Christian Zionists: Ahmadinejad is new Hitler
Yitzhak Benhorin and AP
Published: 18.07.07, 23:13
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61. Marcel #2
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (07.19.07)
I fought with you sometimes,but know, I believe that you are one of the rare ones that should join our people , be with us ,and be one of us.
62. christian zionist-THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (07.19.07)
63. Christians, please note
Paqid 16 Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.19.07)
I've lived in Ra'anana since 1985. All of my friends are Orthodox Jews, including about 200 families of Yemenite Jews in my Beit K'nesset (synagogue), Moreshet Avot, and several hundred Ashkenazi Orthodox Jews in the general Tel Aviv area. *Not one of us* -- *NOT ONE* -- in *all* of these thinks, much less spews, hatred, venom, vitriol, bile and animosity that you see from too many of these talkbackers. I profoundly and passionately disagree with Christian doctrines but my disagreement is based not on any hate but strictly fact: historical documentation demonstrates that Christian doctrines are exactly 180 degrees opposite to the Torah that historical Ribi Yehoshua of Natzrat and his original Netzarim Jewish followers practiced and taught. If you would educate yourselves by reading Oxford historian James Parkes (The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue), you're eyes would be opened to how you're following NOT Ribi Yehoshua, as you think, but, rather, the Hellenist Roman gentiles -- idolators who worshipped Z*eus and the sun-g*od -- after 135 CE. I reach out because I was once in your shoes and I care about you, not out of hate. Most of the hatred of Christians comes from seculars and those who are most assimilated in the Diaspora and those who are most uneducated ignorant, mired in medieval superstition, in the Ultra-Orthodox world. The latter is somewhat expected, but why do the first two categories hate so vehemently? There's a reason why seculars, especially outside of Israel, are such hate-mongers... and it isn't what you expect. Christian persecutions are merely their excuse. Of the hundreds of Orthodox friends I know, *not one* -- *not one* -- thinks or expresses hatred of today's Christians for Church persecutions of centuries past; not even for the Holocaust. Such hate-mongering is a transgression of Torah and, unlike the seculars, Orthodox Jews take that seriously. Notice, first of all, that most of these talkbackers who call themselves Jews are not from Israel. They are from the Diaspora where their primary need is to show that they are different goyim. But they long ago turned their back on the Torah that defines the Jew, so they have only one thing that distinguishes them from gentile Christians -- they disbelieve in J*esus. Thus, they equate the degree of disbelief (read hatred, venom, vitriol, bile and animosity) in J*esus with how good a "Jew" they perceive themselves to be. Ahhh... now the light goes on and you understand. It isn't you at all. It's the misojudaic self-hating nature of secular Jews, especially those living among gentile Christians. In fact, the misojudaic seculars are a khilul ha-Sheim (profaning or blasphemy of ha-Sheim) and a disgrace to Jews everywhere. Further, many of these misojudaic talkbackers aren't Jews at all. Some are neo-Nazis and Muslims posing as Jews precisely to spread propaganda; to foment hatred toward Jews and Israel. That's their contribution to their misojudaic and anti-Israel "cause." Don't be suckered in by any hate-monger who hides behind anonymity and refuses to crawl out from under their rock and identify themselves. Ignore the heretic meshumadim (apostates). Most Orthodox Jews (who don't bother with Ynet and don't post talkbacks here) appreciate your help, welcome your friendship -- as long as you're tolerant of our profound disagreement with your Christian doctrines -- and thank you for your help, particularly in urging Pres. Bush to keep his word and move the American Embassy to Yerushalayim. And thanks Newt -- but Pres. Bush promised that too. I'll believe it when I see it. PS: the most popular Israeli Jewish newspaper not publishing candlelighting times on Yom Shishi in its on-line counterpart is a disservice to Jewish readers and a disgrace to Israel. Even ha-Aretz publishes candlelighting times on Yom Shishi. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
MEGGI ,   ISRAEL   (07.19.07)
65. Xitian Zionists
melchizedek ,   canaan   (07.19.07)
Where was he in 1939 ?
66. There has NEVER been a muslim Hitler
abdulla ,   askenaz   (07.19.07)
and insha-ll-a-h, there will never be one, inspite the cynical attempts to create one. The xtians should try not to paint other cultures that they'rent familiar with nor understand in their own image. There are many Jews in Iran and i understand that as xtians they have no obligation to care for iranian jews or the heritage and resting places of their ancestors that need to be cared for. But it would be kind if they would stop seeking their narrow ideological objectives at the expense of those jews who choose to remain in the homeland of thier ancestors unitl the coming of the TRUE redemption of the children of Israel. Todah!
67. #59: I am sorry the truth bores you. There is...
Rivka   (07.19.07)
nothing I can say or do to stop the war with Iran that is coming. Look at the American bases surrounding Iran: Afganistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the southern Russian Republics. What do you suppose all those bases encircling Iran signify? That there will NOT be a war? You will get your war. There is nothing I can say or do to stop it, but Israel will be alone after the notable horn of Daniel breaks. Living in Haifa, you should worry since the Russian (Magog) and Moslem nations who will attack Israel from the north (Ezekiel ch 38 and 39) will be destroyed in northern Israel by an earthquake and a plague that sounds like a nuclear attack. Jerusalem will not get nuked, but there will be a slaughter there on the West Bank, the Prophet Daniel said. Pakistan has big nuclear weapons and has not used them on Israel or given them to Iran to my knowledge. The Moslems are not entirely stupid. If they attack with nuclear weapons, I would nuke every Moslem city on earth if I were the ruler of the earth. If the Moslems believe that would happen, that would be a deterent. They are willing to lose many in a conflict, but not that many. Why is it you and Charles and M. Hartley only attack me when I use my name? And why do you attack me instead of my opinions. Are you a Jesuit priest? When Jesuits cannot attack the message, they attack the messenger.
68. Hitler
a christian   (07.19.07)
I firmly believe Ahmedinejad makes it possible for the "new Hitler" to emerge.The garbage that comes from his mouth comes from extremist cleric's and the dark hearth of a lunatic with no creative room for anything good and hopeful.They say the "resistance" against Israel must go on,but in reality they're fighting God.The Jews are God's people and the earth would be better off if we accept that truth.An antichrist doesn't want the will of God to "win our hearths".Just like Hitler there is no love inside them.
69. AK #51
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (07.19.07)
You say this to Goldvasser because you didn't come to Israel to see the amount of christians ,who despise Jews and ,I repeat,expose their crosses in their chestS in a defiant agression to Jews!
70. #63. The Library of Congress has a copy of Mary Walsh's...
Rivka   (07.19.07)
essays which are similar to the book you recommend. Both appear to be out of print, which is what happens to books with profound truths quite often.
71. #61 Keren
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.19.07)
Thank you for your words .There are more of us who do not bow their knee to this fasle peace maker. You God is a jealous God who does not share His glory with a Texas Turkey Vulture who masquerades as one who brings peace to Israel. How can so many Jews,Christian's be so blind to follow Bush and his hell driven agenda ,????
72. #71& 61 Who set u up as the accuser of the brethern?
remember, pride ,   comes before a fall,   (07.19.07)
Who gave you both that title and job. Are they your servants and answer to only you? When Hashem picked out their role in life were the both of you consulted by Hashem for your approval or disapproval for their mission he planned for them? No? Than what they do in accordance to their calling in life is really none of your business is it? You will know a tree by the fruit it bears, and if theirs is bearing fruit for the peace of Israel where have they erred? If the fruit is calling on our president and Israeli leaders not to divide up the land without suffering the consequenses spelled out in the Torah, where have they erred? If the fruit they bear is as a trumpet in letting people know that they shouldn't be deceived by the monkey of persia and the rest of the lies from the muslim world, where have they erred? Trust me these guys do not back the president or the State Department on the road map to peace and have told them that many times. So where have they erred. They have called on us to take care of Iran before they get a nuclear bomb to use on Israel and kill her people and cause great pain and suffering to it's people so once again where have they erred? Why is it that you will fight against the words of the muslim nations when they call for the total destruction of Israel, and yet when Christian leaders call for the destruction of the nation that wants to destroy Israel, you immediately want to fight and argue and speak harsh words against them. Again, where have they erred? We are to pray daily for the leaders of our countries and for the peace of Israel. But if your praying time is filled with the same words as your TBs are, save your breath and don't waste your time. There isn't one ounce of faith in them and they never reach the throne room anyway. And that my dear friends is the error of your ways.
73. #66 Ha, ha, that is funny. Islam is full if hitler types,
carman ,   usa   (07.19.07)
they just don't have the name of hitler. So many muslim leaders have set their faces like flynt to see the total destruction of Israel and the Jews. Pretty much what hitler had in mind. All throughout muslim history your leaders have been equal to or worse than the mind set of hitler. osama bin laden comes to mind. Your religious leaders call for the total destruction and elimination of anyone who does not agree with their political views or their religious views. These guys want to bring the world back to the 7th century way of living. And that's just not gonna happen. al qadea in iraq are baking young boys and serving them up for dinner to the family they took the children from to force them not to tell the coalation where they are hiding at. They behead people(even other muslims), so they can gain power and control. They stil torture people in their prisons etc.... So no my blind friend there never has been a muslim named hitler. But there are many muslims who were and are worse than hitler. So you just go ahead and hide behind that religion of peace thing.
74. Bless Israel and you shall be Blessed
jack bauer ,   usa   (07.19.07)
Curse Israel and you shall be Cursed so it is written, so shall it be done
75. Marcel, #2, You missed the point!
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.19.07)
They ARE pointing the finger at Bush who is NOT a christian. They ARE saying there is no peace plan. These are not shallow words. What have YOU done? YOUR words are utter rubbish! You didn't read the article at all!
76. David Goldwasser UK #48
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.19.07)
You are speaking VERY foolishly. You don't know any biblical Christans if you can talk like that. You sound just like the people who used to talk about JEWS that way. You are talking about non-Christains, pagans, who CLAIM to be Christain. It is oxymoronic to be anti-semitic, anti-Israel or anti-Jewish and even breath the claim of being a follower of Jesus the Messiah, the King of Israel. No true Christian would even dream of harming Jews, but would rather lay down their lives for them in obedience to the commands of the God of Israel, the Husband and Lover of Israel, and His Messiah, Jesus. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are totally wrong.
77. #63 Orthodox Jew
You are talking about the Catholic Church, which is NOT biblical, is NOT Christain, it is pagan. Do you want to know the truth about true Christianity, or are you comfortable in your hiding behind the myth of the Catholic Jew hating alledged Church being Christian? This way, you are not confronted by the true Yeshua and His true followers.
78. #77
Rob ,   New York, US   (07.19.07)
Way to go #77. As a Christian, I am tired of people confusing the Catholic Church with being Christian. Roman Catholics adhere to RCC church doctrine which contradicts the Bible. It is also a works based religion that is Cultic. I am speaking the truth to anyone who might be reading this and a Catholic. Please understand I am not trying to attack Catholics but am speaking the truth praying that one day you will be saved. Search the Scriptures for yourself and stop trusting others to interpret it for you. Put the Lord and his Word first and trust the Lord alone to guide you. As for #2 Marcel from FL, George W. Bush has been a major disappointment to us Christians. I believe he follows what is called "Replacement Theology". This is a belief that the Jews have been replaced with the church and now all the blessing/promises belong to the Church. This is obviously not the case since the Lord has made many everlasting promises to the Jewish people. Anyone who studies Scripture knows that God will not forsake the Jews and as a matter of fact their will be a time when all of ISRAEL will be saved. Think about it. I would be extremely concerned if the Lord reneged on his promises. After all if he could forsake the Jews, what would stop him from forsaking us Christians. Replacement Theology is not Biblical. As True Biblical Christians, we do not support the Road Map for Peace. As a matter of fact, Israel's borders are way too small. It is the surrounding Arab countries that are occupying Israel land. The promised Land given to Israel is outlined in the Old Testament. Search the Scriptures for yourself. As Christians, we pray for the peace of Israel. May our Lord Jesus Christ Bless You All !!
79. #44 Explain your hypocrisy to me if you can.
jan ,   usa   (07.19.07)
How is it that you can quote end time bible prophecy to us(and I might add you get a little wordy and loose the interest of most of us), and yet when John Hagee does that to the president, State Dept., and congress, you are all together to happy to belittle him? Do you know for a fact that he is a draft dodger? Do you think that it is just possible that there are others who understand bilble prophecy as you do? He's not a bad guy. Have you brought over 24 tours of people to visit the land like he has? Have you spent endless hours of prayer for the safety and prosperity of the land and her people like he has? Have you even written a letter to the president or you congressman to let them know that what they are doing in this land for peace debacle will bring judgement on our nation and it's leaders that we don't want? Look, what's gonna happen is gonna happen. Period. But it's not John Hagee and other Christians that are United for Israel and want to show full support for the land that are gonna make the wars happen. You are not the only one that has been given understanding of Torah teachings of the last days. So please quit parading around as if you are Hashems personal emmisory in the earth, and you and you alone have the keys to unlock its meaning. He's been at this alot longer than you have, and he doesn't mind if you share what knowledge you have. But you surely aren't the only dog in the pound either. Learn to be nice will you?
80. #75 Israeli
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.19.07)
The point is that John Hagee and the other double minded Christians who run to washington 5 years late are looking to this same evil government which divides Israel to rescue Israel from Iran. How stupid is that ? All you have to do is look at Iraq and see the danger you are in trusting the U.S. to help you instead of your God.. They should be encouraging Israel to seek God for their help and salvation alone. Again... The u.S. WILL NOT RESCUE OR SAVE ISRAEL ,the U.S. is Israel's greatest threat and enemy because of the FALSE PEACE Road Map of president Bush. That is the message they have failed to deliver to Israel and her leaders ! p.s I notice many of you would like to judge me by my works ,what have i done ,and that is why you are so easlily decieved by the lying politicians. Faith in messaih Jesus is my work
81. #75 Faith in Jesus DOESN'T work without love.
Benyiman ,   New York   (07.20.07)
Who else in America would you like John Hagee to run to help Israel? It is obvious that the Israeli government is NOT willing to trust Hashem for their deliverance. And while I'm on the subject, President Bush is NOT the only leader to come up with this idea. Clinton, Peres, Barak, and arafat play a HUGE part in where Israel is today. And you can thank Carter for the situation in Iran today. He and he alone must bear full responsibility for allowing the ayatollas to run that country. Funny how you forgot to mention those hey? In reading your many, many talkbacks you make Christianity sound as mean and viscious as the radical muslims. You want to bite and devour anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with you. Well my self righteous friend just go right ahead and be happy with your smug sanctimonious self while we carry on and do the work you should be helping us in. You just sit back now and take a look at yourself and hopefully you will see your need for a major attitude adjustment. You can have all the gifts of G-d, have all of his power, yet without walking in his love you cannot accomplish one single thing.
82. #72 That was AWESOME!!!! Wished I had said that.!!!!!
Maria CUFI member ,   Washington DC.   (07.20.07)
83. Christian Zionist Is An Oxymoron
Freaky Dick's Chimp ,   Nashville, USA   (07.20.07)
Christian Zionist Is An Oxymoron, like "Compassionate Conservative" or "Country Artst." Any so-called Christian who advocates murder is really a Paulian, a Roman Old Testamentalist: in other words, a member of a crypto-pagan death cult. Come on people, it's the 21st century -- time to toss your Bronze Age superstitions on the trash heap of history where they belong.
84. #81 should be for # 80
Benyiman ,   New York   (07.20.07)
85. #71 Since you hate GW so much, what do you
Paul & Silas   (07.20.07)
think John Kerry and the dems would have done where Israel is concerned? They wouldv'e given away Jerusalem to the pals by now just like clinton and barak almost did. Truly your hate for GW consumes you & you make a mockery of your heralded christianity.
86. #79...I am older than John Hagee and I have been...
Rivka   (07.20.07)
studying the Bible longer than he has. I have no idea if he was in the military or not, but Congressman McCloskey did not make his observation based on knowledge of John Hagee. Mr. Hagee has an awsome responsibility to tell the TRUTH and he tries, but he has been brainwashed by seminary and other ministers who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture and he does not have an understanding of Daniel chapter 8 that he needs to have. The saints (Jewish and Christian who are Jews in their hearts) will be taken off this earth in a twinkling of an eye to meet the Messiah in the air as He is coming to earth. Mr. Hagee thinks that will take seven years to meet the Messiah in a twinkling of an eye. The saints are going through the tribulation and many will be beheaded and the preachers are saying they will be spared by a pre-trib rapture which gives them false hope. Mr. Hagee has done much for Israel and I am glad some people are thankful. I watch his program on TV often and read his books. He needs to be appreciated, but warmongering for a ground war in Iran that will result in a no-win situation because America will collapse after the defeat of Iran, is not the best thing he has emphasized. It is a fearful thing. Why would Hashem/Yeshua allow the USA to collapse after defeating Iran? Must be something about Iran the L-rd likes: maybe the 25,000 Jews and countless number of crypto-Christians who will be harmed in a ground war. The Bible says Israel will still be a nation when the Messiah comes to deliver Israel. Why pretend Iran is more of a threat than it is? Pakistan has nuclear weapons and does not use them. Why? Hashem rules. That is why.
87. #82 Benyiman ET AL
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.20.07)
""Who else in America would you like John Hagee to run to help Israel? "" No one ,Quit looking to Ameirca ! It as if a nation of Idol worshipers do not have the sense to seek their God As for those of you who place Olmert,Peres and other Israelis on the same level as president Bush, please try and grasp the reality that one is a bully superpower shoving it's agenda on the tiny,desperate nation of Israel. I'm always accused of hate speech by those who don't like their idol dragged thru the mud. The moslem's also accuse me of hate becaue like you they cannot face the truth of what I am saying. I Love you too Benyamin but not your false messaih George who leads many in Israel and here to destruction. Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.
88. Support Israel
Tom DuBois ,   Woodbridge, VA   (07.20.07)
Israel is only the size of New Jersey while the others (saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran etc.) comprise of the other 4/5th of the middle east! Israel should take BACK Gaza & KEEP the West Bank (Judea & Sameria) Period. Israel is the Only Democracy in the middle east. If Israel is lost then the whole Middle Easr is lost. Support Israel at all costs, God will bless you for it.
89. This makes me laugh! Ah! Ah! Ah!
John ,   Lisbon Portugal   (07.20.07)
As a Western and recent Muslim convert, I can only laugh at these pseudo-Christians fears! Israel will collapse eventually and cease to exist, time is of no importance here. Nuclear weapons are useless. Why will this happen? Because it's God will.
90. #79 While I read your response,
jan ,   usa   (07.20.07)
you still haven't answered my question. Who made you the big dog of the pound. In your first TB you belittle John Hagee, now when someone calls you on it you back off some what. Ok, I'll accept that but I clearly think you have a difference of opinion of the time frame from what John Hagee believes, and what you believe. Jesus told the disciples those that are for me are NOT against me. He definately for G-d and for Israel, and not against them Just try to be nice and not so darn pushy. There are many facests to the mind of Christ and not one of us has it all. If we as a nation did not take out Irans nukes, how do you think Hashem and the world will judge us? We the church let hitler get by us and we best not do the same thing again.
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