Saudi Arabia backs out of Arab peace initiative
Smadar Peri
Published: 22.07.07, 09:46
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1. Never Meant Anything Anyway.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.22.07)
Actually, nothing they say means much. Positions shift around from five minutes to five minutes, rhetoric trumps reality, contradictions don't bother them, self-interest runs rampant but even self-interest can get lost in rhetorical delusions, saving face means more than reality, suspicion & paranoia play a big role, opportunism is not to be neglected but neither is fear of any change - and above it all stands Islam, a convenient excuse, a great justification for anything at all, the underlying motivation for fanaticism.
2. "Saudi king gets cold feet " - ya cant make real peace
with ,   dictators   (07.22.07)
3. #1: WELL SAID! Muslim ethos in a nutshell. A keeper!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.22.07)
4. Let Israelis & Palestinians resolve the matter bilaterally!
KMR ,   Middle East   (07.22.07)
5. Terry, #1, for Prime Minister
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (07.22.07)
Whenever I get saddened by the actions and writings of the Israeli "post-Zionists" (i.e., masochistic suicidal maniacs), it is always a joy to read the smart, clear, logical postings from Terry of Eilat. Terry, I hope you are writing bigger things, and that your voice will go from strength to strength in Israel. Our most lethal danger is the corruption and self-hatred from within. Our biggest hope and strength is people like YOU. Kol ha-kavod!
6. Unstable friend
Haim ,   New York   (07.22.07)
First they paid freedman from New York Times to promote this idea. They even made Beilin and PA woman to talk in Paris. They waisted a lot of money on Peace Now in USA. And now they abandoned Peace Now. One can't trust Saudis or Iran even when they give money.
7. Tery`s right: Fanatic fear of change
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.07)
Terry, may I add my point of you to yours? Suppose that I am a fanatic Muslem. Would I choose to use my knowledge for the benefit of mankind or for the benefit of fanatic Islam? In other words, woud iI send an explorer to Mars or try to exterminate the infidels by all means. Fanatics don`t fear destructive change as they are capable of it. What they fear is constructive change, as they know that they are not capable of it.
8. Terry from Eilat
Charles ,   Ashkelon   (07.22.07)
Whenever I check the latest news, on Ynet for this matter, I find these 'smart, clear, logical' postings from, among others of course, Mr. Terry in Eilat. A prime example of the current Israeli/jewish whining culture. Instead of searching for real, effective solutions for the extremely regional 'challenges', the only thing I hear and read is old rhetoric and slogans. It's easy to play the eternal victim, and critisizing every initiative, good or bad. All Arabs are terrorists or would-be terrorists, all Israeli officials are corrupt and unqualified. Even if these statements would be true (which is NOT my opinion), your energy should be used to present valuable assessments and solutions. People who don't agree with your 'visions' are anti-zionists, left-wing nitwits or Islam-appeasers. Talking about slogans. Let's say that you are absolutely right (which is NOT my opinion), and everybody else, including your elected leaders, is wrong, well, show us how it should be done. Nuke Iran and flatten Gaza - I don't think you even have the slightest idea what the consequences of these actions would be. Olmert & Co are useless and don't want to step down because they only want to hang on to Power & Money? My advise is : if you can't beat them, join them. Show us what you have, in the Knesset. But then, it won't be easy to transform from a 'professional' whiner, spending most of your time behind a computer screen, to an honorable politician. Before you accuse me of the same : I don't have the magic formula either. But just stop whining. Regards
9. LOL! they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity
aaron ,   ra'anana   (07.22.07)
we should thank them!
10. The Arab empire is a house of cards that must fall
David ,   Boston, USA   (07.22.07)
Its rediculous to maitain something that doesnt belong. When the turnoil in the arab world ends peace will be possible, but you need to let the peaces fall where they will. Why is it EU doesnt get it? YOu'd think with screwing up most of the world they would finally understand its time to fix it. End Arab colonialism in Africa. Stop making up countries that dont belong (another Arab palestinian state), let countries break up that should (Iraq). Fix the problem, stop putting a lid on the pot.
11. What else did "the official" say?
Persian CAT   (07.22.07)
This is just another piece of gossip by an un-named "official". The king did not change his mind about his "peace initiative" because of fear of Iran. Iran and SA consult about such matters constantly. The real reason is Israel's cold shoulder to his initiative which has been on the table for more than 4 years now. I think you guys are giving Iran too much credit, but then if you insist the mullahs will not say no.
12. #9. Can you explain what the "opportunity" was?
Persian CAT   (07.22.07)
which was missed? Can you point to any meaningful Isreali response to the Abdullah's "initiative"?
13. Saudi Arabia backs out - BACK out?? of what???
JB   (07.22.07)
This is one big JOKE, sad joke!
14. So, I can safely assume that you dont...
Persian CAT   (07.22.07)
like Islam and you'll never invite a Muslim to dinner. What a "missed opportunity" by us Muslims who'll never get to know you! Funny, your attitude about Islam and Muslims is exaclty the same as those Muslem bigot and anti-semites. Wanna see a bigot? Look at the mirror.
15. to #8 Charles.....stop whinning!
freejay3 ,   Israel   (07.22.07)
I'm afraid.the only one i can see whinning is you. Terry made a logical well thought observation and you call that whinning? He wasnt repeating the same overused rhetoric that we are used to seeing here in the talkbacks, so how do you conclude that its whinning? I think you are just jealous of the attention his articulte comment recieved........grow up!
16. #8 you are not even fit for LA LA Land!!!!
JB   (07.22.07)
17. #14 was meant for #1. Sorry I missed.
Persian CAT   (07.22.07)
18. # 8 charles from Ashkelon
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (07.22.07)
You are asking for a new approach to solve the seemingly irreconcilable dispute between Israeli Jews and Islamic Arabs in that both camps will only accept total control over the disputed lands and demand a total evacuation of the opposing side, the Jews want to remain in the cities and other communities which they currently live in, including the right to govern themselves. The Arabs demand that every Jew including their dead and buried bodies to be removed from all lands that they claim belongs to them exclusively. Both sides are unable to relinquish or even entertain any other accommodations or ideas. Any and all the worlds governments no matter how noble or earnest that they may try and bring any solution are doomed to failure, as the recent history of strife and the hatred infused into the Arab and Jewish communities was and is a direct result of the Europeans centuries old hate and intolerance of any group they deemed inferior, as is evidenced by any country they stepped their feet on they claimed it as their own and decimated any and all natives indigenous to that country. There is a saying “a leopard does not change his spots” once an occupier and colonialist always thinks in that realm. Asking them who have never accepted others as equals to find a workable solution, is like asking a person that is blind from birth to describe a rainbow of colors. They are just incapable of accepting people that they have historically oppressed, occupied and stole their natural resources as being equal to them is just not going to happen. There are many ways to resolve this issue, none of which involve outside nations interference, nor does it require a genocidal conflict, nor does it require any nation being superior or domineering. It will require acceptance and tolerance. Do I have such a plan, I believe I do, and if requested I will publish such plan, but the amount of space will not fit into any talkback section, it will require a separate opinion that others can accept or dispute. I have had many opinions published in this newspaper as well as in HaAretz and the Jerusalem Post, somehow the current editor never found any of my opinions worthy of publication, so I do not have to nor do I have the right to demand or expect my opinion to be published.
19. You guys are acting as if Israel accepted the plan.
Khalid ,   Gaza   (07.22.07)
What's the big deal? It was just another peace plan that Israel "expressed interest" in but never actually accepted and probably never would have.
20. #15 & 16 : Whin(n)ing & La La
Charles ,   Ashkelon   (07.22.07)
Dear talkbackers/talkbashers, I think it's obvious that my previuos post wasn't about ego and jealousy. And if it was about getting attention : I wouldn't complain since #15 and #16 are giving me attention. But, fortunately though, it's not. Your very reactions to my post confirm my statements, so I am grateful for that. And I feel fortunate that I don't have to use an alias. Anyway, I don't spend any more time and energy in this kind of 'conversation'. You are much better in this than me. Good luck and regards
21. Persian miss ALL the time.
22. What did you expect?
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (07.22.07)
They hate Israel and want it's destruction and are prime sponser of Israeli hate and al queada terrorism in the world today
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