BBC reporter in Gaza freed
Published: 04.07.07, 10:43
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1. Let the Brit Jew/Israel hate begin!
Malcolm   (07.04.07)
2. Now kill the damn kidnappers. They are slime.
3. Hamas' Efforts Free Johnston
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (07.04.07)
Mashaal says, "The efforts by Hamas have produced the freedom of Alan Johnston." About time! So these degenerate mongrels have acted at last to free Johnston in order to impress the West with their overwhelming benevolence. As usual, they just don't get it. The West already knows what a gang of incorrigible losers they really are and will have nothing to do with them.
4. Thank You Hamas.
Pierre Stanley ,   Montreal PQ   (07.04.07)
Welcome back to your freedom Alan. You are an inspiration to us all.
5. Let him drive to Egypt, not Israel.
Hook ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.04.07)
My hope is that Israel will permit the Brit diplomats to return, but show Johnston the road to Cairo. Let the SOB get his medical treatment from his friends. Of course, with Olmert and Peres in charge,, they'll welcome the mamzer with open arms.
6. Maybe you know know where the Israeli soldier is
Steve ,   USA   (07.04.07)
B"H Could it be in that exchange, the Israeli soldier was swapped? Now Israel has a very powerful camera upstairs. Could it have possibly actually seen the whole transaction? But what can be done from here?
7. Hamas made to look like the good guys
YB   (07.04.07)
Is anyone fooled???????????????????
8. too bad, he should have rotted there!!
simon ,   canada   (07.04.07)
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (07.04.07)
10. Three cheers for freedom, but
M. Hartley ,   Atlatna, US   (07.04.07)
I wonder how much Hamas had to fork over to the Dogmush clan to make itself look good to the world.
11. Please accept this propaganda ploy
Bartommad ,   Bethlehem   (07.04.07)
So we can buy time to figure out a way to kill all the jews worldwide without upsetting those pesky crusader christians
12. Great news :)))))))
Palestinian   (07.04.07)
13. Omar Al-Johnstoni
Ilana ,   galut   (07.04.07)
Why does Omar Al-Johnstoni plan on going "home" to Britain? Unlike his beloved Gaza, Britain still has (Gasp!) Jews there. Oh, I know why. He needs to research so he can write a book (or several) blaming UK Jews for the Islamic terror cells there, (and ALL of Britain's woes), for which he will be paid mega-money. Jimmy Carter will write the intro for it and Chompsky et al can endorse it.... Meanwhile, if you thought the BBC was bad before, it will now be Kool-Aid induced mind-boggling.
14. How to read this piece of news !
Hiram ,   tel-aviv   (07.04.07)
This is an other exemple of Hamas and Islamist movements duplicity. 1) Hamas from day one knew were Johnston was and by whom he was held captive, but did capitalize on a "late release" 2) The Army of Islam and Hamas exchange prisoner simply means that Hamas will let the Army of islam keep going on with racket activity 3)Tolerance of Army of Islam demonstrate that Hamas is in fact following the same line ( islamism ) 4)The fact that the chief gangster Mashaal appears as " the liberator" shows that he has lost all the "power" that he may have had in the past and need to re-polish his "eroded image " 5) Johnston's being held captive and subsequent release was in fact planned as a part of a "masterplan " shortly before the feudal fighting started in Gaza. There is nothing sensational with the release of Johnston although of course no one can help being happy that he was released. The real piece of news to be read through these lines is "how Hamas managed to appear as the good guys when we all know that they are Islamists and do not represent the majority of Gazeans "
15. Alan Johnston: "Thank you for my freedom, Hamas. Now
machiavelli ,   italia   (07.04.07)
I can go back to my job of kissing your palestinian a$$e$!"
16. What about the innocent bystander?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (07.04.07)
Will the world press cover the killing of an innocent bystander, like they do when Israel accidentally hits one?
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.04.07)
Jewish CANADIAN ,   Toronto   (07.04.07)
A good man. A good reporter. Yoy fanatics hate him becayse he reports on the hell that is Gaza/ You hate him because he shows there are TWO sides to this conflict. Anyone who does not subscribe to the most right wing and ultra nationalist fanatical form of Zionism is an "anti semite",a "self hater" a "traitor."Give it up! You have lost the debate for world opinion, You have even lost the debate among the decent majority Of Israelis,Crawl back into your hole of hate, Cuvilization has long since passed you by,
19. Alan Johnston
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar, Israel   (07.04.07)
When will they release Gilad Shalit? And when will the 2 Israelis held by Hizbullah see freedom?
20. LOL...BBC Will Probably Keep Its Pro-Palestinian Tint (END)
Jonathan Knigh ,   Chicago, USA   (07.04.07)
21. #18 "Jewish" Canadian
Disgusted   (07.04.07)
You wrote, "Crawl back into your hole of hate".... Do you always talk to youself? Read your own tb. And a little history while you're at it.
23. Pierre Stanley..Montreal,PQ
eastcoaster   (07.04.07)
Thank you Hamas??????????? Are you insane???
24. The Brits ahd to free Gaza by Hamas to free Johnston. Now
Asher ,   NY USA   (07.04.07)
it's Israel's turn to rescue Gilat by toppling Olmert and FREE ISRAEL.
25. Amazing that for this creep
blue eyes ,   ynet land   (07.04.07)
Ynet managed to find pretty pretty photos of him...but of course! Vomit time...
26. Johnston freed
Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.04.07)
...and now we can expect the BBC to continue their distrortion of the truth when reporting on Israel, the Palestinians and anything pro U.S. They will no doubt continue to call Arab terrorists "Freedom fighters" all this after the uncovering of terror plots in their own country. For Johnston's release Hamas will be fully credible and respectable in the eyes of the BBC
27. Hamas Greatest Con
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.07)
It was all set up and planned to make Hamas look in control. In reality Johnson was never out of Hamases hands. All too easy.... Last week he wore an explosive belt - saying if Hamas or the UK try to rescue me by force I will be killed... How could a primative group like Hamas genuinly pull off an operation like this ??? not exactley Sayeret Matkal arev they///. HA HA HA BIG JOKE - AND THEY ALMOST FOOLED US ALL
28. At least in the future we can blame Stockholm syndrome
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (07.04.07)
Call me cynical No doubt Mr Johnson and the Beeb will come out shouting the merits of Islam and the understanding of the kidnappers hopeless situation. At no time will the word terrorist be used, just abductors. The left will think that their silly petitions were effective. Or maybe the British boycotts of Israel. No doubt Johnson will make millions off book deals and become the stand in exert of kidnappers ala Terry Wait.
29.  Good News
ben ,   singapore   (07.04.07)
30. And many thanks to my kiddnapers
oh please   (07.04.07)
for treating me so humainly.
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