UN commander in Golan 'worried by Israel's actions'
Gil Yaron
Published: 11.07.07, 14:08
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David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (07.11.07)
this is the same thinking that blames Israel for the 2nd Lebanon war, blames Israel for not making enough peace overtures towards the pali's, Blames Israel for escalating tensions in the whole region....but leaves out the fact that 22 Islamic countries have lined up against the Jewish nation in every forum including the UN to deligitimize Israels right to exist.
2. We aren't the ones threatening war
Lisa ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
Perhaps someone ought to point out to Jilke articles like this one on ynet a couple of days ago: Baath official warns of war
3. Why dignify some Austrian who obviously hates Israel?
Frank ,   USA   (07.11.07)
Typical trash!
4. And We Vaule UN Opinion Because . . .
emanon ,   USA   (07.11.07)
5. Another Antisemite that should be ignored
Harry   (07.11.07)
6. No reason to doubt the veracity of the article!
redmiike ,   tel aviv   (07.11.07)
I am right wing but have no reason to doubt what is written in the article. Olmert has screwed up with 'everything' else and there is no reason to doubt that it is our behavior in the Golan that is causing heightened tensions. We need to get rid of the Olmert junta as soon as possible. It is hard to imagine anyone that would be worse from the left or right. With the exception of Beilin of course and hopefully Metetz will not qualify of inclusion in the next Knesset.
7. It was reported here 2 days agao
Mike ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
Syria gives Israel until August or September to leave the Golan or it will be taken by force. But thats not a threat according to this clown. He should join the circus he's a funny clown. He would make his daddy and grand daddy proud.
8. Syrian spy
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg, SA   (07.11.07)
Don't believe him but I know Olmert will believe him. He is on the Assad's payroll. I want to know from Isarelis why can't u invite Christians from other countries to join your army? We are so concern as u because we believe fully that land belongs to you actually the whole land including Gaza and the Wesbank. It is written in the Bible so what is fuss about all this. I am willing to sacrifice my life for Israel.
9. Her comendant! Please answer this:
schindler ,   Tel Aviv   (07.11.07)
1. Do you think the Syrians care enough about their soldiers to build them the proper shields? 2. Why would you think the Syrian government had populated that area? (could it be because they want to create a human shield?) 3. How then you explain the headline right below the article with you saying Israelis are not yet ready for the next war? 4. If thats the case with Syria why do they keep saying that if the peace option will not work war is the only solution? 5. and in that spirit, as an officer "from birth", wouldn't you recomend us to have this war now, as we have the upper hand??? And last question: 6. It says you come from a blood line of army officers, it says about your herrow grandfathers, well, excuse me for asking... WHICH ARMY DID YOUR FATHER SURVE???
10. We aren't the ones threatening war - link
Lisa ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
The link doesn't work. If you want to see the article, copy this URL into your browser's address field:,7340,L-3423116,00.html
11. They Mention Grandfather's Military Career.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.11.07)
So, what did his father do during the war? Isn't it odd that they would skip over it? In any case, I'm not particularly impressed with his interpretation. He can't be unaware of the threatening speeches coming out of Damascus every few days nor is he unaware of Syrian involvement in arming Hezbollah & other dirty tricks in Lebanon. So why should he find our behavior alarming? It wouldn't be the first (not even the second) time Syria attacked us. His opinion is worth nothing.
12. Syria opened Kuneitra& is threatening war
BigE ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
Typical of anti-Israel UN bla-bla. Did this airhead hear the latest in a string of threats against Israel coming from Syria: If we don't vacate the Golan by September, then they'll unleash a terror campaign against the COMMUNITIES (read: CIVILIANS) in the Golan. They have Scud C's tipped with VX nerve gas they got from Saddam's Iraq, missiles from Iran and the will to commit genocide. A couple of weeks ago, they removed their own roadblocks (except for 2) to Kuneitra to allow "civilian" Syrians (read: terrorists) to enter, several thousand of their troops moved into Lebanon's Bekaa Valley and they told Syrian "students" in lebanon to go home. All of this war-mongering going on under to obviously stuffed-up noses of UNIFIL and UNDOF. And, of course, Ynet adds its own special smarmy flavor.
13. our crime is.......
Yehu Ben Zohar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.11.07)
preparing to defend ourselves. There is nothing the world hates more than Jews that can defend themselves, Jews are only loved when they are victims. As a child of a Nazi, this UN useful idiot is more worried about the Jews fighting back than the fact that Syria is planning to attack us. Now all we have to do is get rid of that idiot Olmert and his cronies and maybe we can win the next war.
stude ham   (07.11.07)
Life is good for him. He's not being bombarded by the arab murderers.
15. UNIFIL have made deals with Hamas --- who pay them too!
Nannette ,   London   (07.11.07)
16. UNIFIL made deals with Hizbollah - who pay them too
Nannette ,   London   (07.11.07)
UNIFIL look the other way, while they're paid to share their sites with Hizbollah. We've heard too many stories, seen the photos of Hizbollah's flag flying next to UN flags - and this UN nonce is propagating more anti-Israel sentiment.
17. Name one country where UN has brought peace, instead of war?
Nannette ,   London   (07.11.07)
18. UN commander in Golan 'worried by Israel's actions'
Jim Brown ,   TN USA   (07.11.07)
Sure the blame always is on Israel according to the UN and the world. What about this little bit of news?
19. UN Antisemite crap
Brod ,   USA   (07.11.07)
The UN is infested with Antisemites who are always blaming Israel for the sins and self-inflicted wounds of the Islamist-Jihadist thugs and states. It is time America ensures that the UN is not being controlled and infested by antisemites who are being manipulated by their counterparts--the Islamist-Jihadist states.
20. Default idea for Europeans: uppity jews
Jack   (07.11.07)
Why doesn't this guy call for the countries surrounding Israel to stand down and demilitarize the areas along Israel's borders. Heaven knows they have miles and miles of land with which to do that; Israel is TINY! How can he fault Israel for letting the neighbors know Israel is ready to fight when the neighbors allowed (or ordered!) Hizbullah to chuck bombs into civilian houses all last summer? For example, he says anti tank weapons aren't offensive? Weren't most of Israel's troop casualties caused by jihadis shooting anti tank missiles at Israeli troops on foot? Europe should NEVER have a voice in the safety of Jews. They have a terrible record, including on the Gaza Egypt border. And they prove themselves over and over with people like this man.
22. Long line military career? So what did Jilker father do?
AK   (07.11.07)
Whom did Jilker's father serve. Did any of his father's friends end up in Syria after WWII? The man is definitely not friendly to Israel and I wonder why?
23. Proud third generation of a family of officers ...
Ezra haGuer   (07.11.07) including his father ! The article quotes where is grandfathers served, during WWI but what about his father during WWII ? Was he an officer in the Wehrmacht or the SS ?
24. For eleven years
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
I served as a liason officer with the UN forces on the Syrian Israel frontier. It was a long time ago so I am not saying that I know this particular officer. To classify all UN peacekeepers as antisemites, or anti Israel is patently wrong and indeed very stupid. From first hand knowledge I am stating categorically that this is not the case. They are only doing their job, they try to remain without bias and in most cases they know and understand the truth. This officer may be reading these talkbacks and might well not be biased in anyway. Just think of the damage and what he thinks of us now.
25. to Moses #8: You want to serve in IDF?
Tobias   (07.11.07)
Dear Moses from S.A. (and anybody else) if you want, as a christian, to serve for the IDF, consider the Sar-El organisation. Read their web site: Perhaps this is something for you.
26. To # 13
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.11.07)
There might be some who hate it, when Jews can defend themselves, BUT there are a lot more of us, not even Jewish, who root for the underdog and just love it and applaud, when Jews outsmart, outmaneuver, outgun and generally kick the s--t out of asshats of whatever kind. And if they trash anything UN in the process, so much the better. Putting an Austrian in charge of anything even remotely connected to Israel is a frigging insult, anyway.
27. Syrian missiles are not rusty!
Mike ,   UK   (07.11.07)
28. Wierd mix of nonsense and sense
Danny   (07.11.07)
I would be inclined to agree that Syrians are generally not keen to fight. The last time they showed any desire was in 1973, which I think cured them of it - certainly it did the Assads. I have seen what they publish in Damascus and I would unscientifically estimate around a quarter of the books to be something along the lines of "Jews rule the world" and intriguingly enough the "Jewish Lobby" paper translated into arabic seems popular as does a translation of some Israeli articles on the Second Lebanon War. Unfortunately, I didn't buy them to read and check how good the translations are... The comment about anti-tank and anti-aircraft munitions is simply nonsense. When Egypt attacked in 1973, virtually all the IDF tank casualties were due to anti-tank missiles and the IAF was all but neutralised by SAMs. They have a considerable tank and infantry numerical advantage and so those two munitions can affect IDF ability to fight as it did in 1973. I don't think that this guys background makes him a liar or an anti-semite, maybe a bit miffed that the IDF can be bothered to wine and dine him - yet another example of Israeli media brilliance....
29. Herr Jilke
Jacob ,   New Zealand   (07.11.07)
As emotionally raw as it is for Jews to be "advised" on their security/safety by an Austrian, i think we do need to realise he is not a Nazi. Thousands of Jews fought proudly for Germany, Austro-Hungaria and the Ottoman Empire up until World War 1, and many died for what they loyally saw as their country. The criminal Nazi ideology - with its amoral disregard for established laws of war and basic decent human behaviour was contrary to every form of military conduct in modern history (as well as contrary to every law of man and nature). The military, professional and personal standards of the IDF stand as a genuine example of an honourable army, a concept which the Nazis destroyed in their evil. It is wrong however to attack this man, although "the fathers have eaten grapes and the children's teeth have been set on edge", just because he says what we don't want to hear. Naturally, i think he's wrong about the threat, because basing this analysis on "assymetrical" regular forces does not account for the brutal "Islamic" shia/sunni gangster method of mass murder - chlorine gas and high explosive bombs which kills hundreds a week in Iraq and may soon be attempted in Israel. According to the logic that Israel is the problem, it is America's fault that the jihadis and Mehdi army are mass murdering innocent Iraqi women and babies, Iraqi police and soldiers and others. Thanks UN for focusing on the world's real problems! I am encouraged by what he reports young Syrians have said. How wonderful would it be to see a truly democratic Syria which respects human rights - racial, religious and those fundamental rights of women. But unfortunately although Syria claims to be secular, just beneath the surface there is a poison of Arab Nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism which did indeed collaborate with the Nazi murderers a few decades past. Let us just pray that one day the type of thinking of those young Syrian people who would like to be friends and visit Israel replaces that which currently rules, one which develops nerve and germ agents to murder Israelis, both Jewish and Arab. Elohim, ten li rak od matana, et haShalom al pnei haAdamah!
30. What We Have Here Is Another Waldheim.
Patrick B. Leek ,   Bexley, Ohio U.S.A.   (07.11.07)
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