Qassam lands near Ashkelon; 3 lightly injured
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 23.07.07, 17:14
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1. poor crib!!!
nabulsi   (07.23.07)
2. Kassams
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (07.23.07)
The army should stop wasting time. Hamas is the government in Gaza. They are responsible for what goes out , not Islamic Jihad nor any other of their henchmen. Just get rid of any and all of the troublemakers they are all the same. Neal the Hashmonai
3. it,s qdes 3 not qassam
saraya ,   gaza   (07.23.07)
qdes 3 for saraya not qassam
4. ?how many kassams are "accepted" without
Jacob ,   munich   (07.23.07)
reprisals ?? This is what the other side is checking?
5. Cut of EVERYTHING - Let them Salt and Olives
and Hellfire
6. Enough is enough
Richard S. ,   USA   (07.23.07)
Enough. How long can a country take it. In the 50s and 60s when Israel faced similar attacks, the Israeli leaders who had guts and courage knew what it had to be done. Time to launch massive IDF attacks against anyone walking with a gun in Gaza. No need to even send troops. Just send drones, helos and planes, to attack Hamas and Jihad men roaming with no fear. Time to put fear on them.
7. Allow Israeli civilians to lob rockets to Gaza!
naro ,   nyc   (07.23.07)
why not?
8. imitation peace
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.23.07)
So Israel ,how do you like your psuedo peace ? Now you willingly sacrifice Ashkelon to the partners you have allowed to grow into an even greater threat. I cry for your stupidity and lack of faith in your God foolish people who trust in slick,devious lying cowboy from Texas. Olmert has promised that Israel will deliver more painful concessions for this fake peace. Like lambs to the slaughter you bleat very little. Your peace 'covenant with death' brings you much misery and yet you continue down this path. Why ?
9. This should be met with a complete onslaught
Micha   (07.23.07)
To say that this only hit a crib is disgusting and barbaric. You felons and crimiinals and thugs should be dealt with harshly. Anyone who accepts this type of behavior on the part of the arab thugs is as inhumane and barbaric as those who perpetrate such crimes.
10. The religion of peace strikes again
MIKE HAMEN ,   usa   (07.23.07)
12. And what does Olmert do? NOTHING!
freejay ,   Israel   (07.23.07)
13. Israel should release more prisoners for peace
James ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.23.07)
14. #6 fear nothing from safe distance
they are not to be driven to slaughter any more. they have the "antis", and before any, they have the will and faith. things are not as in the old golden days; moving hells, before waiting for troops to come, they have in addition. what's only awaiting the enemy is the ultimate aliyah to heavenly hell.
15. More rockets
Rickey ,   Brooklyn, NY USA   (07.23.07)
Maybe we should release even more terrorists...
16. isreal should put land mines from where kassam are fired.
MIKE HAMEN ,   usa   (07.23.07)
olmert is a weak leader who only cares about money.Time for this loser to step down.
17. The Circle Of Death Grows
Yonatan Koss ,   Eilat   (07.23.07)
Like the ever expanding concentric circles of ripples in a still pond the rings of death grow. All the while Olmert and his Cabal sit transfixed from the over polished shekel piece they think is real peace. The smoke and mirrors of the Arab dog and pony show belie the facts that an army is preparing for war in all Palestinian areas not just in Gaza. I must apologize to all non-Jews, Olmert and company really do not represent the intelligence quotient of all Jewish people. They are in fact the mentally challenged among us that were allowed into power because there is no aptitude test given to political operatives.
18. Quassam in Ashkelon
Oskar Prager ,   Petach Tikva   (07.23.07)
What does the government say to all these Quassams ? " Let the people suffer - as long as we have our safe seats in the Knesset." After all, it is well known that Olmert, Livni, Barak, et al, are cowards of the first order, and refuse to let the IDF do what the citizens demand, ie root out the terrorists once and for all. But if they do this, Neither Bush nor Condi, nor Blair will ever talk to Olmert again. And this he cannot afford because when the kitchen gets too hot for him, he needs these people to run to for refuge.
19. Time To Take Matters Into Ones Own Hands
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (07.23.07)
Isn't it about time that Jews put it straight to their Israeli leaders - IF they refuse to protect their Jewish communities (by sending in the IDF/IAF to blitz the rocket launching areas) the Jews will have NO choice but to retaliate on their own. Let's face facts - a Jewish population that are able to push the boundaries on technological advances worldover, and a people who can be leaders in bio medical research worldover, can certainly protect themselves from mostly illterate terrorists. Therefore, the Jews must propose, if they value their lives and that of their loved ones the following - that they will launch, yes launch, their own missiles at the terrorists. Never mind that it IS the job of the IDF to do so. Since the leaders have tied the peoples army hands, and allows piss poor retaliation, it is time to take matters into their own hands. I don't give a damn if this is called 'unlawful', 'vigilante' etc. To me it is pure justice and NOTHING more. Anyone??
20. Qassams sufferers demand policy change.
H.H.M ,   Jerusalem   (07.23.07)
Mirror, mirror on the wall also writing on the wall, all of them show to the unbias onlooker the immediate need of change in leadership. Public reaction to Israel’s government expresses itself in a 2-4% positive O N L Y S U P P O R T for this Ehud Olmert Government ! Where on this globe exists another country/ people so completely dissatisfied with its leadership / government without active reaction for an immediately change ?! – W H A T H A P P E N E D T O T H E I L L U S T R I O U S I D E A L S T O C R E A T E A J E W I S H D E M O C R A T I C C O U N T R Y ? We have neither a democratic nor a Jewish State, and are without any real aim or ideology. But we developed a political lethargy without any real common / mutual responsibility. We reached a state of affair in our daily life where everyone prays to “his own golden calf,” where nobody considers any common goal and where one tries “to squeeze the last drop out of the lemon” for himself only. Our Parliament the Knesset is like all other official bodies in a country in such a state is “a real representative of ego maniacs” without answering the needs of Israel’s citizens but it became something one could call “ a s e l f s e r v i c e s h o p who is open to buy and sell to the highest bidder / price with personal well perked salaries and over-ideal working / social conditions.” - Who would like to loose such a job just for a possible / even justified opposition. When “our public representatives calling themselves KNESSET MEMBERS will realized that they are cheaply / maneuvered / used as voting robots. When will they understand that they are acting / behaving against their own private interest and of course not necessarily for the best of the country. The outlook for their reelection after this “record are rightfully being minimized by the day. W A K E U P and D I S M I S S T H I S M O L O C K T Y P E OF G O V E R N M E N T W H I C H I S D E S T R O Y I N G I S R A E L.
21. Resistance? The inspiration of Homesh
Tracy W   (07.24.07)
The Homesh kids have taken the first step. The government has sent the ARMY after them. A bunch of moms and teenagers! But those kids are showing the rest of Israelis that it takes courage and persistence to face up to the pro-Arab government of Israel. Keep an eye on those kids, they are the future of Israel. They are the spark that will ignite the hearts and minds of the Jews of Israel. They are the beginning of something very good. What Israel needs is a cause so righteous, that no court of law could even dare to go against it without soiling its reputation even more. And that cause is Homesh. Retake Homesh first and inspire Israelis. Those children can show them how it is possible to challenge the government and win. After that, the sky's the limit. Support those kids, Israelis! Show up in the thousands and support their cause!
22. #1 you have no shame ,you have no honor ...
rachel ,   usa   (07.24.07)
23. #19 Adina Yes-As Pro-Muslim Gov't REFUSES to PROTECT Sderot
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.24.07)
Sderot citizens aided by others MUST protect their loved ones and do EVERYTHING necessary to defeat the Islamic war waged against them daily. Pleasing Jew-haters by forcing Jewish innocents to play Russian roulette with their lives is incredibly evil.
24.  #1 nabulsi
erik ,   holon   (07.24.07)
NABULSI !!! You next !!!
25. Whatever happened to good old fashioned revenge
Bernard Ross ,   st. anns bay,jamaica   (07.24.07)
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