New president sworn in
Amnon Meranda
Published: 15.07.07, 19:23
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1. we must get rid of peres!
daniela ,   yerush   (07.15.07)
2. Chelm
Sidney ,   USA   (07.15.07)
With Peres as president, Olmert as prime minister, a supreme court that makes up the law on the fly, and an Israeli public that tolerates all this, the name of the country should be changed from Israel to Chelm.
3. Yehi Ansie Peres!!!! Mazal tov!
Amir   (07.15.07)
4. Long live! Long Live! Peres President of Israel!
5. it was 19 years ago, i say ...
Yasha Manuel Harari ,   israel   (07.15.07)
... when I happened to meet Shimon Peres one day. he was PM then. he came to our school at Nir HaEmek. Per protocol, I introduced myself to him and asked him, in a public forum, what he thought about the state of and importance of Diaspora Jews. he looked at me, and said in a semi-sarcastic tone, "With a name like yours, you're asking ME about the Diaspora?" his wisecrack got a good laugh from the audience, including myself. and yet i was keenly aware that he had just avoided a simple question ... from a teenager. funny guy ... and what a pud. these two qualities are not mutually exclusive. and now i'm just wondering, Mr. Peres, Mr. President Peres, if you are incapable of answering the question of a 15 year old lad concerning Jews in the Diaspora, what makes you think you can be the leader of an organization representing Jews in the Diaspora? Best of luck to you ... Lord knows you'll need it. Shalom to everyone :)
6. About Peres
Lior ,   Jerusalem   (07.15.07)
The words of Moshe Sharett, a former Israeli prime minister, who said of Peres: "I have stated that I totally and utterly reject Peres and consider his rise to prominence a malignant, immoral disgrace. I will rend my clothes in mourning for the State if I see him become a minister in the Israeli government." (Personal Memoirs, 1957)
7. The Textbook of National Dignity - A Light for all Nations
meir elazar   (07.15.07)
In a day and age of barren desolation with respect to honor and dignity within the politcal ranks of the nations of the world, Israel's Ceremony appointing Shimon Peres was a unique and shining example. While I and many others did not support Peres as a politician, his appointment and the National Ceremony thereof represents a unique glimpse of Honor, Dignity, and Hope. High points stressed accomplishments, mentions the military and political challenges remembering the fallen but totally lacking threats against anyone. Peres reflected his commitment to all citizens regardless of politics or religion. While I strongly encourage the translation of this ceremony in its entirety to be a model for all nations, I would especially hope that Palestinians, Arabs, and Moslems also read or view the ceremony with subititles in their respective languages and learn what positive efforts with morality and commitment to the public good in terms of environmental responsibility, social justice, positive efforts in science, medicine, technology, etc. These positive efforts are the key to peace, social justice, quality of life, and hope for our and their children.
8. Our Suffering Begins Again
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.15.07)
Is it not appropriate that Mr. S. Peres begins his new job on the eve of the saddest days in the Jewish calendar - the nine days leading to the destruction of the Temple. This is not a random coincidence. Mr. Peres begins with a highly divisive statement: “We have to get rid of the territories,” We knew that Mr. Peres could not keep quiet about these explosive issues - and he is not disappointing us, right from the beginning. But more than that, the "Jewish" State has now a man in its "presidency" who knows nothing of G-d, Torah or Mitzvohs. He is ignorant of Mishna, Talmud, Shulchan Aruch and Halacha. He does not wear tefillin, observe Shabbos, pray three times a day, recite blessings nor does he encourage the greater observance of our religious duties among our people. Who needs this G-dless Jew as our president? For sure, not me.
9. A sad day in Israel's history
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.15.07)
The pillar of the Oslo debacle has mounted to hid hig perch for a short term. I believe he will be the shortest sitting president and go the way of another quisling Israeli leader Ariel Sharon. The days of Israeli leaders who serve foreign agenda's and foreign interests which endanger Israel's existence is coming to an end. That means bye,bye for you too Olmert and Kadima.
10. No. 5, Yasha
Daniel ,   Cambridge U.K.   (07.15.07)
Sorry, but can you please explain why your name led to Peres' comment and laughter? Just do not understand, need an explaination. Thanks.
11. peres is what's wrong with israel!
oded   (07.15.07)
same old shtick, same old peres, the relentless loser/instigator... a bleak day for all the jews that a self- destructing man like him is now our fukakte president/ why can't he just go the fuck away, and take olmert , livin and the rest of the imbaciles with them??
12. #8 Reuven - Add to "Mitzohs" as a non-Hebrew word
Eliezer   (07.15.07)
13. good speach - let's make pease?
Avrohom ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.15.07)
look who is talking, someone who is responsible for some 2000 israeli lives (forget about polard)
14. A disgrace
freejay ,   Israel   (07.15.07)
The corruption in this country is amazing. Peres should never have been given this post after his abismal past performance! Straight away, this fool talks about giving away the west bank. ? He lies when he tells the press the Israeli people support this. Also he has alreadu stated several times that he will sign bughouttis release.. Utter disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will he be kicked out when a new government soon to be elected?....i certainly hope so.
15. Peres and his horsemen.
jewish mother ,   jerusalem   (07.15.07)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Chaos-yep War-within a week, I should think. Famine-with the bread price hikes. Plague-the Labor government. I think we have all four!
16. #8 Reuven - I understood everything until "Shabbos".
Eliezer   (07.15.07)
I understood everything your wrote until "Shabbos". I am fluent in Proper Hebrew and English along with a few more languages. But I don't know this word. Also I don't speak "ghetto Hebrew".
17. olmerts pope peres first words as pres.
yahn goodey   (07.15.07)
the president must call on the religious to find common ground of a world built on (human) logic not just land.----the world? he's supposed to be israels president? and he wants us to use human logic and defy G-D that says non that worship a strange god are to live on His land-from the river of egypt to the euphrates.peres didnt make it as a jesuit priest so now he tries to insert himself as israels high priest ?
18. # 16 Eliezer
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.15.07)
There is correlation between his mentality and his languge.
19. He will soon be sleeping with others who gave up the land.
20. Welcome to 1948
21. Peres: We Must `Get Rid` of Judea and Samaria
Nannette ,   London   (07.15.07)
The Israeli writer Yoram Hazony wrote recently a book titled "L'Etat juif" in its French translation. (I am sure an English translation must be available). In it, he talks about the historic evolution of Zionism. When it comes to Shimon Peres, he quotes him as saying: - "Any idea of a small Nation-State - the Jewish State included - has collapsed". - "There is no doubt that the next objective that Israel should pursue is to become a member of the Arab League". Second, consider this excerpt from Mr. Peres's interview with Ha'aretz following his defeat by Benjamin Netanyahu in the May 1996 prime ministerial election: Interviewer: What happened in this election? Peres: We lost. Interviewer: Who is we? Peres: We, that is the Israelis. Interviewer: And who won? Peres: All those who do not have an Israeli mentality. Interviewer: And who are they? Peres: The Jews. When Peres was foreign minister in 1991-95 he applied for Israel's membership in the Arab League
22. The Presidency is no longer a political
Michael   (07.15.07)
I'm not surprised that it took Peres 3 seconds ,into becoming President, to start to reshape the office of the Presidency into a "De facto" Prime Minister. Now Olmert will pay a big price for one of his many thoughtless decisions.
23. #10 - because my name is from 3 different countries.
Yasha Manuel Harari ,   israel   (07.15.07)
Peres was trying to make the point that i represent a Diaspora Jew (I was not Israeli at the time), and therefore he was suggesting that my question would be better answered by myself than by him.
24. I guess Reuven (8) wants Yishai to be Prez?
sk ,   USA   (07.15.07)
Oh yes, Shas Yishai, from the "pious" party that cannot wait to sell off territories for gold. When will shtetl Jews like Brauner understand that clown suits and religious mumbo-jumbo do not mean respect for Israel or for Jews as a whole? Of course, Peres is a disgrace. I still recall that he was being investigated by the disgrace Mazuz, but that this investigation suddenly disappeared, thanks, no doubt, to the complicity of media organs like Ynet.
25. Also met Peres
Alon ,   Hedera   (07.15.07)
When I was much younger I have also met Peres. He indeed likes jokes of the type you can here in small Sovies villages. He is a joker and a Maexist. Next to me was standing a guy with a patch on his eye. Nobody liked Peres so Peres said that that guy looked like Moshe Dayan and begun laughing. This guy said directrly to Peres that he was much worse than Begin (it was in 1979).
26. Dear Anti-Ashkenazics Out There
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.15.07)
What is it with all those out there who jump on the traditional Ashkenazi pronounciation and spelling I use? For one thing, it is more accurate than the Sephardi pronounciation inasmuch as it distinguishes between the Sof and Tof, the Komatz and the Patach, etc. Only in regard to the Ayin and the Chess is the Yemenite pronounciation possibly more accurate. The Ashkenazi pronounciation has nothing to do with ghettos and shtetls, but it is our holy Tradiition handed down from father and mother to son and daughter for generations. This was the pronounciation of millions and millions of Jews until Hitler came and destroyed European Jewry. Rather than getting all excited about "Shabbos" and "Mitzvohs", etc. learn to be more mature and stick to the issues and not what is, for all practical purposes, a legitimate and time-honored manner of enunciating our beautiful Hebrew language. You anti-Ashkenazics are emotional nuts.
27. #21 Nanette - As long as Peres is in power
Gary ,   N. Jersey   (07.15.07)
and even long after that, we must keep reminding the Jews of those words. Thanks.
28. 21: Since the Prophet Daniel saw a slaughter...
of Jews in Samaria in a vision long ago, it is unlikely any leader of Israel will be successful in removing the Jews from the West Bank, Samaria. There is a New ENPI treaty that includes the WEU, the EU, the Arab Alliance, and Israel that is a SEVEN year treaty, to reviewed mid-term at 3 and a half years, just as the Prophet Daniel said the Covenant with Death would be. It may or not be the Covenant with Death the Prophet Daniel foretold of. Such things must come to pass for all the nations of the world to come against Israel and then the Messiah will deliver His beloved Jews who are Jews in their hearts. Two-thirds of Israel will die after a world leader enters the rebuilt Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem and says he is god when he is not. The third who survive will flee to the area of Petra. These things are distressing, but remember that Hashem is in control and that all things work for good for those who are called according to his purpose. The ELS Bible codes say Hashem selected Exc. Shimon Peres for his STRENGTH. To be strong means to hold on according to Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon. To fail is to quit. So Hashem views him differently than you do. To Hashem, he is the strongest man in Israel.
29. Just hope Peres not to be CORRUPTED as former president(S)
Mohammad ,   Al Quds   (07.15.07)
Although the expectations is to steal, rape or maybe kill somebody very soon and Israeli people have to choose another one....
30. i agree with # 8 reuven-its a sad sad day for israel
yahn goodey   (07.15.07)
olmert was bad enough alone-all he has done was make sure he appointed 1 loser after another-if he spotted a righteous person i'm sure he would shun that one-as long as he surrounds himself with those that are more incompetent than himself he feels safer.
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