MK sexually assaulted me, political activist says
Published: 11.07.07, 15:48
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1. MK
Israel tax payer ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
who is this MK I have the right to know
2. 120 MKs
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
120 MKs - female MKs - MKs over 70 of age - first class MK who is left ?
3. Our Distinguished MK's.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.11.07)
Our politicians are a real class act. Rape, brawling, fighting in night-clubs, sexual harrassment, cronyism, corruption. Let's not forget our patriotic Arab MK's nor our own collection of religious fanatics & left wing lunatics. And then of course we have Olmert, Livni, & the former buffoon Peretz, now replaced by the self-serving pompous opportunist Barak, & our new president, the architect of Oslo. It's a real tribute to the Jewish people that we survive despite our gov't. - imagine how much we would accomplish if we actually had real leaders.
4. Is it politically correct ?
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (07.11.07)
Given the traditional behaviour of Israeli men and the high ration of extramarital affairs per male inhabitant...what to think ? Given the perversity of some politician, regardless if male or female...difficult to say...If lie detectors do not lie, then we need to call on the spirit of the legendary King Solomon. He will certainly know how to find who is a liar and who is not. As far as I know, honest MK are like a needle in a haystack....but so are trusteable women who will turn anyhting into a sexual assault, even an invitation for lunch to try to close political differences ! Mmmmmmh ???
ISRAELI ,   ISRAEL   (07.11.07)
D ,   centre   (07.11.07)
7. Lie down with dogs (MKs), then you'll wake up w/ fleas
Jimbo ,   Haifa   (07.11.07)
A kenesset member is required to possess a certain degree of moral FLEXABILITY. The greater his/her flexability, the greater the status. Sad but true.
8. OLD MAN Young girl
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
This girl I am sure is younger than MK Ziv`s children if he is so horny he must go to a prostitute
9. i know for a fact that this woman lie believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (07.11.07)
first of all her eyes are too close together, that is a dead give away beleive me and it is scientific that people with eyes too close together always lie also what is she doing in his bed room without her father or her big brother to escort her, this would not happen in our beloved gaza and last, why is she not covered from head to toe like a good woman should, why she give him temptetion after all he is just a man leave this mk alone to do more important work like giving us more land and leting out more of our prisoers believe me
10. Women do get assaulted in the strangest places...
a US Navy enlisted woman following an entourage of Navy Admirals including the then CINCPAC Admiral Charles Larson on a tour of a Russian ship at harbor in San Diego, was kidnapped unnoticed by a Russian sailor and raped on the ship. There is little justice in the world and Admiral Larson decided not to pursue the matter in an investigation since the identity of the Russian could not be determined. What the members of the Knesset should do is to learn what sailors do to assault and then erase the memory of the assault from the victim (male or female victim). This is not discussed publicly, but I have been told about it in Navy circles. You pour automotive ether onto a rag or handkerchief and put it over the victims face while the victim is sleeping or when you grab the person from behind. That puts the victim to sleep. There are searches on US Navy ships for authomotive ether which is forbidden, but some is always found. MK's should not pretend to love a woman they just want a piece of before throwing the whole woman away. Ether is the US Navy way, and appears to appeal to Russian sailors, too, when tours of their ships are made. So beware of touring Russian ships, ladies.
11. Isnt 'ZIV' a sexually transmitted disease
zahava   (07.11.07)
12. The girl is telleing the truth
Israeli ,   Isral   (07.11.07)
I bleive the girl this MK must be throne from the Knesset now ! Urgent clean the house !
13. Are israelies so randy? This must be the sun.
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (07.11.07)
14. # 10 that was very informative
tma   (07.11.07)
I just hope you haven't given any ideas to would-be rapists out there.
15. Blame viagra!
Talula ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
We never heard of old age pensioners sexually harassing women until Viagra came along.
Atilla Liman ,   Karagözoğlu   (07.11.07)
Pervert Menteality of News publishing Dicipline is A MUST in News sites Ynet ! you are the ONLY one who makes Katsav's news THIS much ! GO HOME YNET, YOU CANT BE JURNALISTS, YOUR BRAINS ARE NOT FREE. Atilla Liman Karagözoğlu
17. Itzhak Ziv
Magdalena ,   Belgium   (07.11.07)
Stop all the stories about sexually assault, all these stories are bad publicity for Israel. Further why all these women did not complain directly after the assault.
18. I give you 1hr to stop it ,otherwise I'm calling the Police
Alan ,   SA   (07.11.07)
19. I would stop his Pension immediately.
Alan ,   SA   (07.11.07)
20. omigosh! here we go again..... would a load of crap!
21. and the list grows
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.07)
what a wonderful country we have being run by bribe takers, sex offenders, spies for the arabs, lets see who has stepped down or is under investigation: Olmert, Hirschenson, ramon, Hanegbi, Blumenthal, Bishara, Ziv, Katsav, who did I miss here? no wonder we are not taken seriously and then of course Ministry of Justice lawyers who think that they are in the boxing ring, I wanna puke! Then we have the gays running amok in Jerusalem Is it a wonder we are not blessed/
23. What have you done, Ziv?
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (07.11.07)
Now, the leftist media will leave real international prolems of ours aside and concentrate on you and on "M" ,the political activist ,from morning to midnight.
24. No Respect???
David ,   Ashdod   (07.11.07)
What is wrong with you HORNEY,MK's ect......,No respect for wemen any more?, no romance left any more ??
25. Horny Grandads
"Aleph" ,   israel   (07.11.07)
Why can't these MK's just get a nice hooker and get their rocks off? Couldn't be because they don't have enough money.
26. # 22. So what's the excuse
for all those other men who AREN'T Israeli?
27. Why was she roaming around
Sleepy   (07.11.07)
being shown bedrooms, newly renovated, in the home of a widower... Is that now called 'political activity'?
28. Time for another new party
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
United Molesters Party. Katsav , Chairman Ramon, Faction head Ziv, Minister for women's rights Maifesto, grab it anytime you can.
29. Another one ?
ben ,   singapore   (07.11.07)
Looks like the parliament is full of this kind of perverts !
30. and the winner is...
tzionit   (07.11.07)
(He's hired) the katzavnikims lawyer. Thats who all the do gooders( good at preaching howling and talking, but doing nothing) should have hired for HER.
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