7 Palestinians dead in 2 IAF strikes
Ali Waked
Published: 01.07.07, 00:28
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1. Each Qassam results in an airstrike. Stop the Qassams!
2. Good job IDF! Keep up the pressure on terrorists!
Roni   (06.30.07)
3. God job, IAF! Kol hakavod!
Bernd ,   Germany   (06.30.07)
4. IAF please dont forget to take out Zahar&Haniyeh
Alan ,   SA   (06.30.07)
5. for each pali fighter you kill, a 100 will take his place
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (06.30.07)
you're as doomed as bugs in a bug trap
6. #5 - Explain to me Marwan
Mike ,   USA   (06.30.07)
how exactly would the takeover of Israel by an Islamic regime benefit you and your family in Amman? Even if you had property in Israel that you wish to claim. How would your personal quality of life improve in concrete terms?
7. #5, IDF is waiting for you to take their place. Have fun!
Cynic ,   USA   (06.30.07)
8. fighting terrorism with terrorism
9. Brave marywan #5 From dearbornastan
Doug Butler ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (06.30.07)
you coward
10. #5 Marwan, all the islamic "fighters" obsessed 2have virgins
11. Marwan in Jordan
Papsen ,   Israel   (06.30.07)
Yeah... You are absolutly right... For any of them who get 72 virgins, 100 will stand by... Here the reality: And there: Why dead for a land/country you will never be able to enjoy about been your... As a dead man sourended by 72 (well used) virgins???... Does this make any sans to you Marwan?... If yes... Please explain me... Take care...
12. 5 You are a joke, a pali fighter, what is a fighter..
freedom ,   canada   (06.30.07)
Certainly not what you envision, so called terrorists for the most part are targeting innocent civilians, thats what I would call a coward. God would call these terrorists cowards to.. and they deserve what they get....
13. really???
100, 1000, 100000, no matter how many, israelis are survivors and resilient. a great power! send your hundreds and thousands because soon enough, you'll all be dead. and then who will want a nation? who? you'll all be finished until one of you realizes they are loosing the battle and have always and will always loose the battle. only a stupid society can't figure this oput in 60 years. you people are not viewed by the modern world as neither intelligent not self productive. you won't know how to run a cafe on your own. pitiful!
14. Guys, take a look at the "updates" on Ynet's first page
Mike ,   USA   (06.30.07)
You'll see an rolling item where they report that Al Aqsa (yes, that's Fatah's terror wing) is fighting along Hamas in Gaza. What does Abu Mazen have to say about that?
15. # 6,7,9,10,11,12 those fighters are non-Hamas
16.  Are The Destroyed Terrorists' Cars Covered By Insurance?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.01.07)
These cars look totalled after the IAF strikes - maybe one can salvage a tire, some knobs...maybe an engine part or two but clearly the upholstery and windows are worthless. I'm guessing their deductibles are pretty high.
17. South Lebanon's 1000 civilian proved targeted killng failure
18. how many needed to prove percision of the targeting weapon?
19. #16
israeli   (07.01.07)
what insurance? in gaza? you must be joking. don't you know that most cars they are driving do not even hav e licenses because they are in fact stolen cars from israel. everyone knows that!
20. Marwan you wright
t.i ,   Israel   (07.01.07)
you the arabs know how to thwart terrorism more than any one else, for example: 1.the black september on 1970. 2.hama's riot's on 1982. and many more events, I don't understand why we are'nt implementing yours system. but you know something else marwan my dear, thank god I'm not an arab, 300 millions arabs?, you should conquer the world and hang us at the same time, please stay as you are because no one is expecting you something , if you are jordanian prepare yourself being ruled by Hamas or the muslim's brotherhood and your "palestinans" brothers will wipe you off like they did to the Fatah activists or if you are a "palestinian" (or hamas's activist), let me clarify you something we are'nt going anywhere, god won't leave the people of the book even your prophet say it serveral times in the koran. and by the way, there is no such a thing palestinians or jordanians or syrians, your society have been spliting into a tribes, UK and France established you before 50-60 years ago, you didn't change so much since then didn't you? blood is your food isn't it?
MIKE ,   usa   (07.01.07)
22. #5 Would that be 100 children
jan ,   usa   (07.01.07)
that are watching Mickey Mouse and he teaches them how to step in the fight? You cowards. Teach your children to be suicide bombers and you will wipe out your whole race. But then, there may be some merit to that . You dumb fool.
23. #19 You Must Be Pretty Dense To Take Me Literally
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.01.07)
24. Don't print anything by that Apartheid fellow. He doesn't
Apartheid ,   Boston MA   (07.01.07)
tell us what we want to hear.
25. well said Marawan
26. Why there is no tageting of cars in the West Bank?
because statistics support that: 1. about 700 km of roads in the WB are prohibited to be used by Palestinians; Israel fears that it would certainly hit Israelis who are permitted to use ALL WB's roads. The discriminating technique would Only be used indiscriminately! 2. ALL cars on the roads of Gaza are thought by Israel to contain terrorists, so no need to use the discriminating policy.
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