Paradise: A peace of the Middle East
Laura Ben-David
Published: 10.07.07, 12:27
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1. Travel
Ms Ben-David, why couldn't you just keep it a clean TRAVEL story about a beautiful natural resort? Why must you bring in race, religion and politics? Do you think the others there had any of this nonesense in mind? They were there swiming, having fun, I'm sure they didn't give a damn who you and your family were, and the fact that you can't just go for a swim and have a good time says a lot about what kind of person you are... The way things are in this country, I have a feeling there are too many other people like you around here.. Such a shame
2. It's too bad if the place is swamped with Arabs...
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.10.07)
Arabs think they can enjoy everything in Israel but not give back anything - not taxes, not army service or national service, nothing. But they suck our country dry.
3. Paridise
Martin Ginsberg ,   Monsey, NY USA   (07.10.07)
After reading that beautiful article, I can't wait to return to Israel and see it for myself. What a wonderful way that she shows us in words what she sees with her eyes.
4. great article!
Mark E. ,   NY   (07.10.07)
beautiful writing! amazing how she manages to bring up a political situation without really being political. And Gan Hashelosha IS a real paradise.
5. Great article!
Sharon R ,   ND   (07.10.07)
I love reading your articles Laura. Shame on the first guy in the Talkback list for judging you! Keep on writing Laura!
6. Travel - Response to 1st & 2nd talk back
Shmuel Reuven ,   Alon Shvut, Israel   (07.10.07)
Ok guys you showed us how sick you are with your responses against laura Ben David. She wrote an excellent review about a vacation spot in Israel. She wasn't being political nor making a political statement right or left wing. She just described how she felt in a beautiful way, no crime here. Whatever you believe about the Arabs - your STUPID attack against Laura Ben David just shows how ignorant you are. I think what laura WROTE was great and it does speak for most Jews who have a brain (that leaves out the 1st 2 talkbacks) - regardless of their politics. Laura THANKS FOR THE CLEAN TRAVEL STORY! You're the 'BEST'!
7. Great
B.F. ,   Phoenix, AZ, USA   (07.11.07)
What a gifted writer Laura is and what a worthwhile message! Thanks for printing this.
8. I loved reading this article!
enzo ,   london,uk   (07.10.07)
9. Reading this Article Makes Me Want to Vsit Israel
John McKinnley ,   Kansas, USA   (07.10.07)
I have never been to Israel but after reading this article I really want to visit Israel with my family! The write sure knows how to do PR for her country!
10. #6 paid talkbacker. Israel is indeed beautiful...
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.11.07)
but this political bs is out of place.
11. to #10
#4, #5 and #7 are probably paid too....
12. paradise article
Yaron ,   Los Angeles   (07.11.07)
its shame that current political climate is that an article like this is necessary. but Ben-David tackled the topic with sensitivity and wrote a great piece
13. Also called Sachna
Ali ,   USA   (07.11.07)
(that is the Arabic name) i was there over 20 years ago. Sachna was beautiful then as i'm sure, and as Ms. Ben-David describes it, it is beautiful now.
14. I hope to go to Gan Haslosha
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (07.12.07)
The article made be curious to know one more of the so many beautifull places in Israel. Actually,the whole Israel is extraordinarily beautiful:beautiful for its natural beauty,but more beautiful because any and every inch of this land is constructed with love-from the beautiful arquitecture of every building(even some of those built in a rush to absorb Jews)to the flowers blooming in the desert and everywhere. One can not help not seeing that under every flower there is a small pipe of water making this beauty possible-the famous irrigation method of Israel! Israel is to be loved by anyone,because it is the result of constant work and hope.Nothing here is given for free,all is conquered! The arabs ,there in the Gan Ha sloshah ,and anywhere, don't know this meaning.Unfortunaly they know only to envy and hate Jews. I hope soon to visit the Gan and not see them anymore;if not this month,very soon.They do not belong to Israel!They must go!
15. in israel now
Lisa Schwartz ,   USA   (07.15.07)
wow- great description. i plan to add this place to my iteneray. it sounds beautiful!
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