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A rough week
Mike Hochman
Published: 05.07.07, 16:39
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1. Ra'anana loves baseball.
mel ,   Ra'anana   (07.05.07)
Keep on enjoying the game. Baseball everyday is a blessing!
2. Something special
Connie ,   VA. USA   (07.06.07)
I can imagine being there eating popcorn, doing the wave, smelling the grass ( well, maybe not that ) attempting to catch a fly ball. At the end, a chance to see or talk to the players. Being able to be up close and personal with the players, while spending time with family and friends is what sets baseball apart from other sports. I hope the people there catch on to this special bond.
3. Baseball ...........go play a real game like rugby
freejay ,   israel   (07.07.07)
Most imigrants that live in Ra anana are sth african, english or european that couldnt care so i ,know why they play this stupid game here. Im from Australia and majority would consider baseball a girly game like softball as well.
4. Raanana Baseball
stan tannen ,   Raanana Israel   (07.08.07)
What a waste of money I hope we are not paying from our municipal taxes like we do for the basketball just so a few people can keep themselves busy.Its about time that money went to residents of Raanana who are playing the sports rather than a group of outsiders who get rich of our backs Boring game and you can see that the interest is minimum by the amount of people at the games.
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