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Al-Qaeda's car bomb guide
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 01.07.07, 16:18
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1. UK version of reality
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (07.01.07)
Boycott Israel and support, in the name of diversity "minorities" who are creating Eurabia and fostering a government of Sharia.
2. One Guess - The Terrorists Are Jewish Or Muslim?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.01.07)
3. Shut down their site while it's time
Or at least track everyone that "visit" this site for Heaven Sake.
4. Muslim's England
Ernalud France ,   Tours, France   (07.01.07)
How soon before those imbecilic academics and unions start demanding roadblocks and strategically placed fences throughout Great Britain?
5. The Religion of Peace Strikes Again.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.01.07)
Britain, being a liberal, freedom-loving country surely would not want to limit legitimate political expression. Or the free exercise of one's religious beliefs. Freedom of religion is a basic human right so a few car bombs are just a minor inconvenience that must be tolerated. It's totally understandable that members of some communities are alienated from British society - they can't identify with the symbols of the state. The flag is a cross, the queen is the head of the Church of England (she doesn't even wear a veil), the national anthem has not one mention of Mohamed or the Koran. Even more damaging, porc is sold publicly, how shocking. No regard for peoples religious sentiments. A truely liberal state should find room for some kind of autonomy & community rights - they should be able to apply shari'a law so that they can stone adulterers, practice polygamy, decapitate heretics & apostates & murder gay people. And let's not forget about family values - English law does not even allow honour killings. No wonder they are so disaffected. Really, you English should be more tolerant of others - you act like you own the place.
6. Complete 180
James ,   Toronto   (07.01.07)
The UK fought in WWII for several reasons, among them, to sustain its way of life - its freedoms, rights, monarchy, and nation. In a relatively short time, the UK has submitted itself to Islam, which is now trying to destroy the UK from the inside out. What would all of those British soliders who gave their lives in WWII say about the state of the UK today?
7. British leftists, plss read #5
8. ..."covenant of security..."
ilana   (07.01.07)
WOW! An entire country making a 'covenant' with terrorists, so the government 'officials' can maintain a paid position at the expense of the citizens? I am wasting my pity on the citizens. It is much like the concessions Americans and Israeli's are making. A Covenant with G-d is out of their vocabulary so they are looking to the maggots to sustain them. WOW!
9. Promoting Jihad
Richie ,   USA & Jamaica   (07.01.07)
It is really a very sad state of affairs, when Britain, having been so generous to Muslims in the name of diversity and other such notions, become victim of unmitigated and down right maddeing acts of violence! That there is no justification for these acts of savagery has long been established, so that is not the focous here. Rather it is apparent willingness of large swathes of Btitish society to pjut up and quite possibly enjoy the acts f the Jihadists in thir midst. The so called academics and unions an other such fools have no compuction about lamblasting and condemning Isreal, who has always been in literal fight for her life, but have never and will never utter a word of concen about the activites of the Al Qaeda inspired murderers in their midst. Can anything be worst than that?
10. I wonder where the UK Academics are hiding
john ,   nz   (07.01.07)
under the veils? I hope they will join the Jihad too and turn Britain into Britainistan.
11. #5 Terry, your response couldn't be better..well said.
KMR ,   Middle East   (07.01.07)
Psalms - 83 - ,   Selah Washington USA   (07.02.07)
Support of radical Islam will only embolden them to do more.... If the Liberal candidate poo poos the danger of radical Islam ....For Your Own safety Do not Vote FOR HIM or Her ......
13. Like Hamas bosses,2 of UK bombers are ?HOSPITAL DOCTORS
Alan ,   SA   (07.02.07)
14. Home Car Bombs
Jerry Johnstone ,   Houston, Texas   (07.02.07)
Fourtunately, the British were able to difuse these car bombs. What worries me is the one they don't find. They keep at, I fear that one or more may slip through. The other fear is that it may not be long before the come to the United States. Of course we got John Edwards, who believes the terrorism is nothing more than a slogan. I wish he were right ... however, he needs to crawl out from his rock and take a look around. These are the 'wannabes', that made these attempts in Britian, what are they going to do when the real terrorist decide to step up to the plate? They will not be as easy to detect ....think about it, they wrote the manual. This Global War on Terrorism, is everyone's business! Jerry Johnstone.
15. Holocaust
an observer ,   Glasgow   (07.02.07)
Brits stop teaching about the holocaust and soon the ones who intimidated britain will bring one on you What goes around, comes around Start teaching about the holocaust and about Muslim reality ASAP
16. Terorism UK
Silvana ,   Glasgow Scotland   (07.02.07)
It might come as a surprise to some of you, most of those based in the USA that there are people who are aware of reality. It might also surprise you that there are a great number of people who are not disposed towards these terrorists and are PRO Israel. And as to the person from Glasgow.........I unfortunately was never taught about the holocaust in school, I was taught about it by my father. There is a hell of a lot of history that is not taught in the UK. Many of us are being branded racist because we do not defend nor believe that funding or any form of assistance should be given to any religious group that is hell bent on destroying everyone, including their own. Brown, stated clearly that moving our troops out would not change anything and he is right..........The Rot is already here and its growing.
17. to #14
george ,   usa   (07.02.07)
Didn't that happen in 2001 during W Bush's watch, who did not take the PDB titled 'Bin laden determined to attack US' seriously.
18. to #12
george ,   usa   (07.02.07)
i remember W. Bush reading 'MY PET GOAT' on 911 & did not do a damn thing about it after it was all over! He even ignored the PRESIDENTIAL DAILY BRIEFING TITLED 'BINLADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK US' before 911! HMMM
19. War on Terror - Not a slogan
Johnson ,   USA   (07.03.07)
And to think the Libs in the US think that the War on Terror is a bumper sticker slogan. They just dont get it. FYI - the American people will not tolerate car bombs going off on a regular basis in our cities. Our retribution will be quick and painful. We did not start this fight. But, I fear we will be forced to finish it once and for all.
20. to #19 -war on terror
george ,   usa   (07.03.07)
the war in iraq is 'war on terror?' if you are fighting terrorism, clarify your enemy. Bin laden is the terrorist & al queda not saddam (he's dead) or insurgency in iraq. but W & his daddy is doing oil business with the terrorists- the binladen family. and your DECIDER will just dump this 'war on terror' in iraq to the next president. you started a 'war on terror' at the wrong place & the wrong person. bin laden & his no.2 are still alive bec W STUPID.
21. Assisting future planners
Why does the press have to continue to tell the terrorists what they did wrong? One answer could be that a successful plan will sell more media. Shameful and dispicable!!
22.  RE18. to #12
Psalms 83 ,   Selah Washington USA   (07.04.07)
Ummmm The 911 attack planning could have been stoped iin its track had Clinton take the opertunity to take the offer a nation in the mideast to turn Bin ladin over to the united states ....or another time when the CIA had him in thier sight clinton wastesd time in giving a go ahead to take him out.... yes there is probably some things Bush should have done differently.... but the twin Towers would be standing today Had Clinton done his job when he had a chance...maybe he was distracted by the consequnces of his indescetions ....ummm good excuse as any
23. Yaakov Lappin
Rob ,   U.S.A.   (07.19.07)
Yaakov Lappin is the best writer that this news agency has. He should be promoted. His writing is dead on and always sticks to the facts. Good job Yaakov.
24. terrorism
David Johnson ,   Chico, Ca., USA   (09.12.07)
We in the US don't seem to understand there is a real war giong on. Most people are too busy enjoying their freedom. I hope we wake up soon, before we loose everything. The enimy is here.
25. True Burning Hell Runs The Show On Earth!
kiefko ,   Oslo, Norway   (12.06.07)
Always One Truth: The Terrorists Are ALWAYS LIVING DEAD BASTARDS right from HELL; always Muslims born in HELL = the Entrance to their Imaginary Paradise & Virgins they when dead lay hands on, while their last dead Profets leads that Show while they must watch... That Burning Hell RIGHT NOW Runs Theirs Show On this Earth...
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