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North American aliyah continues to climb
Published: 01.07.07, 22:28
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1. Aliya, hityashvut and binyan ha'aretz are the essence of our
Uzi ,   Haifa   (07.01.07)
national existence in Eretz Yisrael.
2. #1
I agree with you, but the klita (or rather, failure of) of Ethiopians and Russians is shocking. Racism is alive and well in Eretz . . . .
3. Its Still Upside Down Folks
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. Calif.   (07.02.07)
To #2, there is some degree of racism everywhere. Everyone has some degree of bigotry. A recent Democrat debate at Howard U. in the US revealed concerns over racism prevalent to this day. Recent Supreme Ct (US) decisions to some have moved the pendulem backwards in our own fight against bigotry. But, Israel must be applauded for taking in millions since 48, it's GDP, it's survival and flourishment, and it's many advances. It's time to view the positive in Israel. Lets be real, 3,000 from the US is a pittence. There are 6m of us, and some estimates are over 20m if eveyone would admit some "Jewishness". 125,000 since 48, that's 2,000 year (give me a break). There are hundreds of thousands of Israelis here, much more than those Americans who went there. So it's still upside down.
4. no American immigrants will live w/ ethiopians!
These Americans with their money will live in fine upper class white areas....ghettos for rich white folks. they will be pushy and self righteous and obnoxious. But what to do they are Jews and better they should be here than in America!
5. Aliyah & Yeridah
Abir ,   Chicago, IL USA   (07.02.07)
Do they also have numbers of folk who decide to go back to their countries of origin? And would they (the Government) make those public? Aliyah is great, but Klitah (absorption) is appalling, causing many to leave. In addition, many Israelis have left over the years. I wonder what those numbers are?
6. 1+1 is an increase of 100%
David ,   Los Angeles   (07.02.07)
7. Yeridah outnumbers aliyah
Charles B. Hall ,   Bronx, NY, USA   (07.02.07)
The numbers mentioned are still much lower than the number of Israelis making yeridah to the United States.
Jimmy Carter ,   Plains, Georgia   (07.02.07)
9. welcome!
tom ,   Israel   (07.02.07)
absorption of immigrants must be on first priority.
10. US Aliya
chuck ,   Israel   (07.02.07)
It would be interesting to see the percentages of Olim from Orthodox, Conservative and Reform affiliation reported. Evidently, these figures are known. Do they in any way reflect the claimed divide of the US Jewish population at large?
11. Nefesh b'Nefesh
Aaron ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.02.07)
This article should give huge hakarat hatov, recognition of good, to Nefesh b'Nefesh, which has been doing a tremendous job promoting Aliyah.
12. Be precise
David ,   Haifa   (07.02.07)
Not all of the new North American immigrants are immigrating to Israel. Quite a few of them go and live across the Green Line.
13. North American Jews Are Racist
perpetual_dream ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.07)
I truely feel they r an over burden on this country that is already filled with hatred.
14. How many will go back
Josh   (07.02.07)
...with their tales between their legs. As a American that has stayed, I must say that I have never met a more challenging group to live amoung. That is not a compliment. They quote statistics on the fact that immigrants dont assimilate at the same time they intimidate and pressure imigrants to be less of a person. No wonder immigrants are rejecting Israel lifestyles. Who wants to be a brother with a rude and unthinking individual. Integrate at the cost of losing your individuality and spirit - never. Thus many return to cozy USA where a stranger treats you with at least a little respect.
15. #4 What R U Talkin' 'Bout? Speak 4 Yourself!
I'm American and I live around ethiopian immigrants! I'm good friends w/ many and so are my kids! Rich ghettos? I don't see any 'round here.
16. Religious group
Carrl ,   TA   (07.02.07)
Chcuk a clue to your enquiry can be the articles quote "n last several years, the Reform and Conservative Jewish communities have become more active in promoting aliyah, similar to the Orthodox communities. " Obviously, Orthodox is way ahead ( I wonder why) while Conservative and Reform is behind ( I wonder why) and now beginning to play catch-up. But you still would like to know at what rate, past and present.
17. #15 rich subsidized ghettos r in west bank
Nefesh b'Nefesh specializes in bringing American Jews into the West Bank for so called settlement of the land. Nefesh b'Nefesh is a dangerous Christian organization with a self-righteous meglomaniacal orthodox Jewish rabbi for window dressing.
18. More Sudanese make "aliyah" than American Jews
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (07.02.07)
19. Missing The Point
Sam ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.07)
If Israel would sort out their own internal problems (rediculous taxes on income and cars etc ,improve schooling-no one wants to send their kids to a school with 40 kids in a class where discipline is non existant ,get rid of overregulation ,create an economy where there is opportunity to succeed ,reward education eg pay doctors more than a bus driver) there would be no need for organisations like Nefesh bNefesh. Folk would be queing up to come to Israel!
20. 4# Do I smell another Sephardi abnoxious antisemite ?
Shmuel Rich ,   Eilat   (07.02.07)
We have enough of those, including Tali Farkash I pity you
ALAN ,   USA   (07.02.07)
22. past comments on ynetnews
Josh ,   melbourne australia   (07.02.07)
comments on ynetnews never have anything positive to say. This is great news. well done
24. #20 nope!
ashkenazi like u! ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.07)
But clearly I got it right because your best was to immediately come back with a personal insult. I don't do personal insults so I won't mention what it is you smell like!
25. Israel Immigration
Roxy   (07.02.07)
I wish luck to all my fellow Americans moving here,it will be quite a culture shock for them. The schools here are not what you are use to, the banks will screw you,your standard of living will be different because jobs don't pay the high saleries that you are use to. The bright spot though is the health care system, Gd forbid you come down with Cancer or another serious disease the gov. pays for the treatmenst and medications!! Good Luck One and all, I am just telling you what it is really like living here!
26. Aliyah
Thomas ,   Cleveland, USA   (07.02.07)
The point is that more Jews are comming home and quite frankly we should be glad! ALL Jews should be included in the Jewish state, not any one should be excluded, religious or not, ashkenazi, sephardi, white or black
27. 3000 jews is 0.05% of US jews - why boast?
martyrmaker ,   Milan, Italy   (07.02.07)
28. #17 Unless you're an Arab or a Leftie
Daniel   (07.02.07)
What's wrong with bringing more Jews to Jewish land in Judea and Samaria? The Christians may be helping because the Jews are making war on those folk. The settlers need all the allies they can get.
29. #17 pure disgusting lashon hara !
ezra   (07.02.07)
30. just 4 fun 29 prove me wrong warmly #17
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