'Israel creating unnecessary drama'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.07.07, 12:49
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stude ham   (07.09.07)
The fact that the sudanese have hired arab mercenaries (janjaweeds) to kill off huge numbers of Darfurians is irrelevant to their reputation because it is entirely Israel's rescue of the Darfur refugees which is damaging Sudan's image in this world.
2. As usual, they end up blaming Israel!
N. Simon ,   London   (07.09.07)
"The Sudanese authorities, he added, would "find the appropriate way to deal" with those who "dared immigrate to Israel."" And what sort of a threat is that? The Sudanese government has already killed more than half a million people and has 2.5 million refugees living in Darfur, where attacks take place on a daily basis. It's time people started talking about Muslims killing Muslims. Look at the number of those killed, and then wonder why the world criticises Israel?
3. Oh! How embarrassing!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (07.09.07)
Sudanese are seeking refuge in Israel! "They know nothing about Israel"? Sure they do! Otherwise, why would they come here???
4. It is the apartheid system that attracts the refugees.
Jimmy Carter ,   Atlanta   (07.09.07)
5. Image Problem!! Solve it by blaming Israel. How typical
Mike ,   Israel   (07.09.07)
6. Damned if She does and...
Marlene ,   FRANCE   (07.09.07)
...damned if She doesn't. That's Israel, who just as well might be blamed for asking Sudanese people "to come on over" and settle in Israel.
7. #4
Kapara al Haismuk   (07.09.07)
8. Sudanese govt are pure murderers
Micha   (07.09.07)
they know nothing about morals and ethics. The "minister" said that he would "deal" with those who "dared" go to Israel. That sounds like a nice invitation. It's incredible how barbaric the govt in Sudan is. Anyone with a right mind would want to leave.
9. "The Genocide of the Christians" is the real Sudanese drama
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.09.07)
10. Sudan has no "reputation". It has lots of NOTORIETY though!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.09.07)
What "reputation" is that filthy demagogue talking about? The reputation of murdering their own citizens? The reputation of driving their country into famine? The reputation of pushing Sudan into the Islamic Dark Ages? The reputation of increased analphabetism? The reputation of not respecting the (few) UN decisions aimed at easing their citizens' pain and suffering? Sudan does not need Israel or anybody else to taint its non-existing "reputation". Sudan has been doing a good job by itself!
11. Another fine example of how Islamists distort facts...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.09.07)
...and history. The Muslims will continue to live in poverty and backwardness and kill their future generations until they get rid of the crazed pijama-donning preachers and bearded child brain washers. Blaming Israel does not help in the long run. Even in the Muslim world "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time".
12. BottomLine::Sudan need 3states solution.Darfur & SouthSudan!
KMR ,   Middle East   (07.09.07)
13. if human rights in israel are worst then in sudan then let
them go back to suda   (07.09.07)
14. While th Blacks are massacred en masse
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (07.09.07)
The Vatican is more concerned with returning to their roots of converting all Jews or condemning them!
15. Don't Make Me Laugh
NYC Girl   (07.09.07)
If it weren't so tragic, it would almost be funny that the monstrous genocidal regime in Sudan thinks its reputation is suffering because of the Israelis.
16. Hutzpah should really be an Arabic word.
AK   (07.09.07)
17. This makes much sense
Suzanne   (07.11.07)
NOT! Taha, let me quote what Gillerman said: "When Christians kill Muslims it's a crusade. When Jews kill Muslims it's a massacre. When Muslims kill Muslims it's the weather channel. Noone cares"
18. WTF
Nemesis   (07.28.07)
When Muslims pass through Muslim countries,risk getting shot by the Egyptians,to get to Israel..what does that say about Muslim countries..not much I guess!
19. here's a suggestion
Jordan ,   Washington, DC   (07.30.07)
STOP THEM FROM GETTING KILLED AND THERE WON'T BE REFUGEES. It's ethnic cleansing, but the only people who seem to care are African Muslims who are getting murdered, the Arab Muslims who are doing the murdering and Jews who are trying to stop the murder. It's enough already. Either arm the African Muslims so they can fight back or fight for them.
20. that's right, blame it all on Israel!
Zahava ,   London   (07.31.07)
why haven't they realised that the reason they've moved from Egypt to Israel is because Egypt is just as violent and dangerous as Darfur
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