Darfur refugees offered board in Sderot
Anat Bereshkovsky
Published: 09.07.07, 01:58
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1. Personally I believe they all should be
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.09.07)
given a gun and sent back to fight for their rights! I'm tired of people taking the easy way out and profiting off the sacrifice's other people have made. Time to stand up and say DO FOR YOURSELF! We'll help you........ over there.
2. As usual, Israel chooses to ... improvise
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.09.07)
This process has been brewing for a year or more, yet the government still has no policy, no plan of action, and no resources dedicated because it hasn't decided what to do. So as usual it can only improvise. Jail them... release them... it's the army's job.... it's the job of the immigration office... send them to Be'er Sheva... or Jerusalem... or Sderot... jobs in Eilat hotels... put them up in hotels... the moshavim will take them in... the students will help.... If this wasn't so embarrassing it would be a frickin' joke!
3. @1 that's what you say to mothers and small children?
4. @2 I couldnt say it better!
S   (07.09.07)
5. economic migrants
Jon S ,   London   (07.09.07)
There is so much left-wing propaganda going on, see the photos of children for example. These are economic migrants, nothing more, nothing less. Why are they suddenly coming to Israel now? Becuase Israel gave jobs to Sudanese in Eilat. Send them back ASAP, anything else will mean an influx and the end of Israel. The more time the government takes to throw out illegal infiltrators, the worse this will be. The "sob stories" coming out are just ridiculous.
6. #1
Anthony ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.07)
Given the Jews have spent most of their existance fleeing / being thrown out of counties. I think we should be the most symapthetic of all the nations. All diasporan Jews who managed to flee WW2, would have agreed your sentiments (not).
7. #1 ur loving kindness is amazing!
8. Raymond how many have the Americans taken in?
9. the world is blind 2 suffering of others!
10. Sudanese refugees
A voice of Reason ,   Isreal   (07.09.07)
The Israeli government must take charge now,seems to me that the Immigration people must take charge and find a temporary solution to the plight of these poor souls who fled certain death in their home land. Have the Jewish people forgotten that we were once refugees in Europe during the second world war, nobody wanted us and millions dies at the gas chambers because of it? Is the State of Israel willing to condemn these poor souls to a similar fate(death) in their own lands or in Egypt? Israel must be a Light unto all nations, a beacon of Hope,Justice. Gd would ask us to help these souls.after all who is sending them to us,yes they are not Jews but it is Gd leading these people to us,and who are we to turn them away? Let them stay until we can send them to a safe haven in another country! Listen to your hearts, to GD!
11. Brilliant idea – keep all of them in Sderot!!!!
Alex   (07.09.07)
12. The seriousness of the situation is totally underestimated!
The trickle will become a flood, and soon it will be unstoppable. There are more African countries within walking distance of the Egypt/Israeli border, whose citizens will only be too delighted to get to Israel. The word will spread and before we know it it will be too late. And for all you bleeding hearts out there: let's see YOU contend with homeless, jobless and hungry (and soon to become desperate) refugees on YOUR doorsteps.
13. Convert to Judiaism
Tuvia Schertzman,MD ,   Betar Ilit, Israel   (07.09.07)
If they convert, they can be legal immigrants. It would also be an embarassment to the Muslim world.
14. Anthony , Tel Aviv. You mean to
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.09.07)
tell me 6 million Jews in Europe wouldn't have given their right arms for somebody to give them the ability to defend themselves? That is why we gave you your own state! And, that is what I suggest for the Sudanese. As far as a economic refugee, if Israel can build a state like it has in 60 years, with help, other states can to. Help them... THERE! Don't burden us with your lack of resolve in fixing your own problems. I struggle day to day to provide for my family, they can do the same If you still feel I am cold hearted, fine. Put your money where your mouth is, and open YOUR home, and take these people in at YOUR expense. My job in manufacturing was out sourced years ago to cheap foreign labor and I can't afford to be so generous. Somebody over there has my job and sent the rest of their family here for me to contend with!
15. To Jo (Ohio) #1
Helene ,   Tel Aviv   (07.29.07)
And who are you anyway back in Ohio to tell people what to do and how to do it !!?? Only people like you in a safe place, with a family and a job can be so heartless. We are here in Israel few people who do want to help - and as a matter of fact, I do it with my OWN money and not with yours. Dont be so condescendent ! you live in the States anyway so keep quiet, and let people here mind their own business. I am 68 years old and a holocaust survivor, I KNOW, you DON'T what it is to be in these people's shoes.
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