'IDF preparing for all-out war'
Haman Greenberg
Published: 16.07.07, 15:48
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1. "poor military and political leadership" Get rid of Olmert!
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (07.16.07)
2. The elephant in the living room ...?
Bernard Ross ,   st. anns bay,jamaica   (07.16.07)
"The war was a harsh slap on the face and proved that we were wrong in 2000, when our readiness and military power was aimed at Palestinian terror, .." What does Palestinian terror have to do with the obvious Elephant in the living room called hezbullah?. The problem is that Israel must not focus on limited perceived possibilities but rather on all possibilities. Furthermore, the problem with lebanon was making a military objective subservient to politics and diplomacy.
3. The Bible says Damascus will be destroyed...
The Syrian government has moved out of Damascus, according to earlier reports. That will not spare Damascus the fate pronounced on it thousands of years ago.
4. All for nothing - is that what is was?
Talula ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
Ground operations WERE carried out, and over 100 soldiers were killed. This article makes my blood boil. This man has just self-confessed to being a Major...............dickhead!
5. IDF preparing for Full out war
roxy ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
About timethey realized that they need to prepare to fight Syria and train hard. The Home front must also be readied, with gas masks distributed to the population, and the shelters readied. How can you expect soldiers to fight when they have to worry about the safety of their families at home when the rockets start flying! So Prepare both the IDF and Homefront now before the war starts!
6. I am not so sure that Syria is suicidal...
The Doc ,   Hiafa, Israel   (07.16.07)
Will Syria really " willing to take military and civilian hits"? And by "hits" I am reminding Assad of what kind of hits Hezbollah 's strongholds and infrastructures suffered. I am not sure that Assad will want to go down in history as teh Syrian president who razed Damascus. If that will happen, then his entire "dynasty" including those who sucked at its breast, will go down the drain with him. Incidentally, this is true of Ahmedinejad as well!
7. Preparation is not Prediction
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (07.16.07)
Classic military doctrine requires preparation for all credible and predictable.contingencies. Otherwise, the nation would only be prepared to fight "the last war"...vis: The Maginot Line. No preparation is tantamount to national suicide.
8. Stating the obvious? Why not earlier?
9. Good effort, Zero result
Ahmad Abouali ,   nablus   (07.16.07)
Spin doctors, muscles felxing, Mythical stories tellers, and b.s stories of how strong Tsahal is will not make a difference in our resolve, we will continue on our march to liberate the Golan and Shibaa farms, let alone al of palestine
10. More Of The SAME!
Rick ,   USA   (07.16.07)
I know that there are plenty of patriotic Israelis who want to protect Israel and her children, I also know that over have of the country is unwilling to fught and die. The shame of the Israeli electorate is they allow Olmert to stay in office and weaken an already anemic country. Israelis: You should be out on the streets demanding Olmerts ouster-and establishment of a government of total warfooting. You wont. No. Instead you will gobble down a falafel and baaa like the sheep you are.
11. Re : Ahmad in Nablus
Ariell ,   South Africa   (07.16.07)
Ahmad - sitting bravely behind his computer screen. If it all a big myth - then why do you not venture out your home when we declare 'mam nuwa tejawel' - curfew. Let us not forget who patrols the streets of Nablus. The IDF is strong - the leadershup is weak. I hope Syria understands this and doesnt end up losing ANOTHER war.
12. Ground operations WERE carried out, and over 100 soldiers we
jerry ,   USA   (07.16.07)
Right! The loses were horrific. A realistic option is to use WMD first. There is no justification for losing such a large number of men, when it is the Arabs who seek death just to acquire notches on their gun barrels. The option of partial capitulation is a dream since it merely whets Arab appetites for more concessions. They need to experience what they wish for the Jews. Should they not reap what they sow?
stude ham   (07.16.07)
Churchill used this idiotic expression to justify Sicily as the point of attack during World War II. It was catastrophic. Does the IDF leadership have any clue that in today's conflicts the conflicts go on forever after the war? iraq, afghanistan, israel, are just some examples... the terrorism can never be halted... it's the principle of the thing you know...
14. to #9 Ahmad, Liberate your brain first...then learn history
freejay ,   Israel   (07.16.07)
15. Separating 'Good' Terrorists From 'Bad' Terrorists
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (07.16.07)
Surely this assessment rings true. However, why in the world is Olmert giving weapons ! to the Fatah terrorists? Doesn't he know that once ALL OUT WAR breaks, that Fatah will gun down EVERY Jew they can get their bloody hands on? Anyone?
16. He's right about one thing...
Avinoam Cohen ,   Los Angeles, CA   (07.16.07)
He's right about Syria attacking the home front. Syria's army-although larger in size than Israel's- is also in great disrepair with much of its armored division dating back to soviet technology. What we do need to remember however is that Syria is widely known to possess the largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the region.... and the means to deliver them to Tel Aviv. Gas masks need to be distributed NOW. The Syrian army will once again retreat to a leveled country.... Israel will suffer heavy civilian casualties... and Iran will wait for its opportunity to mop things up once and for all. I hope to g-d I'm wrong about this.... especially given the fact that I start my service in Golani brigade this November....but the writing is on the wall. May Israel prevail.
17. war
bob ,   usa   (07.16.07)
good. prepare. Then prepare for all out defeat.
18. What is wrong with you people?
Confused ,   Chicago   (07.16.07)
Do you not understand that these people are crazy? Why START wars that don't need to be started? Is Israel really that big of a baby that if it doesn't get its way it will blow something up? Or is it so paranoid that it will destroy everything surrounding it to achieve sanctuary? Why not try the normal method of communication? How about doing what was agreed upon in 1967? Like giving up the borders that you achieved during war? How about dismantling settlements as promised over 40 years ago? They are illegal, and you continue to maintain them without any fear of repercussion. Are you that arrogant to believe that you can do no wrong?
19. The Eagle in the living room
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.16.07)
Israel's critical problem which the general ignored is ;Will Israel continue to place itself under the thumb of dangerous U.S. Policy which endangers Israel's survival. Today we see Israel yeilding Gaza,Judea and Samaria to those palestinian armies determined alongside their fellow arab armies to destroy Israel. Will Israel continue to allow the U.S. to trample her sovereignty and hamstring her defense as happened in the 2nd Lebanese war by pressuring Israel into a ceasefire before the job was done ?
20. To Adina
Avraham ,   NYC   (07.16.07)
Adina, I basically agree with your posts and respect your strong feelings present in every one. I'm not a Yisraeli, but I was just wondering whether you think your passion would make you a better fit for living in Israel rather than the U.S.
21. Israeli's generals talk to much
sirius ,   brussels   (07.16.07)
To much talking, every day contradicting declarations: Iran's no return point is in 6 months, one year, three years... War in the North is for this summer, there will be no war in the North this summer, ... They should shut up the fuck, and act behind the scene and maybe let the politicians talk, although...
22. #18 - you are confused indeed
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (07.16.07)
23. #9 - I would not call the Hezbollah ruins "Mythical"!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.16.07)
And of course we cannot compete with the Muslim self-indulgence and hysteria in declaring "victories" like the "6 day War", "Yom Kippour War" and of course the "2nd Lebanon War". If these were "Muslim victories" and only "IDF myths" I did not notice, but if I;m wrong, then I wish to ourselves to continue this situation forever! And yes, DO continue to "march to liberate the Golan Heights" that you lost as the result of your aggression! Maybe you want to "win" again and victoriously lose Damascus too! And Sha'aba farms were declared as beloning to Lebanon. But maybe I'm mistaken - in the twisted Arab world, the whloe of Lebanon BELONGS to the Syrian megalomaniac!
andrew ,   miami,fl   (07.16.07)
25. #17 - Very insightful "Bob"! What happened to your Prozac?
The Doc ,   haifa, Israel   (07.16.07)
26. #18: Your alias surely describes you: "confused".
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.16.07)
27. Pull out for peace
Harry   (07.16.07)
Once Israel pulls out of the West Bank and evacuates all the settlers Iran, Syria and the Saudis will send a peace mission to Israel. More than likely they will send rockets into Tel Aviv.
28. #24: hey, you forget:
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.16.07)
Coca Cola, McDonalds, The Flinstones and The Simpsons. I agree with you though regarding Saudi Arabia. One out of two - not bad. Not bad at all!
29. #26That was a brilliant
Confused ,   Chicago   (07.16.07)
response to my list of questions. Do you have anymore insight that can be cherished? If you honestly have nothing intelligent to say, then stay off the boards. My questions are legitimate. The fact that you choose to ignore them go to show just how amusing your whole "struggle to survive rationale" is for Israel. A real Jew would've accounted for actions by facts, and figures. Insults just show your arrogance and ignorance
30. gen. ben-reuven
dan kaplan ,   usa   (07.16.07)
olmert - you must get rid of this man. he makes sense, he understands the situation, and he has a plan of action. he is the giant in your crowd of midgets. people will talk.
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