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Iran attack could be 2nd Holocaust, Gingrich warns
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.07.07, 19:56
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1. We all better hope that neither Obama nor Clinton gets in.
sk ,   USA   (07.20.07)
Regime change is the only answer (decapitation of the Iranian leadership, destruction of its military and its nuclear facilities--I hope taking out some schools and mosques protecting these facilities). Anything relying on the "international community" (a.k.a. "sanctions") is manifestly absurd, and anyone who genuinely thinks that it is not absurd needs a new brain. Europe, after all, has already sold its soul to the Muslims, as Bat Ye'or has shown in _Eurabia_.
2. We already know this!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.20.07)
The question is, what are our leaders going to do about it? Talk is cheap!!! Regime change would be the best thing for all parties involved. It would spare Iran from a military attack and would spare the US from having another unpopular war. But I doubt this will happen any time soon.
3. Now Better Than Later
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (07.20.07)
This is just so much talk. The time to hit Iran's nuclear plants is now. Are we to wait until the mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv? Iran's Pres. and mullahs, have said repeatedly Israel must be destroyed and every Jew killed. Hitler said the same thing about the Jews and no one listened until it was too late. There is still time...all it will take are 30F15s and F16s, and a wing of B1s and 2s. Lets get on with it, and stop the rhetoric.
4. Why can't Newt or some other U.S. politician
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.20.07)
be our Prime Minister? Most of them worry about our security more than most of our politicians.
5. iran
jj ,   montreal canada   (07.20.07)
One thing no one seems to realize especialy the Palestinians that if Iran nukes Israel, the Palis, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians and any one living within fallout range are wiped out. Don't they care, or will they all be willing martyrs?
6. Gingrich 4 President
GZLives ,   US   (07.20.07)
Gingrich is a brilliant politician and someone who understands the current problem the world faces vis a vis Islamic Fascism. He' d make a great President of the US and would certainly be a great friend to Israel. I encourgae all those who haven't listened to what he's saying. to tune in so you know this is a serious alternative to the others.
7. Talk, talk, talk...
Eric ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.20.07)
The US presidential candiates can make all the anti-Iran statements they want to get the Jewish vote; they will only be believed when they actually push for CONCRETE acts against the Ahmadinjad scum and his followers.
8. Waffle waffle. Action is required!
Ram ,   london   (07.20.07)
9. Thank you Usa!
t.i ,   Israel   (07.20.07)
you won't let Iran acquiring weapons of mass destruction but we can prevent it also. I'm sorry, the history has been taught us that we can trust only ourselves. thanks anyway to all the people who supporting us! nice weekend to everybody!
10. 4 reasons to vote for Gingrich
avramele   (07.20.07)
1. he committs adultry and goes after Clinton showing that partisanship trumps consistency and moral decency 2. He triumphs the rule of law and then shuts down the Federal government 3. He is more entertaining than Guiliani and probably a brighter bulb than the rest of the Republican hopefuls (not saying much) 4, He feeds my Jewish paranoia to the point that he's better than comfort food
SHULI ,   CLEVELAND   (07.20.07)
I support his candidacy in 2008. He is by far the brightest and most informed candidate on either side of the aisle.
12. Newt Ginrich entering pres.race
roxy ,   Israel   (07.20.07)
Great Idea, this man know what he is talking about when it comes to the dangers of a nuke Iran, the world must wake up and listen to the man! I am a registered democrat and if he runs I will seriously consider crossing party lines and voting for him! He will stand by Israel the question is will Hiliary or Obama?
13. #4 They are #1 enemy of Israel
MARK ,   USA   (07.20.07)
They are provoking Iran and they will be responsible for a 2nd Holocaust. They will destroy Israel. Provoking Iran will wipe out Israel of the face of the map.
14. Assessing the Candidates
Brod ,   USA   (07.20.07)
The Democrats can talk about alot of good stuff such as health insurance, and other domestic issues. Unfortunately, the main concern of Americans is national security and Islamist-Jihadist terrorisms. Hence, the Democrats may lose the election because they are seen as weak in national security and weak in confronting the rising tide of Islamist-Jihadism/Terrorism around the world. None of them--Republicans and Democrats seem to address the rising cost of oil and the need for aggressive search for oil in America. None seem to address the issue that the source of Islamist-Jihadism/Terrorism is Saudi Arabia whose thugs attacked America on 9/11. The Democrats seem soft in confronting the immediate threat to Israel, America and the world that fanatical Islamist-Jihadist Iran, that has threatened to wipe off Israel and is feverishly working on its nukes, poses. The Republicans seem to be stronger on national security and more knowledgeable about the threats that Islamist-Jihadism/Terrorism poses to the Israel, America, the West and the whole world. Gingrich being a historian seems to be knowledgeable and can be a viable candidate. But like most of the other candidates, he is a Roman Catholic. In Judeo-Christian or Protestant America, it would be challenging for an RC to be elected President. Kennedy was an exception and he did not last long. Candidate like Obama seems idealistic that America is not color blind and will give him a chance. Unfortunately, the reality is going to be challenging for him. Candidate like Edwards who says that America is not a Christian country has more or less blown away his chances of being a viable candidate. Other candidates like Kucinich who seems to make a profession of running for President is more like a cartoon among the candidates. Hillary has a good chance. However, for her to win the national election, she must be stronger on national security and in confronting the rising threats of Islamist-Jihadism/Terrorism than Bill or Bush. And for the Democratic Party to do well as a whole, it must move to the Right on national security, foreign policy and oil explorations and investiments in America.
15. I really don´t know what is wrong with israeli people
Shir ,   Finland   (07.20.07)
They are verbally bashing palestinians all the time, while they should focus on the real danger-Iran. It seems everybody has either forgotten Iran, or are too scared to bring it up. They are developing their nuclear weapon and slowly but surely ensuring the destruction of Jews. And you do nothing?? If modern-day Jewish Men were like Irgun fighters sixty years ago, israelis would have attacked Iran already. But modern-day Jewish men have become these spineless pale-faced wimps with geeky eye-glasses tapping their little keyboards. Too scared to face the real enemy and attacking the weak one instead. Iranians act the same way all around the world. I was once harassed by this iranian creep, at least ten years older than me. He used to follow me around and where-ever I went in the center of the city, this bearded iranian creep would suddenly appear. It ended when I moved to another city to study. This is how much they respect Jewish girls. And in Israel Jewish men are failing to protect their women and children. Forget palestinians, start getting ready to attack Iran, NOW.
16. Newt is an Anti-Semite
MARK ,   USA   (07.20.07)
He is a snake. He loves oil and he could care less about Jews.
17. Bush and Newt love to scare Jews
MARK ,   usa   (07.21.07)
They constantly remind Jews of another Holocaust. If Iran used Nukes, his Arab neighbors would suffer much more then the Jews by Radiation. Living with radiation is torture and the damage is very very long lasting. Newt is a Christian Zionist who wants Armageddon. They support the Armageddon lobby and will not suffer the consequences. The Arabs and Jews will.
18. The US and Israel Represent a Greater Threat to World Peace
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls MN   (07.21.07)
The baseless rhetoric by the Zionists/Neocons about Iran's nuclear power program is reminiscent of the fabrications and outright lies that these same people once ensured us was true about Iraq. The so-called leadership of the US and Israeli regimes seem to think that we have forgotten their previous bold faced lies and deceptions that led US into the costly quagmires of Iraq and Afghanistan, and believe their current lies about Iran. Just like in Iraq, there is not a single shred of evidence that the IAEA or anyone has found that indicates that Iran has any interest in building a nuclear bomb or much less even working on one. The world should be concerned with US and Israeli colonialism and recklessness as demonstrated by Israel’s US funded and supplied pre-planned attack upon Lebanon last year… Propagandized as a rescue operation by the US and Israel, the true goal was to gain access to the waters of Lebanon’s Litani River that lies just a few miles outside of Israel’s reach, as lack of water (over 40% of Israel’s water today comes from occupied lands) is far more of a threat to Israel’s survival than Iran has or will ever be. The threat the US faces is Russian and Chinese control over ME oil reserves, so any country that has a large oil reserves (Iraq, Iran and Venezuela ) or an avenue to access oil reserves near it (Afghanistan) must be demonized and attacked. After king Georges total failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Israel’s defeat in Lebanon, I doubt that there are any out there who would vote for a new war when everything the Zioninst/Neocons have touched recently ended up being FUBAR. "Vote for endless war... Vote Gingrich"
19. ahmadinejad's threas
Old curmudgeon ,   Los Angeles, CA   (07.21.07)
Ahmadinejad's hostile threats re another U.N. member state is obviously contrary to agreements by member states of the U.N. Thus, it merits the strongest reaction available in response, including military action. Their nuclear installations should be destroyed before they have an opportunity to make good on those threats. That is a lesson that should have been learned by 1936, after the Nazi threats made by Hitler and his violation of the Locarno agreements. What are we waiting for? Another holocaust and World War III??
20. #10 I'd give you all the reason to vote(not)
for the clintons, but the main one Israel is suffering from dearly today.
21. To # 15
My friend. Irgun was as well as the Stern group terrorist organizations who fought vs arabs and brits during the british mandate. Even Ben Gurion, dismantled them. Join the regular army or we will put you out. Secondly, THE WORLD IS DIFFERENT from 1948. Israel is different and so does Iran. U.S was different and now they are different. Look at the mess they are in Iraq a war UNCESSESARY, THEY LIED TO THE WHOLE WORLD, IN THE UN!!!. That invasion of Iraq, caused North Korea and Iran to pressure more and more US, England, Israel. and laugh at them. But, some wars must be fought in order to get peace. Iraqi war was NOT! IT WAS NOT A DANGER TO THE WORLD, LET ALONE ISRAEL NOR US. PERIOD. Now... Iran time will come for they support of terrorism, hatred, killings and teaching generations in hatred and martyrdom. Iran: NEXT! LONG LIVE ISRAEL
22. Newt is one the best
Fivel ,   Canada   (07.21.07)
Without a doubt, the brightest and most intelligent out of the whole bunch. I do not know if he has much of a chance to win the Presidency though. America, don't screw up with an Obama, or Clinton. The world condition begs for a Gingrich or a Gulliani. Don't pay attention to their past domestic situation, not important in the big picture. All the candidates carry "baggage"
23. To #14
Iranian guy   (07.21.07)
I would never follow you around. I get pretty much as many girls as I want. Why are there so many Jewish extremists always trying to spread hate against Iranians and other races? You are the biggest complainers about racism against Jews, but you are the biggest advocates for racist stereotyping of other groups. Seriously, wake up.
24. you guys want Newt take him
colleen ,   seattle, us   (07.21.07)
To all of those who think Newt is a good guy, please look at his hypocritical record. He tried so hard to get Clinton impeached while, carrying on an affair with another woman who is now his current wife, he also called Spanish the language of the ghetto. I can't stand the man, and most Americans cannot either, so please take him off our hands. Oh, one more thing Obama 08!
Roya ,   United States   (07.21.07)
Ahmadinejad is against Zionism, but hasn't threatened war.. it's a complete misquote, here is proof:
26. Newt For VP
Neil ,   Chicago   (07.21.07)
Newt is right! The best ticket would be Giuliani and Gingrich!
27. newt got it right!
oded   (07.21.07)
but israeli""""leaders"""" are still drugged, or just too busy accumilating dirty money to pay attention. newt for president ,and olmert to jail!
28. Iran attack could be 2nd Holocaust, Gingrich warns
Marc V. Ridenour ,   Show Low, AZ, USA   (07.21.07)
In regards to Iran attacking Israel being ‘the second Holocaust’, I don’t think so—if Iran DOES attack, it would fulfill the Bible prophecies in Ezekiel 38 and 39!( 38 and 39. Also see God DOES have His hand over Israel, and the Jewish people remain His Chosen People. I call out to everyone—come to faith in Yeshua Messiah! After the Rapture of the Messianic believers (1st Thessalonians 4:15—17), that will be what will allow the Antichrist to come forth and begin his seven-year reign! And that will truly be the time of Hell on Earth! Please, come to faith in Yeshua Messiah while there is still time!
29. Newt isnt viable as a presidential candidate...
Jabroni ,   Jabroni, USA   (07.21.07)
But if Rudy can pick him up for VP on his ticket they can win together. Newt presents the perfect opportunity for Rudy to make peace with the more conservative elements of the GOP. Lets all pray, huh?
30. There is no indication in the Bible that Israel will be...
Rivka   (07.20.07)
nuked by Iran. The destruction in Israel will be caused by someone the Prophet Daniel called "the little horn" AFTER Iran is defeated by a he-goat (UN) with a notable horn (USA) between its eyes. (Daniel Ch.8 of Authorized King James Bible). Two thirds of Israel and two thirds of the world population will be killed NOT by Iran but AFTER Iran is defeated. It is better to pinpoint strike nuclear production targets in Iran rather than to have an all out war that will defeat Iran but also set the stage for the collapse of the USA (notable horn) and the little horn coming from one of the four nations the notable horn becomes. The little horn is the person to fear.
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