Israel, PA draft 3-stage security plan, says report
Ali Waked
Published: 19.07.07, 15:22
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1. It has worked so well before, why not try it again.
ak   (07.19.07)
Back to Oslo for the Israelis headed by the government tired of winning.
stude ham   (07.19.07)
3. Bla, bla, bla bla!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (07.19.07)
4. if it wasnt so serious, this would be a really bad joke
jack bauer ,   usa   (07.19.07)
In a short time, unless the citizens of Israel wake up from their slumber....there will be no country left to defend. The IDF is busy rounding up teenagers, instead of preparing for the upcoming war...the govt. is making one poor decision after another...all in plain sight...the PA is falling apart....and Israel is expected to build it back up....for what? hamas can take over from the PA puppets? people are dodging the army...africans are sneaking across the unguarded border....the americans are telling the govt. what to do? as if they know how to do things in the middle east...whatever the news is, it tends to be bad It is time to wake up and take notice. Judea/Samaria are not to become battlegrounds between hamas and the PA puppets! Undoubtably that will be the drive more jews out of the conflict zone and into tel aviv.....where from they will be easier to drive into the sea
5. Bring the terrorists closer to the green line
freejay ,   Israel   (07.19.07)
Youre an appeasing fool Olmert at the detriment of my safety. Soon there will be rockets hitting Israels densly popullated areas and the blood will be on you and youre pathetic greedy governments hands.
6. Need to add a point
Jason, Ph.D. ,   USA   (07.19.07)
I think that plan is ok, with one caveat. Israel should announce to the PA and to the world that this the Palestinians' LAST CHANCE to have a state. Israel should state in advance that if there is a renewal of suicide bombings, etc. then Israel will determine its boundaries as it sees fit.
7. Here are the three stages
Mordechai   (07.20.07)
1) Israel releases terrorists 2) PA gives terrorists weapons 3) Terrorists kill Jews
8. #6 PhD in what???
YB   (07.20.07)
Israel has threatened many times before, Should I remind you GAZA, the world DOES NOT CARE! We need to tell them that we will go to war and kick them out of Gaza & Yehuda & Shomron if they keep on with terrorist activities. But we shouldn’t just threaten, we need to do it once and for all, regardless what the world will say. (Between me and you, the world will respect us, look at Iran everyone respects them, US is running after them, please please let’s have direct talks.....
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