Christian Zionists: Ahmadinejad is new Hitler
Yitzhak Benhorin and AP
Published: 18.07.07, 23:13
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1. If only Israeli leaders thought like this... maybe one day.
Jeremiah ,   Israel's Jewish Land   (07.18.07)
2. HOT AIR from my fellow Christian's
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.18.07)
You find it easy to point the finger at Amadinejad ,but what about the evil your own 'christian' Geroge Bush does in dividing the land of Israel and rewarding MAJOR PARTS OF ISRAEL to God's enemies. Why do you not unite and call for an end to this Road Map . Why didn't you tell Bush in 2004 that you would not vote for him unles he dropped his Road Map from hell ?? You missed your great oppportunity,stopping the Road Map instead of just saying how much you support Israel. It is shallow words my fellow Christians. Your doubleminded loyalties to God and this fraud,imposter peacemaker are sinful. Shame on all of you who are silent on this great evil which has weakened Israel ,emboldened her enemies and brought much suffering to the Jewish people and NO PEACE, you hypocrites.
SHULI ,   CLEVELAND   (07.19.07)
This is beautiful. Your support has moved me to tears. If only the president and PM had your courage, conviction and clarity of vision. Thank you again for sticking up for Israel, you are a blessing.
6. Hagee for president (end)
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (07.19.07)
7. speaking as a christian
John Walker ,   Baker Lake Canada   (07.19.07)
I say amen to it all. True christians will support the Jew in this their time of trouble, when they are down and out and hated by all (and do not kid yourself, this will get worse before it gets better) and those who do not put themselves on the line for the Jew but call themselves "christian" are false. This is the real litmus test of who is a follower of Christ and who is not. In the final analysis, the only friends the Jew will have in the world will be christians.......and thru this mystery, Yahweh will confound the enemy and work a wonder in the sight of all the nations. Praise the Name of the Lord!
MIKE ,   USA   (07.19.07)
9. and what payment is there 4 this special friendship?
10. #2 Marcel, are you really that ready to believe a lie?
Don't pull the seed ,   ling from takingroot   (07.19.07)
Marcel,I'm here id DC, & your'e not. What ynet did was highlight just a FEW things of what certain speakers have said. Last year when we were here we went to our own respective House Representatives, as well as to our Senators, and let them know where we stood on dividing the land of Israel, which is NOT to do it. This year we are doing the same thing, and yes we have told our President, and Secretary of State that we are in total oppositiion of the road map for peace. We have showed them scripture after scripture where Hashem has said not to do this. We are letting our voices be heard in our country. And from time to time we are also on conference calls with some of the leaders from Israel. So please don't judge us by you sitting there in FL, while we ae here doing what you should be doing. Please get that huge beam out of your own eye, before you try to take out the speck of dust in our eyes.
11. To #2
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.19.07)
Do you ever see anything positive in anything? I think, your messiah could show up at your front door, and you'd gripe, because he'd be too late, too early, picked the wrong day and because he didn't bring lunch. In case you haven't noticed: Monday morning quarterbacking has never won a game, yet. Here's a real nightmare for you: Your messiah will look and talk exactly like George Bush :-)
12. Hagee can lead the infantry charge
George W ,   Chicago IL   (07.19.07)
So these draft-dodging couch potato chickenhawks want us to invade Iran immediately? Tell you what, we can put Hagee, Bauer, and all of their supporters in this talkback at the front of the line at the Army recruiter's office, and have them volunteer themselves for the infantry. Then we'll see how eager you clowns are to start wars. Although it's funny, something tells me none of you will be showing up.
13. #11 Wrong! bil & hillary are truly the nightmare scenario!
14. #2 Marcel, you're right on!
Canadian Otter   (07.19.07)
15. We have REAL friends who want to save us from ourselves!
Nannette ,   London   (07.19.07)
The sad thing is that Israel's leaders are hellbent on their suicidal course... Maybe if Newt gets elected, things will change - before it's too late.
16. Marcel
Michael ,   Albuquerque   (07.19.07)
Hey, Marcel, if you are the poster formerly known as Macaabi, please come over and check out
17. More blessedness from George (12)
sk ,   USA   (07.19.07)
Uh, George, Hagee speaks for Red State America, and these guys ARE the US military (and not Chicago). BTW, get out of my country.
18. The Christians have clearer vision than us
Stan Leffler ,   USA   (07.19.07)
Olmert and co. are unworthy of the roles they hold, and should be impeached immediately, or whatever the Israeli equivalent is.
19. Christian Clergy
Mark ,   London/UK   (07.19.07)
This is the most uncommon nonsense I have ever heard. And he thinks Israel will be saved that way? No wonder Christian clerics have been abusing young boys rather than guiding people. With friends like these who needs enemies?
20. Of Course They Also Want The World to End as Well
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls MN   (07.19.07)
The only thing scarier or more dangerous to world peace than a Zionist, is a Christian Zionist whose only reason for supporting Israel is that they want the world to end in a fiery Armageddon and believe Israel is the trigger that will bring about the end of the world, which if things don't change might just be. The US currently occupies 2 Islamic countries in order to exploit their resources, which is Iraq is oil and in Afghanistan is to restore the Opium/Heroine drug trade banned by the Taliban, and to build a pipeline to gain access to oil and gas reserves in the Caspian sea. And then we have Israel who occupies land of 3 Moslem countries to exploit the water resources (40% of Israel's water is from captured land) that Israel lacks. So if we want to make the world safe and secure and not have it end in the fiery Armageddon that Christian Zionists dream of, we should not do anything that these nut jobs suggest as their goal is total annihilation and Jews being sent to hell who will not convert to Christianity.
21. To #13
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.19.07)
Those are MY nightmares :-)
22. the good, the bad, and the ugly
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.19.07)
good: move the embassy to jerusalem; it's been the law in the united states since bill clinton was president. he didn't have the balls for it, and neither does george dubya. bad: attacking iran will not eliminate the iranian nuclear programme. it is highly unlikely that such an attack, even if it went off without a hitch, would destroy all the people and facilities needed to continue. and the iranians are more interested in mahdiavat than in nukes, which is why they are playing this so stupidly - they want a war so that they can lose and take over the world. (sic) the ugly: ahmadinejad is NOT hitler. he is a crazy "believer" who wants to destroy the world and bring about the return of the mahdi. threats will not deter him, because he actually WANTS to lose the war, in order to fulfill the prophesy. also unlike hitler, he is not the driving force behind the iranian regime, but just a figurehead for the ayatollah khameini and the mullahs - killing him will not stop iran. only a complete regime change, and preferably by popular revolution, will bring sanity back to iran. anything less means kissing the frog and hoping that he turns into a prince - yeah, right!
23. My greetings& appreciation to Christian Zionists
Alan ,   SA   (07.19.07)
24. to #9 we all know what the special payment is
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (07.19.07)
It is clearly stated and has never been hidden obfuscated or denied. And I for one believe the fee is too high. I have many Xian friends here that are sincere and seem grounded in reality but, many of their current spiritual/political leaders have received some metaphysical mandate and their gnostic eschatology calls for the abolishment of the Jewish Identity and they seem to have some rather precise estimates for the end of the world and the infallibility of their sacred recordings and predictions. We all know the price but, pretend we don't and sadly I have no idea if the Yehudim "such that remain" will pay the fee or not only time will tell I guess.
26. SURE!
27. Not One Inch of G-D GIVEN Jewish Holy Land to the Enemy
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.19.07)
Not now - not ever. The peace/WAR process is based on venomous Jew-hate and vicious religious Jew-cleansing. 22 HUGE Arab countries for Arabs. 56 Muslim countries. TINY Israel - the sole Jewish state for Jews.
28. The chances of the US attacking Iran are zero
Jonathan ,   NYC   (07.19.07)
The chances of Israel losing Golan and Judea and Samaria are almost certain. It's called the Bush plan for getting Arab support in the ME. Israel means almost nothing to the US. They are getting rid of it in their own way, using words like "peace" that nobody with a normal IQ believes can happen, and carving out Israel little by little and giving it to the Arabs. This is the urgency right now: to preserve Jewish land. This is something that Israelis and their friends can do something about right now. Israel's Christian friends should concentrate on this issue, on the preservation of Jewish land in Jewish hands. It can be done.
29. #11 - Hartley, The nightmare IS George Bush
30. to Marcel #2
Arul ,   Malaysia   (07.19.07)
You have not heard John Hagee. In every oppurtunity, he says what the American Government is doing is wrong like giving away the land, Roadmap etc etc. He is not worried about Bush or anyone for that matter. Don't simply reject saying Hot Air. What have you done other than simply complaining ??
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