PM considers allowing Jordanian forces to enter West Bank
Ronny Sofer
Published: 12.07.07, 00:45
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1. What is going on over there?
jack bauer ,   usa   (07.12.07)
Olmert is considering? What the @#$% is going on in his mind? So much for him being Jewish first. The people need to call a new election, or have a no confidence vote, or something to stop this nonsense from continuing any longer. The answer should be that - "sorry, but Judea/Samaria will not/never be a battlefield between fatah and Hamas Terrorists"
ISRAEL PREPARE ,   WAR IS COMING.....D9   (07.12.07)
3. New Karazy
Abu Abdallah ,   Amman-Jordan   (07.12.07)
Abbass = Karazy ( the Afghani president)
4. New Occupation
Ali ,   Falsteen -Ramallah   (07.12.07)
We will treat them as a new type of occupation. They are Jordanian intelegent agents and we will kick their asses out of our country
FIRING AWAY ,   ..............DACON9   (07.12.07)
6. wellcome
bashar ,   nablus-palestine   (07.12.07)
i will tell you secret not all fatah are supporting abbas and i am sure this army when they will come in real palestine they will not keep supporting abbas believe that or not. but if you are cleaver you will not agree on that first becouse Bader trups groun up with the reall fatah thought and when they come to the grond and find that corupted people leading the part they will not accept that . secound this army established to fight israeli and they will not accept for long to be toy in ignorand leader as abbas or even olmert
7. Olmert is poisin for Israel.
Jeremiah ,   Israel's Jewish Land   (07.12.07)
Only an idiot would allow enemy nation's armed forces to come right in to the heart of our country. Look at what a terrible job the UN force in Lebanon has done at keep Hizbullah from rearming and moving member back into souther Lebanon. Like Jordanian forces will really care if hostile elements set up camp in the heart of Israel.
8. "to preserve his control over West Bank"..?
ilana   (07.12.07)
WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL'S CONTROL!? Why doesn't Israel or Condi Rice make the formal announcement that the so-called West Bank is NOW a pal state? WHY? They think if we read of the "pals control" there long enough, we will get used to it. Explain please?
9. ARG how can he be dumber than that
he aways has a verrrrrrrrryyyyy good idea !! all the time... He should be given the title of the dumbest israeli leader of all time!...
10. Jack, it's now beyond the insane asylum!
Shiloh   (07.12.07)
I cannot fathom nor understand what is happening except the fact that the US gov't is pulling the strings. If you have not read about peak oil, do so. My suspisions are that knowing the CIA is currently and has for some time been training and working with Fatah. Thus forcing Israel to recognise this non-people. The bottom line is American politics has destroyed and will sadly continue to destroy Israel and the Jewish people because of it's need of black blood, namely oil. Changing it's own way's will not happen as Dick Cheney relayed. What's worse is that Israeli polititions bow to the god America. They are to blame fully for this, as they can say no. Just remember, Rome will fall again. It's not the people in America, they will suffer dramatically, but the people running the show are the problem.
11. "There is no sin except stupidity."
Steven ,   San Francisco   (07.12.07)
- Oscar Wilde
12. Olmert - Concessions R Us
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.12.07)
Overheard at the Olmert's last parley with Abbas: "Guns and training for Fatah? No problem. Gotta' make you strong... How about some prisoners for free?... Would you like land with that?... Bring some of your armed friends over from Jordan. We'll have a party." Olmert never ceases to amaze. I'm suspecting psychological issues. I'd suggest resignation and intensive therapy.
13. DUMBEST IDEA CONTEST - Cast your vote!
Concerned Zionist ,   New York, New York   (07.12.07)
Your Choices: 1. Oslo, 1993: Bring in Arafat from Tunisia, and let him build a terror infrastructure on your doorstep, and give him thousands of weapons; 2. Unilateral Pullout from Lebanon, 2000: Retreat, and bring Hizbullah right to the border so it can kill and capture soldiers, and build a vast bunker network perfect for guerilla warfare. 3. Unilateral pullout from Gaza, 2005 Let Hamas smuggle and transport weapons all across Gaza. Give up control of Philadelphi route so smuggling bursts from trickle into a gusher; embolden Hamas; 4. Lebanon 2006: Who needs a war plan? Who needs a Defense Minister with a strong military background? Delay the ground assault until after 30 days and the UN votes on a cease-fire. 5. 2007: Things are too quiet in the center of the country, as the South is under daily rocket attack, and the north is a tinderbox that can explode at any minute. So let's bring a foreign army across the Jordan River!
14. how about olmert
Avrohom ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.12.07)
are you sure olmert dosnt need jordanian forces to preserve his control over israel? i meen abbas seems to be as popular in the west bank as olmert is in israel and they are desiding the futere of the 2people? p. s. and bibi
15. Furthermore
Yisraeli   (07.12.07)
I wont even bother asking the question and what is Israel supposed to get in return, waste of time right? of course right. So what does all this mean. Listen carefully. Remember some years back when they were building this huge wall right down the middle of the country. What did they say? We need the wall for security keep the suicide bombers out. We have a right to build the wall to defend ourselves. So how many of you believed that balloney ham sandwich? Bet you even stood up defending Israels right to build the wall to defend itself. Only you were all told blatant LIES. Its not a security wall but THE FRIKIN BORDER. Pales state on one side Israel on the other and 300.000 jews in the pales side can go kish mir in tuchess as far as Israeli leadership is concerned. The Jordanian unit is just a pre-cursor. Israels leaders are selling out the country lock stock and barrel, and when the shit hit the fans they will all fly out to their millions of dollars and villas and leave the rest to fend for themselves. You want Bibi to stop this maddness? Forget about him, hes of the same ilk. Only a Moishe Feiglin can stop this madness. But then guess what might happen if MF ever becomes a PM? You know the coup d'etat weve all been waiting for from the right that will never come coz theyre too scared of the lefties. The lefties will do the coup.
Sam   (07.12.07)
Permission to transfer dozens of armored vehicles from Egypt to Palestinian territories to be abandoned by fatah in another stage managed confusion for Hamas to use against ISRAEL
17. Jordanian Troops Under King Ab'd-Allah vs Under Abbas
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.12.07)
***If*** several of the Arab population centers were administered as individual colonies of Jordan then King Ab'd-Allah could be held responsible and accountable. Such a plan could work where there is accountability. Under local Arab control, however, local Arabs will undermine the Jordanian forces and blameshift, pitting Israeli and Jordanian forces against each other -- *creating* friction between Israel and Jordan. Friction between UN Forces and Israel on our northern border is child's play. Friction between Israel and Jordan resulting in tearing of relations and a downward spiral to eventual catastrophe would be inevitable. If we don't have more sense, and Rice doesn't have more sense, then I hope King Ab'd-Allah has more sense and rejects such a proposal. It would be just as disastrous, likely more so, for Jordan. Our "experts" can't figure out and foresee even this simple thing??? PS: the most popular Israeli Jewish newspaper not publishing candlelighting times on Yom Shishi in its on-line counterpart is a disservice to Jewish readers and a disgrace to Israel. Even ha-Aretz publishes candlelighting times on Yom Shishi. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
18. Olmert-the idiot!
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (07.12.07)
I saw once a film called "The idiot",and was about olmert! The author of the film had foresight abilities.He new olmert would exist!
19. Bader Boyz will protect Terros-IL will have to battle them
Alan ,   SA   (07.12.07)
20. They will MOONLIGHT as terros-like Iraqi Police!Dumb idea
David ,   JERUSALEM, ISRAEL   (07.12.07)
Liberman you said you wouldn't stay for this type of madness, keep your word. Help bring down the government and you will see that your party will only grow! Same for any other party that helps bring down Oldmerd ha metumtam!
22. To # 13
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (07.12.07)
Zionist from NY? Not! American Jews are in NY, Zionists are in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Acre, Haifa, Kiryat Shmone!
23. why not invite iranian forces?
olmert ,   jerusalem   (07.12.07)
olmert, you are ruining this country, why aren't you stepping down?
24. Who´s the idiot here?
Shir ,   Finland   (07.12.07)
You think Hamas taking over West Bank is a better alternative then?
25. Psalm 51 - Everyone Should read it
Jacob ,   USA   (07.12.07)
Let everyone ( including all of our corrupted leaders especially) read Psalm 51. Read it from your heart to God because we all need forgiveness for our wrongdoings and remember "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again!" Israel must wake from there slumber and swallow their pride because it is Jesus Christ who is your redeemer. God bless you all Isreal.
26. What would Abba Eban say?
meir elazar   (07.13.07)
Abba Eban once said of the Arabs "They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity". What might Abba Eban say about Olmert? 1. Just when you think that Olmert can't do anything stupider than he has done in the past, Olmert will prove you wrong. 2. Olmert want to defend the State of Israel in the worst way - Always the worst way. 3. Achashverosh was actually smart. He knew what to do with advisors who give poor advise. 4. The great scholar Saman Trei said of Olmert: "Adif Lishtok V'lehera'ot Tipesh M'Lifto'ach Peh V'lehachasir Kol Safek." 5. JFK said of Olmert "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do against your country." 6. FDR said of Olmert "This is a day that will go down in insanity." 7. Julias Caesar spoke of Olmert: "Et tu nutcake" 8. Roman General in 47 C.E. said of Olmert "Vene Vidi Vacilati" - "I came. I saw. I faltered." 9. Brutus said: "Let me have fat sleek headed men about be. Yond Olmert is bungling fool and such men are dangerous." Any one else.
27. #25 Jacob - If only Olmert's mother were a virgin too!
meir elazar   (07.13.07)
28. #26 correction - 9 should have been Caesar said
meir elazar   (07.13.07)
Also #2 should have read "Olmert wants...."
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