Opinion  Nahum Barnea
The settlers' ingratitude
Nahum Barnea
Published: 16.07.07, 14:24
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1. Does that include 250 PA terrorists?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (07.16.07)
2. Grateful
Nahum Bardak ,   Sheikh Munis Settlem   (07.16.07)
Mr. Barnea is right I am very grateful that Mr. Peres brought myriads of Arabs to the area and gave them guns. I am forever thankful to Mr. Peres about all of the people that they killed and wounded.
3. Peres created the settlements
Aharon   (07.16.07)
The fascist right hates this fact. It wasn't Begin - it was PERES who created the settlements! THE SAME PERES THEY CURSE FOR BEING A LEFTIST!
4. They should thank him??
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.07)
They should thank him for the thousands of Israelis killed by suicide bombers because of the oslo agreement ? For what exactly ? For not being able to go to all the cities they used to - for having terrorists as neighbours ? For having a terrorist infrastructure near their doorstep ? For having their childern murdered by these palestinians ? Are you OK ?
5. Mr Barnea is of the wall.
Harry   (07.16.07)
It seems that Barnea forgot about all the suicide bolmings. Make Israel look guilty in the eyes of the world. All his Naive wishfull thinking has been disasterous for Israel.
6. Old age for Moses was 80 to 120 when he ruled the...
Hebrews in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. That is a tad more than 40. King David explains in Psalms that the time clock was reset to a 70 year lifespan. The reason 40 sounds right for old age for ancestors is the high infant and child mortality rates lower the overall average lifespan. That does not mean people did not live until 70 and 80 in ancient times. It means more children and babies died. The West Bank settlers in Samaria will get their wish to stay there in my opinion because the Prophet Daniel saw a slaughter of Jews on the West Bank after a world leader Daniel calls the little horn goes into the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and says he is god when he is not. The West Bank settlers will not be spared what the leaders of Israel spared the settlers in Gaza. The Prophet Zephaniah saw a slaughter on the coasts of Canaan (Gaza) but not of Jews. That is because the Jews left there, kicking and screaming and hating the soldiers who spared their lives at the government's direction. When the hand of Hashem kills everyone in Gaza after Ashkelon is attacked and Ashdod and Ekron are driven out, too, then the Jews will understand. Gaza is a death trap where everyone will die, perhaps from a tsunami or earthquake by G-d's anger.
7. Peres is failure
Ben ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.16.07)
There is a major defeat in Peres's leadership roles in Israel that is being ignored. He started the "Grape of Wrath" operations in April 1996 against Lebanon. At the end, it seemed like this was the wrath of Lebanese against us, because after all, we signed the understanding that we won't target their civilians, and we accepted that Hizballah can continue the military operations against Israeli military targets. He went there saying he will stop the Katyusha rockets, but the result was something else. The Hizballah operation against us caused us too much losses that we elected Barak as PM only because he promised he will withdraw our troops from Lebanon. Peres is a failure. I cannot believe how we're replacing a failure president with another failure, a failure minister of defense with a worse one. And Olmert, the worst failure we ever had as a PM is still there pleasing the enemy. After all, they declare it everyday that they believe he is the stupid and incompetent. And we just keep him and them happy. Won't we ever learn?
8. #3 he didn't create anything...
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.07)
Various governments supported the settlement iniatitive, Peres was a good person at the time - he had right wing opinions. He changed them. Became a leftist and a traitor.
9. Who killed Yitzhak Rabin?
Natalie ,   Netanya   (07.16.07)
10. NO thanks! Oslo Criminals GO AWAY!
Common sense ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
OSLO IS HAPPENING ALL OVER STOP IT BEFORE IT KILLS ALL OF US; and ignore PA/HAMAS Propoganda minster "Bardak" Barnea.
11. Kassams Shmassams!
Shimon Peres ,   Ramat Aviv-Rich Part   (07.16.07)
I am glad my Oslo and Itnatkut poilicies were complete successes. Total peace is now here
12. sorry, thank you so much for bringing tragedy to israel.
dor ,   il   (07.16.07)
thank you thank you thank you, how can we ever repay you for oslo?
13. Peres pub crawl
Allan leibler ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.16.07)
There is nothing worse than to see a so called "respectable" journalist in 2007 defend the author of the Oslo Agreements which have cost the lives of so many of our fellow Jews.To twist the truth by claiming that Oslo actually helped the Settlers is really a mind bender. Barnea should get the Nobel piss prize!
14. Farmers of Gush Katif are protesting
Daniel   (07.16.07)
The farmers of Gush Katif began several days of protests Sunday morning outside the Prime Minister's office. The theme: "Give Us Back What You Took!" "Justice Demands: Give Back What you Took - Home, A Living, and Respect." So read some of the signs held by hundreds of former Gush Katif farmers in Jerusalem. A parade of farmers and their farming equipment made its way to Jerusalem, joined along the way by sympathizers. Upon arriving in Jerusalem, they marched from the Israel Museum to a protest tent outside the Supreme Court, near the government complex. The tent will be manned over the coming days by residents of the various now-destroyed communities. More at Israel National News
15. Thank you, Mr. President
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.16.07)
Thank you for 1500 dead Jews, 8000 homeless Jews, a terrorist state in Gaza, thank you for giving weapons to the terrorists to murder Jews with. Thank you thank you thank you.
16. Barnea lies again.
mordechai ,   jerusalem   (07.16.07)
Barnea lies again. The objections to Peres were not due to his election but to an AP interview given the first day of his presidency calling for the destruction of all settlements in Judea and Samaria.
17. How do you thank someone who...
Jose ,   Venezuela   (07.16.07)
1) Threw THOUSANDS of Jews out of their houses to make JEWISH owned Gaza Judenran? 2) Armed TENS OF THOUSANDS of arabs to kill Jews? 3) To this day still maintains that it was WRONG to bomb the Osirak reactor in Iraq? 4) Sells us out to Europeans enemies of the State? Peres is a legend in his own mind - as well as that of his leftist, anti-Israel antagonist losers.
18. Hitler & Germany, Mao & China, Stalin & Russia
Jacques ,   Paris   (07.16.07)
Hitler & Germany, Mao & China, Stalin & Russia, Peres & Israel. Q1) Which one of these did NOT throw his own loyal citizens out of their homes? Q2) Who was it that ARMED his enemies who then proceeded to turn the weapons on the country's citizens? Why would Israelis, of ALL people want to express gratitude to SHimon Peres? Does ANYONE know?
19. Barnea needs psychiatric help
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.07)
Peres' folly brought the terrorists into the land of Israel. Why are you complaining about a few settlements, when illegal building by the enemy (that's right, Nachum, the Arabs are the enemy, not the Jews) is rampant and unchecked. The enemy is armed, trained, and waiting to unleash a barrage of rockets on the entire Jewish population of the Jewish State, thanks to Peres. He belongs in jail.
20. the right-wingers are hysteric
Tal   (07.16.07)
Hehehe... ;)
21. #9 Natalie... The ELS Bible codes tell you about Rabin's...
death. They say "RABIN TRAITOR FIRE FIRE". So who allowed the death of Rabin that Hashem called a traitor thousands of years before his birth in the Bible codes? I would say Hashem allowed his death because Rabin provoked Hashem by being a traitor. He was good looking and all, but his heart was not in the right place. It is one thing to make a mistake in policies for Israel with your heart in the right place, trying to do what you think is best. It is something else to be a traitor even the L-rd cannot stomach.
22. #7 Ben: Hashem rules in the kingdoms of men...
and sets up over them the basest of men, the Prophet Daniel said. Base means low born. If Hashem rules and sets people into office, how is it that people you do not like or believe in keep getting promoted? The ELS Bible codes show Hashem does not look at strength the way you do. The ELS codes say Hashem picked Shimon Peres for President because of his STRENGTH. Failures when the heart is in the right place lead to strength if the person does not quit. You think a strong person is someone who is right all the time or most of the time or some of the time. A strong person is someone who holds on and does not quit when things go wrong as they sometimes will, and the battle seems all uphill. The darkest of the night is just before the dawn. Remember that King Saul came before King David. King David was excellent, but he was rare. Moses and Joshua were excellent, but they were rare,too. Pray for those in authority so Hashem can give them wisdom and strength.
23. This article makes no sense
freejay ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
Israel has been building settlements way before peres started to destroy Israel. This article is just more leftie spin trying to support and justify the ridiculous assumption that Peres deserves this position..............how absurd!
24. Shimon Peres is Israel's greatest leader ever. I salute him
Neville Chamberlain ,   London UK   (07.16.07)
25. I'm glad that most posters on this site want me as President
Shimon Peres ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.07)
26. #21 Explain to me how Rabin was a traitor?
Tamar ,   migdal, Israel   (07.16.07)
27. #22-Ah, but it was NOT Hashems will that they have kings.
jason ,   usa   (07.16.07)
28. To 9 what does Natalie mean about Rabin's murder?
George Carver   (07.16.07)
29. #15 Kyle - You know how to put it in just a few words
Your comment should be framed and sent to the old bastard. Or put permanently on a large sign in front of the Knesset or wherever his office is.
30. The article didn't mention that Peres has sacrificed Jews...
Nannette ,   London   (07.16.07)
not only in Judea and Samaria, but Oslo!
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