Hamas members foil attack on IDF forces
Ali Waked
Published: 22.07.07, 21:56
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1. EXACTLY like Nazis stopped Austrians after Anschluss
Malcolm   (07.22.07)
The Nazis arrested Austrians for attacking Jews. ....They had their own plans And fascists don't tolerate interference.
Juan ,   Spain   (07.22.07)
Hamas members foil attack on IDF forces..... My Dad told me not to believe all I read in the papers, I pass on the same advice for electronic newspapers! Hamas are doing all they can to spin themselves a good face.
3. A step in the right direction
The first step towards any sort of settlement between Israelis and Palestinians is the creation of true order among Palestinians.
4. oh tank you hamas, your such a great neighbor
datguy ,   overdere   (07.22.07)
5. Staged Propaganda
James Sparling ,   Ocala, USA   (07.22.07)
the hamasexuals need lots of cash...desperately like whores
6. Don't be fooled
David L.   (07.22.07)
Although the report is likely to be accurate, Hamas is interested in preventing attacks only because it wants calm in order to build up its forces until a big confrontation with the IDF. In fact, the actions of Hamas in this situation makes lots of sense.
7. Hamas in desperate need for legitimacy
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles   (07.22.07)
The EU would just LOVE to support Hamas, so it has sent them the message to be good boys and wait a while before they attempt any more acts of terrorism. I still don't know why they haven't stopped the Quassam rockets? But just watch them. Hamas too, like Fatah, wear suits and will say all the right things until they get what they want. If the Israeli government understood the big picture a little better, or if it stopped following Bush's orders for a change, they would retake Gaza now, before Hamas gets better weapons.
8. they work together
truth teller   (07.22.07)
its all propaganda. they send their own men to plant explosive devices and capture them at the fence to show the media "hamas has control". dont believe the crap they sell you.
9. Hey, bombing the IDF - that's our job!
Kobi ,   Massachussetts USA   (07.23.07)
SaTkhen Aleikum anyway ya Hamasnikim. much appreciated. now if you could just inject a little pragmatism into your politics, like trying to find a political solution instead of military/ideological to the impasse, maybe we could get somewhere!
10. #3 Don't tell me you bought into this BS
RA   (07.23.07)
Ali Waked is just peddling Palestinian propaganda as always. This was all a staged "event' in an attempt to legitimize the murderous Hamas.
11. We must have been wrong all along!!
Shiloh   (07.23.07)
Wow, we have been wrong about the terrorist organization named Hamas. They seem to be our friends now by stopping other terrorists. What the hell is wrong with this picture here?
12. point of the article is hypocrisy.
jack ,   richmond, va, usa   (07.23.07)
the point of mentioning that the Hamas man stopped his brother from committing a terrorist attack is that they are hypocrits who pray upon other's sons. They do nothing when it is some poor youth of unimportant family. The sons of Hamas' leadership, and their property, are protected. Hamas is hypocritical.
13. Why don't they stop the Qassams then?
robby ,   San Jose, USA   (07.23.07)
14. Keep tightening the screw on Hamas untill they burst!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (07.23.07)
15. #3
i hate to disappoint you or put a pin in your delusional balloon. what hammas did, what it said it did against those planning a suicide operation or a bomb attack on the idf is pure propaganda. don't you know that they want the world to look at them as legitimate power, non corrupt and orderly? they have everything to gain by staging such acts of propaganda. they want to gain world approval, acceptance and legitimacy. that is all. believe me, they foiled nothing. they planned it, staged it, sent these guys to act as if they are planting bombs and then "arrested them" to show everyone how they have control over gaza, which they really don't. they want legitimacy by showing us all that they are not violent anymore. terrorists will always be terrorists when it is convenient for them.
16. not exactly!
Nabulsi   (07.23.07)
the fact of the matter is that the idiot who planted the bomb has put it in the only available route used for bringing in humanitarian supplies to gaza which also runs through palestinian residential areas, and therefore this idiot was apprehended and his bomb defused by the preventive security forces.
17. Just curious
bane ,   Toronto-Canada   (07.23.07)
Whats wrong with hamas wanting to stop people doing things against their rules. No matter what you think about it, Hamas won the election so it is within its own right to set foreign policy. How would olmert government or ANY government react when individuals (or groups) did their own foreign policy. And yes, staging attacks against others (i.e. Wars, attacks e.t.c.) is that. About the news from fatah. Just like others are judgemental about hamas news, they should be about that bit of info about stoping relatives. Who in their right mind in the fatah organization wouldnt want to spin any news for them. If they did it or not, does it matter, let the palestinians look at it, if they believe it, go to hamas and ask or go to fatah and ask for proof. They are the ones that have to agree to go on those missions. Either way, hamas won the election, fatah played the spoiled kid. Hamas is asserting its authority in the Strip and fatah is doing the next step, by shedding negative light on hamas. Either way, we have to deal with hamas, they won the election not fatah. And yes, hamas can go on media offensive. They can say that fatah is in the israeli pockets. They got weapons and money and troops from them and the Foreign governments (weapons for their security forces, released soldiers e.t.c. from israeli prisons, and money from the taxes, heck they are even being helped by israeli by targeted kidnapings of politicians from hamas party so that Abbas and others can have their own lil puppet government in their own lil puppet land that is still being occupied and new buildings being built there.)
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