Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah meet in Damascus
Dudi Cohen
Published: 19.07.07, 21:18
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1. Doesn't it bother Assad...
David ,   California   (07.19.07)
...that all these apostate Shiites have taken over his country and treat him like a little dog.
2. Hitler Meets Mussolini .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.19.07)
Oh, sorry - I thought it was 1938. I'm not good with dates, just that I thought I saw this movie .... So, Neville - sorry again - I mean Tony Blair is coming to look for peace somewhere .... Someone should remind him this is not Czechoslovakia.
3. DETAILS...................................................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.19.07)
The region's interest and undue attention to Ahmed Nejad's visit to Syria is of no consequence.The two countries have signed sevral pacts, know of their strategic position in the region,feel that they are threatened by common enemy,have lot to gain economically if they tie their resources.............................they are doing exactly that and the previous efforts by certain vested interest in trying to draw Syria away from Iran does not seem to have worked very well.
4. Iran&Syria
roxy ,   israel   (07.19.07)
They are inbed together for the long term and they are meeting to make plans to attack Israel and the US. They are not only meeting witheach other but with Nasrallah and Hamas heads as well, this should be a signal to Olmert that Syria is not a faithful partner for peace, they only want what Iran wants which is the destruction of Israel, and the rest of the world to follow there after! Prepare the homefront now with gas masks and shelters, then kick both countires back into the stoneage!
5. Anyone notice
Jane   (07.19.07)
that all the talking was by Ahmadinejad? And look at how happy Bashar Baby looks!
6. What would Hafez do?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (07.19.07)
The apple fell far away from the tree. While Bashar tries to save face by alligning Syria with Iran, his father Hafez would be embarrased by this. Hafez was a staunch opponent to allignment with Egypt and even regretted alligning with the Soviets, both of whom were certainly greater regional powers than Iran. He knew that Syrian would end up playing the catcher. If I were a Syrian I'd be very worried about our future.
7. AMJD is passing out Candy to his Terror Creations
Candy is ,   Yummy   (07.19.07)
8. i think he mean : " summer will bring war "...
stephane ,   france   (07.19.07)
many signs show us that a war is imminent. and this strange statement of " summer who will bring victory" is only one more sign. i think that in a few month israel will be at war with many fronts in the same time. assad himler and mahmood hitler are just coordinating when they will start the attack. hamas in gaza, hezbollah in lebanon, and assad on the golan will attack together israel. and iran will help them from the dark with advisers and guns... the most important for israel today is to change his "leaders". if olmert is still in power when this war will start, it will be a catastrophy for israel. israelies should URGENTLY provok anticipated elections. ps: sorry for my english...i'm french you know ;-)
9. "Lebanon is enjoying internal serenity."
LMAO   (07.19.07)
10. To 1# Assad is a shiite
John ,   NYC   (07.19.07)
Nasrallah and the mullahs in iran are his crowd. The assad ruling family are shiites in a majority sunni country.
11. Spell it out for me
Dale ,   Spokane USA   (07.19.07)
This article says, "According to Ahmadinejad, Iran and Syria "are united against the enemies of the two countries and the region." And so those enemies are. . . .? Israel, US, and UK? Do I have to guess?
12. #5
t.i ,   Israel   (07.19.07)
Hey jane! Syria has been puppet of Iran for years. Iran scatter it's own ideology all over syria. we overcome about everything, we just need to be united and think reasonably like we always had. and I want to take this chance addressing to Usa citizens: if you will be united, there is no other country will be able to defeat yours! they will loss, we will win, I'm positive sure about it.
13. Last summer Iran attacked Israel through Hizbollah,this year
Hanna   (07.19.07)
it wants to attack Israel through Syria. Nuke Iran and Syria won't dare to attack Israel. Hizbolah and Hamas and Syria are getting money from Iran.
14. Israel must warn Iran that if Syria attacks Iran will be..
attacked and nuked   (07.19.07)
15. WHY
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (07.19.07)
was this article published, as if it were news ? Has Ynet lost its editorial mind ?
16. rogue states
rj ,   england   (07.19.07)
i find it amazing that two terrorist rogue states that have been listed by the international communities are allowed to publically discuss and probably plot more terrorism against Israel , America etc... without any condemnation from the international communities who just sit back and wait for it to happen...
17. There you have declaration of war against Israel
Steve ,   USA   (07.19.07)
B"H Now this is a declaration by the IRNA news agency. It should be sent up to the United Nations as a compaint against Iran, since in Arab countires the press is propoganda controlled by the government and not free. Either Iran can accept or reject the complaint, but at least there will be more official clarity from Iran on its stance. If Iran has made a declaration of support of an "armed struggle" which really is a declaration of mercenary war against Israel, then when there is consequence it can be pointed out that Iran started with this declaration. Clarity is needed through the UN on this, because a new agency sometimes represents the goverment but sometimes the government can distance itself form the news agency that it controlls, and I think that is why a formal complaint could be valuable here. Quote: The IRNA news agency reported that the Iranian president said his country's role in the region was "to support the Palestinian people's armed struggle."
18. your real enemy,sits in the cabinet
Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah meet in Damascus citizens of israel,please,please realize that your existential threat,is not from ahmadinejad,nasrallah,hezbollah,- hammas,or the rest of the gangsters in your neighborhood. your biggest threat for your existence and well being,is that criminally insane traitorous,pathetic,incompotent,[idiot ehud olmert if you won't get rid of him immediately,you can kiss goodbye to your beautifull g-d given country
19. Detached From Reality
Raz ,   Rishlach   (07.19.07)
"Thanks to the victory, while the Zionist regime is becoming weaker every day, Lebanon is enjoying internal serenity." Actually, the war forced Israel to beef up its northern security, and Lebanon is engulfed in Sunni/Shia and Palestinian/Lebanese military conflict.
20. #12
Jane   (07.19.07)
Shalom, t.i., Iran has had its hand in since 1979. The US should have slapped them down then. Every US president since Jimmy "Chara" Carter (who is responsible for the problem) has messed up. The US has to put a stop to them NOW! As to us, Hashem sees. He will curse those that curse us, and bless those that bless us. And, t.i., I agree that we will win.
stephane ,   france   (07.19.07)
22. #10
Jane   (07.19.07)
Actually, they are Alawite.
23. Lebanon is enjoying internal serenity
Ben ,   Rockville   (07.19.07)
What does Mahmoody smoke? I want some too.
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.19.07)
25. Seth -Are we supposed to send you $10 or what?
26. "The Zionist regime has lost its ideology of existence"!
roi ,   il   (07.20.07)
they see it! so why is israel's left and leadership so blind the cause of all it's failures!?
27. "Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord
which shall be shown ,   unto you this day".   (07.20.07)
28. You need to call for elections now and get rid
jan   (07.20.07)
of those unskilled, unlearned, and unqualified leaders who are running the country before war breaks out. Oh, and make sure you kick Peres out as well
Yep, there you have it. The new hitler says he hopes the summer will bring victories. I'll leave it to idiots like mahmoood to twist it around but that's a declaration of WAR. Anyway, they can join together ,co-operate - do whatever they like. Iran and Syria are coming in for a belting of their own on an unprecedented scale. Just'll see. ...and NO WINNERS in this - just lots dead people , smashed economies and wholesale destruction - ALL FOR NOTHING BUT YOUR STUPID TOXIC RELIGION!
30. The Zionist regime has lost its ideology of existence
Pete ,   Denver   (07.20.07)
My friends, he is right, this is the very sad truth. The truth hurts.
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