Death toll in IDF's operation in Gaza rises to 11
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 05.07.07, 20:47
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1. Who wrote this piece of Garbage? Johnston?
meir elazar   (07.05.07)
Why is YNET printing such rubbish? This anonymous author from Reuters laces the article with all of his/her biased buzzwords:"gunmen" and not terrorists, "Occupation", "armed incursions" instead of counter-terror operations, "militants (not terrorist) firing rockets into the JEWISH state, and "Al Qaeda-inspired clan". YNET should either use not biased reporting or not print this garbage at all.
2. #1
Talula ,   Israel   (07.05.07)
Who cares what they call them. They got one word right " an elite force entered the Strip" That would be our boys. Well done banim she'lanu!!
3. Dead Hamas
Richie ,   Jamaica & usa   (07.05.07)
Well, just about the only problem I have with this story is that more hamas gunmen have not been killed. A mean total of 50 - 60 a day, will negatively impact the terrorist expertise of these vile wretches!
4. Good job IDF!
Roni   (07.05.07)
5. is it really heroic?
Nabulsi   (07.05.07)
Is it really heroic to use armored tanks and helicopters to get one kilometer into civilian palestinian areas and kill civilians in their own beds... do you really need such hardware to do that and call your actions heroic and special force crap? Whats really heroic is to be able to burst into an army camp fortress on foot and manage to complete the task of humiliating the self-proclaimed strongist army in the middle east. Both Qasamies and Hizbullahs have already humbelled the IDF to the point of humiliation.
6. #5 it will be heroic if hamas have the same arms.
Jam   (07.05.07)
Then i want to see the heroic IDF.
7. hamas asked for it...
ben ,   singapore   (07.05.07)
IDF, thank you for your good work, give hamas more, please. NO place for terrorist and international criminals like Hamas !
8. Like Hamas cares...
David L.   (07.05.07)
It's always the same thing... Hamas gets out to confront the IDF, and they get killed without even harming a single Israeli soldier. But still, they just continue doing it, and replenish their ranks.
9. Children in Gaza Photo: AFP
Atilla Liman ,   Karagözoğlu   (07.05.07)
look at the photo for a few seconds, please ! Palestine is always like that since my childhood. I still hear there are refugee camps ! BRAVO !
10. Jam
Palis have the totally wrong approach, if they disarm and ask for aid, they would have a Pali state in 5 minutes what morons these Arabs are
11. Why not stop weapons flow from Rafah permanently ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.05.07)
Why is it that Israel's weak and apologetic leadership do not permanently end the flow of weapons into Gaza from Egypt ? Are they afraid to make their baal master Bush mad ?
12. if they ( hamas) disarm...
ben ,   singapore   (07.05.07)
.. they will become irrelevant, they will become jobless, They are hired terrorist by Hamas official appointment and by contract. They dont have any other skills other then holding the gun and shoot wild. These are the si called " innocent children " or shildren who has been growing up in the refugee hard condition- If the disarm they become obselete. They wont diarm and choose peace.Thats all. No choice IDf will have to do their job. Very Sorry terrorist must go, NO PLACE FOR TERRORIST who go about bombing PUBLIC PLACES. They are international terror link movement, The IDF is theit correct lesson.IDF keep up the good work.
13. Real peace process
Frank ,   Canada   (07.05.07)
While Olmert is apeasing Arabs for nothing and creating more war and more terror, the IDF is pushing for progress in the real peace process: the victory over Arab terror. More such progress are needed, the sooner, the better.
14. Hamas dead #5 / 6
Rebecca   (07.05.07)
What civilians? what beds. Even Hamas acknoledges that they are their combatants. ie terrorists. They are not even claiming civilian dead, as they normally do? Why should any army play Russian Roulette if they dont have to. And to Ynet - what has the picture of the children got to do with this article?
15. #5, you're right.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.05.07)
We should use your tactics of hiding behind women and children and then you'll think we're heroic. Your coward fighters are nothing but that. They use their women and children as shields and that is why the IDF has to be overly careful when entering your towns. Our soldiers never know who will shoot at them or who will be a human shield.
16. value of life
Tim, Holland   (07.05.07)
I am not a jew, but when will the world wake up to realise that Israel just want to defend themselves. Israel were the only country to ever give these palestinnans a hope of a palestine state. Who thinks that if the borders would have remained the same prior to 1967,] Jordan would have given the palestinaisn the West Bank.??? Who thinks the Egyptians would have given the Paletisnians the Gaza??? "Hey have your land, call it Palestine" come on, if israel did not excist, you really really think these arab countries would give the land to these dumb palestinains?
17. to Rebecca No. 14
Philip - Leeds   (07.05.07)
I totally agree... Why not show a picture of my grandmother on her 88th Birthday party in Leeds. It would have the same relevance. to this article. I have a question. If King Hussain of Jordan loved the palestinians so much, I mean, he married one right? then why did he kill 5000 in Black September?
18. 5 and 15
Coby K, Beer Sheva,   (07.05.07)
When a Palestinian Soldier is taken by IDF, he will not die in custody... He will probvably/eventually, see his wife and children again. He will not die a horrible blindfolded death in our hands. On the other hand, if/when an IDF soldier is captured - what chance will he have to see his family, such as Shalit, and the 2 soliders captured by the Hisbollah, Ron Arad, ...the list continues. We will NEVER compromise the security of our soldiers in the IDF, just so you will be satisfied. Our boys are precious to us. Very precious. We 6/7M Jews in Israel are against an arab world of around 700Million. In 10 Years, we will maybe be 7/8 Million, and the arab world will grow to nearly 1 Billion, so please dont critisise us or our methods for protecting our people.
19. #15
Nabulsi   (07.05.07)
You are so ignorant you should read the HumanRights reports about using women and children as human sheilds by the israeli offensive forces ... I guess IOF only uses Palestinian human sheilds where they cannot take their tanks ... How heroic Not!
20. to #5 and #6: if you get what you ask for
Arn ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.05.07)
you should also expect a few thousand rockets packed with explosives to land everywhere on the civilian population in Gaza. Hey... be happy that we don't look for a balanced playing field and be careful what you wish for.
21. nabulsi
herb glatter ,   pittsburgh, pa, usa   (07.05.07)
from AP reporter Ibrahim Barzak: Witnesses reported a heavy exchange of fire as Israeli tanks and bulldozers moved in, backed by air power. As soldiers took up positions on rooftops, militants fought back by laying mines and firing small arms and mortars. Civilians? NOT
22. #20 i want to see "heroic" IDF with Iranian fighters
Jam   (07.05.07)
Palestinians are very poor and have poor recurses,but iran is very different.Wait and you see it very soon.
23. #5, depends how you define heroic.
Chatich   (07.05.07)
From your disgraceful and warped perspective, you see the heavily armored IDF killing defenceless civilians. Back in reality however, the fact is that IDF soldiers, G*d bless them all, are as heroic as it gets. See, the IDF is what we civilized folks call an 'army', a state run defence force with a clearly defined hirearchy of command. They dress in uniforms, clearly identify all their vehicles and operate under a strict set of rules of engagement. When you see an Israeli soldier you know immediately that he or she is a soldier. Furthermore, you know exactly what that soldier's protocols are and that the soldier is bound by their pledge to fight fairly. Now keep all that in mind and consider these brave souls, armored as they may be, venturing into a booby-trap laden sh*thole crawling with armed scumbag cowards that hide behind children as they shoot, dress up like women, use kids with toy guns as decoys and fire rockets out of schools and mosques. They subscribe to NO rules of engagement, adhere to NO accepted international guidlines of warfare and deliberately put (their own!) civilians in harms way. So picture yourself as an IDF soldier having to deal with all that, ever maintaining the decorum of engagement rules, while your enemy doesn't. Pretty damn heroic, if you ask me. And professor #6, Israel has advanced military weaponry because A) we have developed and engineered much of it ourselves, and B) have demonstrated time and again, often to our own detrement, the humane restraint of using the absolute minimum necessary force to achieve our defensive objectives. Make no mistake, Gaza could be completely leveled in an instant, and it would be if we were even half as barbaric and bloodthirsty as our adversaries. I often wish someone would give the hamassholes some tanks and jets, that way we would have no more excuses for not simply flattening gaza and starting over with a clean sheet of paper, something that is well within our capabilities and, honestly, any other country would have done given the presence of such evil creatures on their borders.
24. #23 Chatich
Tanks and aircraft are about all they still haven't brought in from Egypt. Thank you for a well-written post.
25. #22
Hezzi, in Jerusalem   (07.05.07)
Jam, are you thick? If there was a war between Iran and Israel, it would be a 1 to 2 day thing. Then, we will not be able to talk about the 6 day war anymore, there will be..the Two Day War. Iran would be easier to beat than Hisbollah. Didnt crappy Iraqi soldiers keep the stupid Parsi soldiers at bay for 10 years??? and they are next door neigbours. Your president, you know, the one that strongly resembles a chimpanze - he will come unstuck, very soon
26. #19, Nabulsi the hypocrite...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.05.07)
Where are you when fatah and hammas kill each other and in the process, kill innocent womne and children??? We never hear your voice then...why not? You are a typical hypocrite who cries wolf when it is convenient for you. The IDF does what it has to do to protect Israel...period!!! They often find bomb making labs, arms caches etc. so don't give us this "Palestinians are innocent" crap. The whole world knows about your people and how they run their culture. So calling us ignorant only makes you look that much more dumb. Get it???
27. #5 Another one bites the dust,&and another ones gone,
IDF Reservist ,   Israel   (07.05.07)
and another ones gone, and another bithes the dust. Hey(you pals), we're gonna get you too, and another one will bite the dust!!!!!!!! Man I really like that song!!
28. #11 Marcel - Israel is not even protecting its borders
Jonathan ,   USA   (07.05.07)
let alone Gaza's. Hundreds of migrants are slipping by and the government still does not have a policy in this regard. These infiltrators are being bused from here to there, and dumped in the middle of cities, but no amount of embarrassment makes the government react. You have to wonder about the government priorities and why are they hurting Israeli Jews with every policy, or lack of it, in this case. Who are they working for?
29. Nabulsi
You make the Israelis stronger not weaker how stupid Arabs are
30. but iran is very different.Wait and you see it very soon.
why should Iranians die for you ?
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