Peres' remarks infuriate rightists
Amnon Meranda
Published: 15.07.07, 23:55
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1. And who thought he would not say that?
Yonatan Koss ,   Eilat   (07.16.07)
Someone would have to be a complete idiot if they thought that old Buzzard would not spout off left wing rhetoric! He has proved totally worthless in the past and hopefully Hashem will be merciful to our futures and send him to be with his progenitors. We should all live to be that lucky.
2. Did you really expect anything different?
BJL ,   usa   (07.16.07)
Come on! Those in government on the right need to bring it down! Kadima et al will appease, weaken, grovel and give away the land.....For Nothing! Strike that.....not for nothing but actually making the enemy stronger and more likely to prevail. This is a religious war folks, not political. Those with the stronger religious values will prevail.
3. and right they are!!
oded   (07.16.07)
peres(=heres) has his own agenda for "peace " with these savages... how naive and dumb could one be so repeatedly? peres never ever got involved in anything that was beneficial to this state.... well, maybe the nuclear reactor was his claim to fame with his firend ,cdg.
4. I blame Mr. Olmert and especially Shas for this
Steve ,   US   (07.16.07)
Shas is supposed to be a Sephardic religious party. The Sephardic Torah Gardians. Sephardim suffered immeasurably at the hands of our enemies. Ovadia Yosef. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. What happened to this rabbi that he should do this to us? Rabbi Yosef told Shas to vote for this man.
5. Meretz-Yahad
sk ,   USA   (07.16.07)
"But President Peres does not stand alone. MK Avshalom Vilan (Meretz-Yahad) said that "Peres only repeated what he's been consistently saying for years… if Israel truly wants to be a Jewish democratic State it must separate itself from the territories and the sooner the better." Same old "demographic problem" BS. But you KNOW he's dishonest when he omits expelling the Muslims from Israel in order to GUARANTEE a Jewish, democratic state. After all, if that goal justifies expelling Jews from their homes, why would it not justify expelling Muslims from their homes?
6. President Peres
Miguel Rodriguez ,   Isabela, Puerto Rico   (07.16.07)
Peace have to be constructed in the mind and the people behavior everyday. Political leaders that want peace have to talk about! Mr Peres is consistently in this regard!!
7. Peres
susan kogel ,   liege. BELGIUM   (07.16.07)
Bravo to Peres. An aroma of intellect and reason amid a sea of emotion. Of couse the fetid sea will overwhelm the sweet wmell of peace.
8. Never Mind - I'm Mistaken
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.16.07)
9. Look at all the ignorant foreign comments
Adam ,   Jerusalem, israel   (07.16.07)
They don't realise that that's not the function of the Israeli presidency and what he said is totally inappropriate. He is messing up the country.
10. you guys wanted him, you guys got him. Now be content.
11. No wonder they got rid of Katsav in a such shameful way!
Asher ,   NY, USA   (07.16.07)
12. #7 "An aroma of intellect and reason"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.16.07)
No, that's the same meadow muffins Peres has been serving for 15 years. The only thing you get from eating a $#!T sandwich, is a bigger helping the second time around.
13. The new president is an Oslo Criminal
Oren Shai ,   London   (07.16.07)
14. Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (07.16.07)
The scorpion asks the frog for a ride across the pond the frog says " no you will sting me " the scorpion says " if I do that we will both die so I won't do that ". The frog thinks that is logical so give the scorpion a ride. Half way across the the pond the scorpion stings the frog as the frog dies and sinks into the pond he says to the scorpion " now we will both die why did you sting me, the scorpion says " I'm a scorpion thats what I do I can't change ".
15. Facist right-wingers
Fussion ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
be damned
16. Steve, I thought the same, but
Shiloh   (07.16.07)
Rabbi Yosef is no fool. and when I heard what he had done, I was ticked. But, after reading more about kabbalah and prophecy, I believe it is to speed up the slow and painful process. Sounds weird, but when we get to such despair, then haShem will help. If things float along somewhat bearable, then it may go on longer. The daily decisions shock me, but it's all for a reason, that I know.
17. Uh, brainless Fussion, ...
sk ,   USA   (07.16.07)
First, learn how to spell your own "name": it's "Fusion." Second, calling fellow Jews "facist" [sic] is contemptible. Are you so ignorant and so inarticulate that you cannot mount an argument?
18. susan kogel (7), that was dreadfully written.
sk ,   USA   (07.16.07)
You need to learn how to use figurative language.
19. Hey! Where's Reuven Brauner?
sk ,   USA   (07.16.07)
He thinks so highly of the Haredim, they being so Godly (oops! I mean "G-dly"). Shas sure did a nasty this time, eh?
stude ham   (07.16.07)
He goes by the jewish name shimon peres. The last time any 83 year old politician took over as head of state we got the iranian theocracy. Why was this political junkie allowed to continue his failed ambitions? Israel has got to get rid of its proportional representation party list system. It may sound democratic but its results have very seriously threatened the existence of the state.
21. Peres and his shameful record
Dr. Jack ,   Canada   (07.16.07)
People forget very fast,. It was Peres, before even the Arabs, who spoke about a "massacre" at Jenin. Of course, it was a lie, but he NEVER corrected, or apologised! Also he served as an advisor to Arafat, the other great PEACE maker. Once a traitor. always a traitor!! Hopefully, my comments will be posted, to set the record straight.
22. #7 Odiferous all right!
Yonatan Koss ,   Eilat   (07.16.07)
One persons glorious wild flower is another’s blooming idiot. If you have never traveled the sargasso sea, it is dead to most life, much like Peres. Belgium, hmm when I was doing NATO maneuvers in the US military we always hoped to be matched up with the French or Belgium troops. They would surrender almost before we started so we knew we would have an early lunch. It must be something in the water.
23. Israel has to rid itself of old politicians!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.16.07)
Do they ever retire? Die? They never go away. Israel has no democracy as long as the people can not vote for the president. peres would not have stood a chance of being elected. Let us hope that there will be new elections soon and the new government throws peres out of the presidency and investigates him and his followers.
24. It's not just Peres. The Knesset has a lot to answer for.
Howard K ,   NYC   (07.16.07)
They - the right and the left - have kept the present government on life support throughout this time, with total disregard to the damage done to the country. Why aren't people disgusted enough to demand new elections so that the whole lot may be thrown out.
25. #4 You are Ignorant
David ,   Los Angeles   (07.16.07)
Shas is a religious party. And R' Yosef is the principal Sephardi posek. Don't you think he knows what he's talking about? What R' Yosef upholds and has always stated consistently is that according to the Torah saving life is more important than holding onto terrritory. It is a decision for military men and politicians to advise when, where and whether this becomes operational (ie when giving back land at a particular time will save lives). But in principal you should sacrifice territory for human life. (And R' Eliyashiv, the leading Ashkenazi posek would take it further, that holding onto territory is pretty far down the list - even stating that Torah study is more important). It is only the little political rabbis of the Far Right political parties like R' Eliyahu and Dov Lior who have gone against what every young child learns in hebrew school and have declared that land is one of the things that is more important than human life. You seem to have fallen for this too. What a shame that certain people allow their interpretation of Torah to be colored by their narrow political views.
26. After the Rights victory in the next election
Mordechai   (07.16.07)
Among the first activities should be to impeach Peres, followed by his prosecution for Oslo crimes.
27. Loser Continues To Lose
Yosef ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
Capitulation, retreat, risks and good will gestures don't work in the middle east. Get real, Shimon. Just look at the facts of the Southern Lebanon and Gaza retreats, Hizbolla and Hamas, ketushot and kassamim. They have increased the "stratigic" threats to peace that you dream about. Peace will always be a dream to you if do not make your beliefs and principels match reality.
28. President for how long?
29. #25 - nice post!
Andre ,   Australia / Israel   (07.16.07)
Really nice to read your talk-back.
30. tired of right wing blindness! go Pres Peres!!! congrats!
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