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North American aliyah continues to climb
Published: 01.07.07, 22:28
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31. Number of Jews making Aliyah
John ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (07.02.07)
Does anybody knows how many Orthodox Jews there are in the US? Like 750.000 - 800.000? With ±5.600.000 Jews in the US, at least 10.000 should make Aliyah!! And what about French Aliyah, with a community of 500.000, many, many of them, being traditional Jews. COME ON! MORE OLIM, AND INCREASE OF BIRTHRATE BEWAKASJA!!!!!!
32. 24# Don't insult? Read your TB 4 looser
33. ashkenazim
an american ashko ,   Boca Raton, FL, USA   (07.03.07)
Of course all the jews bickering here are ashkenazis, the sephardim are too busy either reading the hebrew edition or being cultural like they should be.
34. immigration
sas ,   israel   (07.03.07)
we do NOT need more religious people here.
35. Why coming to STOLEN land?
Mohammad ,   Al Quds   (07.03.07)
This land is not theirs from the first place, then why coming to country with sexy president, looser prime minister, stupid ex-defense minister and theif finance minister???? GO BACK you fool
36. Nefesh b'Nefesh
Ezekiel ,   Jerusalem   (07.03.07)
Notice that the marvelous work of Nefesh b'Nefesh was totally omitted from this article, which was probably based on a Jewish Agency press release
37. 35 - mohammed
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.03.07)
having an arab family here, i MUCH perfer to come here under jewish rule than your islamo-version of slavery. israel can keep the land, it were up to me.
38. All Jews return to Israel our homeland !
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.03.07)
39. #35, Eretz Yisael belongs to the Jews
David ,   Boston, USA   (07.03.07)
Just because you have kicked Jews out squatted and stolen our land over the years doesnt change the fact it is Jewish land. Everywhere you go you can see it is home to the Jews. Arabs should go home to Arabia or learn to live with Jews in OUR land. We are very patient people and no enemy of Jews has ever survived. Remember that. You may hurt and kill us, but you can never defeat us.
40. #36 highest form of charity is anonymous!
41. Israeli Society
Zev ,   Rishlach   (07.04.07)
Before you go to Israel, you need to have a little background on Israeli society: Hilonim can't stand the hypocritical, self-imposed-ghettization and the constant barrage of bullshit of the haredim, and the haredim can't stand the super-size secularization, anti-religiousness of the hilonim. The datim are furiously resisting the pressure from secularists to reform civil law and tell the secularists to fuck off. The Sephardim feel like the underdog of the elitist Ashkenazi, while the Ashkenazi wonder why they have to share their country with the macho- redundant yet marginally-educated Sephardim. The Russians can't stand the culturally-lacking Moroccans and the Moroccans can't stand the marginal Jewishness of the Russians. Everyone hates the Yemenis. The Israeli Arabs are always suspect by the Israeli Jews, and the Israeli Arabs are always on edge about state funding disparities between Muslims and Jews. Bukharan Jews just keep to themselves. Israeli Arab Christians think they're better than everyone else. Russian Jews complain about fake Russian Jews who are really Christians while Christians complain of discrimination. No one likes the Armenians. Everyone's tired of the Ethiopians. The Mizrahim don't like being thrown together with the Sephardim while the Ashkenazim don't like their increasing minority status. Druzes don't get along with Christians and Israeli Muslims, while the Bedouin can't even get running water to their villages. No one even knows or cares who the Circassians are. No one's ever heard of the Karaites, but they're there! Everyone is still surprised that the Samaritans exist, but no one really cares. Everyone hates it that the Satmarim are anti-Zionist. Everyone is annoyed by the Lubavichers, while other Chasidim just wish they could be as popular as those crazy Chabadniks. Labor and Likud frequently duke it out, while Sharon has left the Likud and took all of its brain away to form Kadima. Everyone wishes Shas would just shut up, already. Shinui thinks it's the shit, and Sharansky's Yisrael B'Aliyah is just him and a few bumper stickers. Kahanites annoy everyone and keep getting arrested while Gush Shalom weirds everyone out. No one likes the Palestinians. Welcome to Israel!!!
42. 41# MAAAN!!!!!! "veahavta lereecha camocha"
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (07.04.07)
Americans make the best ALIA and lower your jelousy ! Have a good day mr "meragel"
43. #41 you said it all!!!!!!
44. Zev (#41) Kol HaKavod u got it right (still is sad though)
45. Modern Orthodox only -----> Green line!!
Rysk ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.04.07)
NbN specialises in sending young modern orthodox couples/families from the N.E greater N.Y area on Aliyah. They actively encourage settlement beyond the green line. Their aliyah is limited and utterly parochial, they don't even mention Tel Aviv - in their where to live guide. The state of israel should sever ties with NbN.
46. 45# Abu Rysk - cool down
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (07.04.07)
You don't like modern orthodox ? You don't like Yehuda and Shomron ? So that's the end of your democratic values ahh ? "severe ties, so they shouldn't come Another secular leftist totally non tolerant of others' ideologies
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