Baath official warns of war
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 09.07.07, 15:50
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1. Syria's threats show their true intentions!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.09.07)
All they know and all they want is war. Talking peace with these people is like trying to convince an apple that it is actually an orange.
2. Wars and Rumors of War
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.09.07)
Israel's enemies ,Syria,Iran are ready and it seems they are planning to ignite a fire no only in Lebanon. The Golan ,Gaza ,S.Lebanon front are already on a slow boil waiting for the command to finish what the Arab/Islamic world have been trying to do for over half a centrury now. The Bush disaster in Iraq has only emboldened the Shiite's and encouraged them. Your grave error was to look west for help and peace instead of looking up. Your so called ally and helper has not brought peace but engraved the road map to war into Israel. Make no mistake about it Israel, you are the bull's eye target and the Road Map to peace has only helped your enemies and weakened you
stude ham   (07.09.07)
Bexause Syria is impotent and hasn't got a hope in this world or below of ever beating back Israel. The strident language is a signal that the Syrian 'government' is crumbling.
4. Israel Will Spring To Action
PeaceAtAllCosts ,   USA   (07.09.07)
Hahaha. That's a good one!
5. You'd think the Syrians believe that they wont get HURT.
What ever these fools do will be their own undoing. They're own country will be absolutely decimated. Useless idiots.
6. World Net Daily
Brenda ,   London, Canada   (07.09.07)
Anyone reading World Net Daily knows it's a paraniod magazine. Joseph Farah, the editor, admitted using cocaine. It seems to have affected his mind. World Net Daily were the main pushers for the war in Iraq, which has cost 3,500 lives. They slam the media for not ignoring the deaths. Any amount of death is acceptable than admitting they were wrong. Anyone can say they have inside information, especially if he doesn't have his name used.
7. Peace with Arabs Impossible
Any time Israel succeeds in her peaceful moves with Arabs, then the coming of Christ will follow
8. Amazing how they only talk about there scuds
Mike ,   Israel   (07.09.07)
Well guys i asure you that Israel has a few toys that it can hit syria/iran with and it would not take thousands of missels to do. So if syria and Iran are really that stupid shut up and lets go. I promise you a nice getto in Damuscus
9. Europe, Prepare
Shai ,   Israel   (07.09.07)
Two possibilities: Israel wins, or Syria and Iran win. If Syria and Iran wins, basically its a net loss for the West. Europe will make do as best they can, and it won't take long for it to get used to a world without Israel. America will lick its wounds, and American Jews try to become invisible. Europe will take in a couple million Jewish refugees from Israel, probably those with descent university degrees, and the rest who survive will be dissipated around the world. But that's not going to happen. Of course Israel will "win". Rather, what Europe needs to do is prepare for when Israel wins. Usually, they don't let Israel make any gain from a win, as the Arabs will start to pout in the UN and everybody will make noises about how land can't be taken in war paka paka paka bla bla bl and how Israel started the war. But if Europe wants to end this incessant belligerance on the part of the Arab world, they have to let wars do what they used to do, and that's settle matters once and for all. If Israel wins, anything they get they get to keep. If they start pushing their enemies in the Golan over the border, so be it. Any of the Palestinians who join in on the attack from the southern front should be obliterated, and the world should respond with silence rather than the usual misplaced self-righteousness. We all know this isn't going to happen, though. The only way the world will be silent is when Israel disappears, and that's going to because they took everybody else with them. The world will be inhabited by cockroaches, and whoever is left of the Shiite and Sunni's who will fight it out for 1000 years over who gets to preside over the "religion of peace" until hopefully humanity can once again re-establish a society that is able to compromise and live with people who think differently than they do.
10. BottomLine::If so,Bashar&Baath party digging their owngrave!
KMR ,   Middle East   (07.09.07)
11. "starting at 6 a.m. and finishing late into the evening"
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.09.07)
You have to give Assad one thing though - what a handsome man
12. #6
enzo ,   London,uk   (07.09.07)
How do you explain that Syria is recalling every Syrian worker AND student back from Lebanon within the next week or two?
13. Syria
Christo ,   Israel   (07.09.07)
Wasn't last week that Syria was complaining that Israel was having war games near its border and that Israel was preparing for war? Didn't Syria just close down a border post, and isn't it ordering all of its students out of Lebanon? Seems to me that they decided on war with Israel a while ago,and that our government start getting the hOmefront ready now, since Syria has come out and stated that it is prepared to attack us in a month or so! HANDOUT OUR GAS MASKS ,EITHER THE FILTERS OR COMPLETE NEW ONES! READY THE SHELTERS MAKE SURE THEY ARE HABITABLE FOR DAYS ON END. MAKE READY THE HOMEFRONT NOW!!!!!! BEFORE THE ROCKETS START FLYING!!!
14. We Should Nuke Damascus.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.09.07)
No one will miss it. The fact that they threaten to attack civilian population centers such as Tel Aviv with missile means that we should have zero scrupules in totally destroying Syria. And if Iran joins in, so much the better - no one will miss Teheran either.
15. #13
not only that, but syria opened a major road leading to the golan heights which was closed for over 20 years. that action may possibly imply that they are ready to give road access to the islamist extremist guerillas to have access to israel and the golan heights. those interested should read syria is 100% gearing for a confrontation on our borders. golan shmolan. the main idea is top destroy israel. the golan means nothing to them. it sat desolate and uninhabited in syria for centuries without any settlements or industry or infrastructure. look what israelis did with the golan. it's fertile, and beautiful and most importantly it is israeli territory. i can guarantee you that if the situation was reversed, and syria captured a part of israel, no one in europe or the usa would demand its return to israel. it would be a fait a compli. israel, according to the world has to make all the concessions to arabs, considering it inhabits a land mass of 1 tenth of 1 percent of the entire arab middle east. let's call a spade a spade. it's not about territory. it is about generations of arab hate for jews and their inability to come to terms of us, the dihimis, living and prospering amongst them while they remain in the 7th century living in squalor, poverty, repression and total disaster. looking across the border at what israel has acheived in just 60 years will make all arabs green with envy. it is about hate, envy and pride, which the arab mentality is full of.
16. #14 terry
unfirtunatelly, we israelis must ask permission first from those that "say", like europe and the usa, that they are our friends. unfoirtunatelly, we israelis are "not allowed" by the powers that be to go to war without permission. what a farce and what a joke! israel fights for america and europe and when we need their support, they spit in our face with anti israel resolutions, boycotts, etc... let's face it, it seems clearer and clearer that most of the world would rather see arabization rather than the survival of israel and jews. we are the sacrificial lamb in the hands of eirope and bush.
17. Syria is deluding itself.
Cynic ,   USA   (07.09.07)
This will not be like Lebanon war. First, Israel will not be limited in its response. Second, and more importantly, the Assad will have to answer to its people when their country is destroyed on a magnitude far greater than Lebanon.
18. War means spares
דמיר ,   Russia   (07.09.07)
Can't see Russia backing Syria in any way. All the military hardware sold can be rushed at war only if backed with a sufficient supply of spares. But at the first shot we most probably shall stop any supplies to Syria. How they want to sustain any offensive then? Mark also, spares for MiG-29 and -31 cannot be easily obtained worldwide.
19.  Ancient Prophecy: Damascus reduced to rubble
patriot ,   chicago, US   (07.09.07)
One of the prophets, I forget wich. But definitely one of the major prophets. Foretold that Damascus would be obliterated. I would imagine by missiles and maybe bombers. Maybe that prophecy is about to come true. the Syrians are certainly stupid enough to try, at some point. It's their funeral.
20. #6 Brenda
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.09.07)
Rule #1 To downplay and trash the message, attack the messenger . Farah is a Lebanese Christian who supports Israel 110% . This is THE REAL REASON why you do not like WND.
21. I hope most citizens move out of damascus
Micha   (07.09.07)
before it is turned to rubble. What type of country makes such jingoistic comments? I've only heard such rhetoric and threats from arab countries. Strange.
22. If they haven't learned from the lessons
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.09.07)
of 48, 67, 73, and 82 you can't expect them to learn from the aftermath of 2007. If they are stupid enough to try it again you might as well push to the Turkish border.
23. Syrian threat...
Mark Kleiman ,   South Florida, USA   (07.09.07)
Won't Israel including you Mr. Olmert, acknowledge the backward Kadima should be out of government TODAY???
Zionist forever   (07.10.07)
IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS Assad is never going to start any war that would involve Israeli bombs falling on Damascuss and not Beirut thats why Assad uses terrorists based in Lebanon when Israel goes to war to try and end the terror it goes and fights in Lebanon let the inocent Lebanese get caught up in the middle of a Syrian war. Scud D missles - even for the patriot missle defense is no problem. Israel also has the more advanced jehrico 1 asnd 2 missles to hit Syria with. Anti tank rockets didnt do as much damage to Israeli tanks in Lebanon as Assad would like to believe Israel used alot of Merkava 2 tanks orginaly used in the first Lebanon war in the 80s before the current generation of anti tank missles came along and a version of the merkava 3 which has been designed with urban warfare in mind and so its armour is not as good as other generations. The merkava 4 preformed very well and another main problem the tanks had in Lebanon was to save money the IDF didnt fit an anti tank rocket protection system and it seems those lessons are now being learned and they are being given the protection systems. Syria has some aging MIGS and some of the worst trained pilots in the region Israel has the lastest versions of the superior F15 & F16 and the Israeli pilots have the skill the Syrians dont. Assad doesnt have the courage to usee chemical weapons the man isnt a religious idealist the same as Ahmadinijad and allthough Asad might be stupid enough to believe he can win he can win a war he is not so stupid to use chemicall weapons knowing the fact Israel can wipe Syria off the map if he did. The only way Israel can loose a war against Syria is if Olmert goes to Assad begging for mercey at any price or if it came to war Olmert made the decisions on how to fight and not the soilders. Come on Assad are you a man or a rat if your a man you will be willing to send Syrian soilder to fight for the Golan you wont get terrrorists in Lebanon to do the job for you.
25. Assad needs to see an optometrist
zionist forever   (07.10.07)
If he thinks that his brave Syrian soilders and the thing they call a millitary can defeat Israel in an all out war. Israels only real weakness is the current regime thats running the country but if the soilders were allowed to do their job properly without interfearece then this will be the 6 hour war not the 6 day war.
26. Isaiah 17:1 " shall be a ruinous heap."
Javier Ruiz-Leon ,   United States   (07.10.07)
The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
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