists and Presbyterians? The latter pulled this stunt a decade or so ago. Who's supposed to care - they're preceded by their history and reputation. Yasher koach to Mr. Foxman for his superlative life's work on behalf of Klal Yisrael!
18. #9 Anonymous - Anti-Semitism in the East
Bernie   (06.27.07)
If by the East you mean countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc, you'd be surprised at the amount of anti-Semitism in those countries.
MIRA ,   ISRAEL   (06.27.07)
20. #14 - the real Apartheid countries are the Arabs
Bernie ,   USA   (06.27.07)
that do not allow Jews to live among them. Or to even visit, like Saudi Arabia. In Israel all races, all religions live in peace and have exactly the same rights before the law.
21. #12 Hatred of the Jews overrides self-preservation
Bernie ,   USA   (06.27.07)
22. To # 17
Marty ,   USA   (06.27.07)
I think you should learn about the difference between Progressive Christianity and Fundamentalist Christianity. It is Progressive Christianity that primarily carries water for the left and believes in replacement theology, the basis for Anti-Jewishness. The Christian Zionist movement grew out of the Fundamentalist literal reading of the Bible.
23. They treat the 22 brutal Arab entities with one standard
Gail ,   USA   (06.27.07)
and a small country of Israel with another. Than they ask why the Jews view them as anti-Semitic. It is anti-Semitic to apply to Israel a standard they are not applying to all states in the neighborhood. It is not wrong to criticize Israel if they apply the same standard to everybody. They would not dare boycotting the Saudis regardless what they do or don't do because they would not be able to drive their cars. They will not boycott Libya for the same reason. So, who do they want to boycott and pound on? The Jews! That is how it has been for the last 2000 years.
24. #11
thanks from the bottom of my heart, whoever you are. you see the light. you see reason and you seem very fair. yes, it is antisemitism. also, barak obama belongs to the church of christ and is a muslim through and through.
25. An -Ism for any issue!
Jay ,   USA   (06.27.07)
This is simply wonderful PR! I do believe that we can use an -ism to deflect criticism and stunt discourse on virtually ANY issue. For example: can we call boycotting Wal-Mart for poor treatment of workers "anti-white business men-ism"? Or boycotting American goods (as many are now doing) "anti-white Christian-ism"? Or perhaps boycotting Chinese goods as a result of the heinous human rights abuses of the Chinese government "anti-asian-ism"? The possibilities are endless!
26. Methodist
Roy Galutia ,   Selah Washington USA   (06.27.07)
The Founder of methodism Wesley would problably Roll over in his grave at the current state of the methodist Church.... at least since the early 60s the methodist church has allowed a diversity of views to be expressed in the church...any thing from conservitive to liberal theology . I was a member of this church from the early 70s to the early 90s.... I was a dominatly conservitive christian and probably was at odds much of the time with the liberal thrust of the church. Today I concider my faith to be Basic conservitive in respect to scriptures and the church and strongly support israel ...that is not to say if israel violates someones human right that I would support that...I also do not support Hamas or Hezbelahs abuses...and won't concider supporting them till they recognize Israels right to exist and put feet to that thought..... As for my leaving the methodist church I have mixed feelings.....on one hand I abhor the modern theological underpinnings of the church....on the other hand leaving takes the conservitive influance away from the church and leaves it to the liberals..... a thought to concider
27. that would be the "united methodists"
Carol ,   USA   (06.27.07)
they were prime movers of abortion in the 60's and 70's and into every nutty left-wing thing
28. #11 - Thank you for the solidarity....It means alot to us.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.27.07)
29. Judgement on those who forsake SCRIPTURE
J.SCHUMANN   (06.27.07)
SHALOM;The furrur over the people who advocate Israel defunding is just a departure as many Israelis have done turning away from the KING of ISRAEL YESHUA of Nazareth. after receiving the love of the TRUTH [2 Thessalonians 1-2]Anything but YESHUA is vogue and acceptable ,even now ,exaample the leader of the ACLU attidute toward JEWS who worship the KING ,The HOLY ONE of Israel [Proverbs 30.1-6,Psalm 2,22-24,Micah 5.2,Hebrews 1-13]..Because of the pressure to conform.So those who attack Israel have forsaken the TRUTH[Isaiah 45.15-25,John 1-8,14-21,Romans 9-11 ,14 etc.].John
30. 11
Ann   (06.27.07)
I am a member of the Methodist Church and my sympathy is also mainly with Israel. I think most Christians in America regardless of denomination feel the same way.
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