Collaborator caught upon returning to Gaza dies
Ali Waked
Published: 11.07.07, 15:19
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1. If this happened to Vaanunu, the world would not be silent
Shai ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
2. Let's see
Concerned Zionist ,   New York, New York   (07.11.07)
Will the International Solidarity Movement, or B'Tselem or the UN Human Rights Council or Jimmy Carter or the EU or CAIR protest the brutal treatment of this Arab prisoner? Probably not, because the Israelis didn't mistreat him. His Arab brethren did.
3. he didn't "die"; he was killed
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.11.07)
call it what it is Ynet: murder.
4. Suicide? No, don't think so.
5. Collaborator "dies"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.11.07)
You say he "died" as though he had cancer, or kidney failure, or Alzheimer's. HE WAS MURDERED BY TERRORISTS.
6. #2 let's see indeed
English guy ,   London   (07.11.07)
The big unanswered question here is what the Israeli Secret Services (or SS) knew. They dropped him off at the border in an Israeli jeep and wearing an Israeli uniform. In fact, they seem knowingly to have sent him to his death. What a great way for Israel to treat Palestinian collaborators (or traitors, or scumbag kapos who sell out their own people). It would seem that any decent journalist would have tried to get the Shabak side of this story - for the way it has been reported treats the general reading public as a bunch of idiots. AS for Israelis not mistreating him - the only way that he could have been forced to work as a collaborator is because Shabak were blackmailing him.
7. What a dumb fabrication.
Arn ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.11.07)
Hey... can you imaging a collaborator changing out of army duds and into civilian clothes in clearest daylight... in an open field... in full view of the whole world ? And of course the cameraman knew exactly where and when to have his camera ready. This contrived piece of theater should be a classic shown around the world. The BBC will take it seriously. Al-Jazzera would show it on their comedy hour.
8. RED CARPET for collaborators
Anyone ,   Somewhere   (07.11.07)
The Palestinian should have welcome him with RED CARPET for coming back. If he betrayed his people would not he betray his masters? You do not even respect you collaborators!!!
9. Ra'ed Fanuna
Avraham ,   NYC   (07.11.07)
This brave Arab soul may have helped in elimination of Ra'ed Fanuna who personally fired an RPG around Rafiah/Philadelphi Corridor, in which a number of Israeli soldiers had died. You have nowhere to hide, terrorists. Your Arab brethren - whether for altruistic, personal or financial reasons - will help the IDF hunt you down into your graves.
10. You guys are killing me
Mike ,   Israel   (07.11.07)
I'm a reservist in the IDF and for first hand information, never and i mean never does anyone put on a IDF uniform unless hes in the IDF let alone a palestian. 2nd do you realy think the camera man would know where this guy woul be and in the middle of the day, and to boot changing out in the open. WOW dont let these hamas morons \make fools out of you Please.
11. Clear Case of Dementia
Edwin ,   Canada   (07.11.07)
You guys are so quick to pronounce judgment on his abductors without any evidence to back your asseverations! This hapless fellow was obviously in the final stages of croaking from senile dementia. A clear sign of this disease is his changing uniforms at the border in view of Hamas. If he wasn’t senile, he certainly was stupid.
12. is this true??
yoel   (07.11.07)
if yes, are israelis so stupid? In my opinion, this situation seems to me impossible. If he was a collaborator, he would have undressed while beeing hiden. If it's true he was released from an israeli jeep, I think he was a terrorist, and israeli soldiers exposed him knowingly to make him suffer in the other side of the fence. Anyway, this is a bad behavior, IF IT'S TRUE... Is there any chance, palestinians orchestrated this from the beginning, a new Pallywood story?? Anyway, he was killed on Pals' hands, and they are the first to blame, not israelis!!
13. Israel ,you have become very careless
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.12.07)
Why did the IDF Jeep pull up so close to the Gaza fence to be seen by the enemy ? Why did you allow valuable assett Fadel to remove IDF uniform and climb over fence and not find a better way to get him back into Gaza ?
14. Sounds like a fabricated story to me.
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