11 mortar shells fired at Israel
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 10.07.07, 15:54
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1. It's impossible to live like this; whose fault?
that IS why Hamas asked so many time that Sderot be evacuated, but no one has answered.
2. Make sure you take anything of value from your empty feilds
Shiloh   (07.10.07)
Look out, here will come the policy of bombing an empty field while protecting Israel, so take all your belongings out, don't want the sand to get in them. Let Mexico send 11 rockets to the America and see how America shows restraint. Such hypocrisy.
3. Learn from the Lebanese army
Eric ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.10.07)
Enough is enough! Finish up these bloody criminal terrorist tugs who target indiscrimiately civilians areas. It is time to take the gloves off!
4. On going firing
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (07.10.07)
In the name of common sense, can't we stop supplying gasoline to Gaza. This is not "collective punishment" it is a weapon aimed at the public to put pressure on their political leaders to stop their random efforts to kill us.Let them use donkeys. We are just sitting ducks or are we the donkeys. Neal the Hasmonean
5. Disbelief?
Dale ,   Spokane USA   (07.10.07)
Why was it so hard for the Itialian PM to believe that so many rockets have hit Isreal? Isreal is under attack on a daily basis. When is this guy going to get it? When is the world going to get it?
6. Barak !
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.10.07)
Time for some good old, well proven, field bashing. Get those artillary pieces humming once again. Those fields really are dangerous ! !
SAD TRUTH   (07.10.07)
Olmert & the rest of the gang is waiting for us to get used to the rockets, consequentally the people will move out and Hamas will target the next town, and the same wheel will keep turning BOMBING, OUTRAGE, HUNDA BOMBING, OUTRAGE, HUNDA, BOMBING, OUTRAGE, HUNDA, BOMBING, OUTRAGE, HUNDA And we will become use to that as well and Hamas will move to the next town........ G-D please help us...
8. What is Wrong With Israel: Sad Truth?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (07.10.07)
To Sad Truth: As an American, I cannot understand what Israel's thinking is? It's obvious that the PALs are using the old Chinese water torture technique. The first 100 Kassams don't feel like much. Now that 5,000 have been fired, isn't anyone getting the message in Israel. Today Kassams, tomorrow Katys, the Grads..then what? The PALs are beefing up their military and after day, Israel invites Italians and others and cries to them. And they sometimes get sympathy. Israel hands out 3 lifeterm sentences to killers...and expects the terrorist thugs to do what? Until Israel gets tough, this will continue and worsen. Israel still has the high ground, but it's gradually being leveled. It's very sad indeed. I pity Israelis for tolerating all of this nonsense. i ask, what is wrong with Israel?
9. What Would Begin Do?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (07.10.07)
Today in the LA Times newspaper, was an op-ed by a Hamas top spokesperson. He said that all the fault lies with the creation of the Jewish state..that was the initial crime. The occupation now is what is fueling PALs hatred..every act of violence is justified to force Israel back to it's orginal borders. (He doesn't really mention what Hamas goals really is, nor the 5,000 Kassams). It's all the Jews tault. Until Israel gets tough(er) this will continue and get worse. Why Israel is restained is beyond me? What Sharon would do is to take out a chunk of an Arab city (Gaza). What would Dayan, and Shamir and Begin do I ask? Oh for the good old days. Israel's policies are pathetic and immoral besides.
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