A Bedouin welcome
Tami Leviev
Published: 04.07.07, 17:11
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1. Very Cool!!!
Faith ,   Israel   (07.04.07)
This sounds great. I love the "Peace Tent". Wish I could be there now, instead of in the crowded city heat. These people have it going on! Will definitely visit myself, and bring visitors from abroad too. This is something to promote.
2. A Little of Avraham’s Hospitality Passed Down.
ER ,   Canada   (07.05.07)
Avraham was well known for his hospitality, and he passed this wonderful trait down to all his children. It is amazing to see this attribute still so evident with both Isaac’s and Ishmael’s offspring. It is such a pity that the Wild Ass of the Desert remains so jealous of his younger half brother.
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