'Who could believe we'd ever come back here? It is madness'
Tal Rabinovsky
Published: 12.07.07, 11:53
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1. Nice reading for Israel's enemies.
AJ ,   Washington DC   (07.12.07)
2. Nice and courageous young man
AK   (07.12.07)
But is is painfully obvious from his journal that the Israeli higher-ups in order to appease the unappeasable foreign public opinion sent those soldiers without first using the airforce and the artillery to soften the enemy position. They were so worried about the enemy civilians that they forgot to worry about their own boys. As a result many were killed and injured that didn't have to be.
3. It is just one side
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (07.14.07)
In Friday's Ha'aretz (Eng. edition) there is a great article about the positive feeling of most of the reservists.
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