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Tel Aviv airport to make way for luxury project
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 03.07.07, 08:46
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1. i don't know why this smells corruption...
2. how much is olmert getting off of this deal?
3. Memory
Sapper   (07.03.07)
Last time i flew out of Sde Dov,we landed in the War zone in Sinai,October 1973.Much has changed since...and much more is still the same.
4. Terrible decision -- what money can buy
Jo   (07.03.07)
The location was actually great, and the only people who had issues with it were the affluent residents of Ramat Aviv. The volume of domestic aviation is not expected to grow further, and an airport in TA was great for both domestic travellers and air-force transport users. Now, the people living aroung Ben-Gurion will suffer from more c-130s and ATRs on top of all the heavy jets they already need to cope with, and another stretch of open beach, allowing the breeze to come into the city, will be taken away from the public in favor of senseless construction.
5. something def fishy about this... why now?
m ,   tlv   (07.03.07)
6. maybe cos lots in our corrupt government
will very very soon be looking for new homes? Their wives/husbands MUST be noodging them already. Hope the smell from there doesn't affect the rest of us...
7. Sde dov luxury apartment project
Harry Pommert ,   Stockholm Sweden   (07.31.07)
Does anybody know the name of the attorney representing owners in the Sde Dov area who has been negotiating a deal with the Defense ministry?
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