Hamas TV kills off Mickey Mouse double
Associated Press
Published: 30.06.07, 15:50
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1. The Usual Twisted Garbage
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (06.30.07)
Here we go again. More poisoning of childrens' minds by an incredibly twisted gang of Islamic thugs. With thinking like this, there is zero hope for these people in a modern civilized world.
2. great way to raise their kids!
jerome ,   basalt, co   (06.30.07)
these people are genuis'assss
3. hahaha Holy Sh@t!!!
Alex ,   Boston, MA   (06.30.07)
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (06.30.07)
5. Oh relax!
Eric ,   Israel   (06.30.07)
Can no one else just take this for what it is? You think Jews are the only ones with eyes? The world sees this, the world is not impressed, so can we not just have a laugh at how ridiculous they are? Yes, they hate us...we know. Through their creativity the world will know as well.
6. #5 Oh Relax!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (06.30.07)
It's not that simple. These morons are indoctrinating the next generation of Palestinians with hatred and violence. You are looking at this from an adult viewpoint. Kids do not have the intellectual ability to understand what is right or wrong and if they are being inoculated at the most susceptible age with this trash, it stays with them for life.
7. One important issue is that Disney did nothing
Canadian Otter   (06.30.07)
That goes to show the power of Arab intimidation in America. Disney had been targetted by Arab organizations in the past, so after Mickey's kidnapping by the PA, all we heard form Disney was silence.
8. #6 Foonman - 100% agree!
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (06.30.07)
Infantile adults programing poison in infant minds.
9. Truly depraved
Micha   (06.30.07)
whoever produces these shows is committing mass child abuse. Whoever you are, you are truly depraved and really a barbaric being. You aren't really human because humans have some sense of morals. You are more akin to a vermin.
10. So Farfur finally had a run-in with the IDF?
Cameron ,   USA   (06.30.07)
Guess he chose the wrong day for launching rockets. By God, I'll miss that mouse who dreamed of empire.
11. Mickey
Tony   (06.30.07)
Finally, the cat got the creme
TUBBY   (06.30.07)
13. I hear that Farfur is up for an oscar
Terry   (06.30.07)
14. hahaha, stupid!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (06.30.07)
A mouse gets martyred for it's land? That's the best they could do? ROFLOL
15. Mickey Hama(ou)s(e)
Yigal ,   north   (06.30.07)
16. Captain Kangaroo Court
Newton N. Minow ,   Ariel   (06.30.07)
Television is a vast wasteland, but this shows that this medium doesn't have to be devoid educational values or lacking entertaining content.
17. farfur the martyrer
kapara al haismuk   (06.30.07)
Inshallah farfur will get his 72 virgin mice.
18. Farfour was poisoned
David   (06.30.07)
Farfour ate a poisoned cheese this evening. (As usual the mossad is blamed) he died and became a Shaid (a martyr) and enjoying his time now with 72 mice! Kol Tov Farfour!
19. Send A copy of this to Jimmy Carter....
Psalms 83 ,   Selah Washington USA   (06.30.07)
to see how this fits into his theological roadmap to peace! -------------- the whole idea of this can be summed up into one word -SICK-
20. Farfur Martyred? Jihad against Donald Duck!
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (07.01.07)
The Arabs are completely hopeless and pathetic. Keep building the walls, tall wide and deep. If the Arabs want to be free of Jews they can go to hell: there are none there.
21. Absolutely retarded, just like Farfur's audience
Minnie Mouse ,   USA   (07.01.07)
22. 19 execllent suggestion my friend!
infantry reservist ,   Israel   (07.01.07)
Carter is the most stupidest ex-president that I have ever seen.
23. Micky Mouse kaputt never RIGHT ???
M. Segal ,   Mpls   (07.01.07)
I realize if you ever been to Israel you know it may be compared to Disney land thus this is as like commiting nationial suicide to Israel who said stated Arabs were dumb RIGHT ??? only joking any way bye bye M M hello Palisteinian verson of who what next may be Davy Crocket RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
24. RE 22. 19 execllent suggestion my friend!
Psalms 83 ,   Selah Washington USA   (07.01.07)
Jimmy carter would serve himself and others better if he stayed with Habatat for humanity....
25. Indoctrination of children truly is the root of all evil
Edith ,   Germany   (07.01.07)
These children will grow up to think that "annihilating" innocent people is moral - how twisted and sick they are.
26. #25 Yes, but if they all die like Mickey, the pals will
be no more!!!!   (07.01.07)
27. 24 that's wright, come in brother!
infantry reservist ,   Israel   (07.01.07)
The left wings in the Usa and Israel living in mars, I want to share with you something that our sages judged many years ago: "at the momment you feel sorry on the crueler, you getting crueler to the weak". I feel sorry for the Europeans cowards ,they don't know what is waiting for them, as both of us know very well ,they are looking for the jews in the corner but as the same time the European muslims interprets their acts as weakness and they are waiting to conquer the whole continent. there is a famous spanish author (I forgot his name) said: after the holocaust, Europe is not the same Europe we where knew before we did interesting trade in: we masscared 6 millions jews and brought more than 10 millions muslims, what's better ha?,I'm think both of us will let them eat their special meal, what are you say?
28. make communictaions in Gaza a thing of the past
zionist forever   (07.01.07)
Why doesnt Olmert do something and cut Gaza off from the outside world make communictaions impossible. Jam the cellphone network .. makes it more difficult for terrorists to communicate , cut the fixed phone lines... no telephones no warning each other when Israel plans to kill Hamas leaders or tells the terrorists where they should go to fire their rockets. Bomb the tv and radio broadcasting facilities. There are no Israels in Gaza so they wont be affected by any of this. Nobody in Gaza will know whats going on outside their little prison because they can recieve outside transmitions or broadcast their own propaganda, they wont have any communations facilities. If Olmert insists on playing the huaminatrian cutting the comunications isnt against their human rights and its not going to make life harder for the palestians but it will cause problems for terrorists who cant talk to each other on their cellpohones and Micky Mouse cant call the children to arms maybe at the same time Olmert can arange for an airdrop of anti Hamas leaflets that encourage non violence. Somoething as simple as this could do more for security than any checkpoint can because terrorists rely on communications and spreading propoganda to rally new people to their cause.
29. Tony Blair needs to address the PA indoctrination issue
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles   (07.01.07)
30. Oh my G-D, they killed Farfour!
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.01.07)
You bastards!
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